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  1. Take a look at the article from cntraveler, at the bottom of this post. I've quoted the key paragraphs below, but the the bottom line is compare the coverage details before purchasing. While cruise lines usually offer their own insurance policies, experts advise looking instead to an independent, third-party insurer. “Travel insurance policies from independent insurers tend to be more comprehensive than those you might purchase through a cruise line,” McDaniel says. “Cruise line insurance is usually secondary coverage, meaning you’ll first need to file through any private insurance policies [like homeowner’s or renter's] that you have before your travel insurance will kick in. This could mean needing to pay out-of-pocket to start.” Adds Page: “The advantage of purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance policy through an insurance provider like Travel Guard is that the comprehensive plans may offer additional benefits, such as emergency medical evacuation, which may not be available under protection plans offered through cruise lines.” In addition, cruise line insurance can be more limited than you might expect. “Travelers who purchase the cruise line’s policy can only insure expenses purchased directly through that cruise line," says Jenna Hummer, former director of public relations for Squaremouth. "Any outside airfare or expenses would be forfeited in the event of a cancellation.” https://www.cntraveler.com/story/all-your-questions-about-cruise-travel-insurance
  2. We've enjoyed the piano bar in Martini's on both R and O ships, but we've never experienced a sing-a-long. I don't remember any singer on our voyages, but that's not to say they don't exist. For the most part, folks seem to be interested more in conversation with old or new friends and or simple quite relaxation with background music.
  3. One WiFi account is included in all fares. OLife and included air are separate decisions. You can have OLife with air, OLife without air, air without OLife and cruise only. There are lots of posts and threads on the Oceania board about the pros and cons of the different OLife choices and different opinions about included air. Basically, the the OBC choice of the OLife options is a wash as you pay $X upfront for $X in non-refundable OBC. The basic beverage package includes only beer and wine with lunch and dinner, not in the lounges and bars. With careful selections, the value of the shorex excursions can be up to double the price of the OLIfe, since the OLife pricing is based on $100 per excursion and you can book excursions up to around $199. You can get a fare credit if you choose not to use the included air.
  4. Are these comments about Royal Caribbean Cruises specifically or Azamara Cruises specifically, or both? Of these we have only used or are booked on Azamara and we've gotten neither an email nor does our account have any notification warning.
  5. No harm done. New folks are often unaware of the rule.
  6. Actually, if the OBC is the OLife one and not a TA perk, that's a wash. You pay $300 pp for that OLife benefit ($600 per stateroom) which is non refundable. It's better to use the OLife perk toward excursions which can almost double the benefit or go with a cruise only fare and not prepay the non-refundable $600. I assume you know that air in not really part of OLife, but is an option that can be declined for an air credit should you want to arrange your own flights. WiFi, along with all non-alcoholic drinks (not just waters), is included in all fares, including cruise only. They are not part of the OLife package.
  7. I presume that applies to those who are leaving on the day of disembarkation, but not to those who had scheduled a post cruise stay. Hope the latter can adjust their flights and hotel bookings.
  8. Is it roughly the same itinerary and same number of days (port and sea) for your comparison?
  9. Have you considered looking at the French Veranda when sailings are announced? I don't think they will priced at the level of an inside, but it is a stateroom with just a large door that opens to a railing. Its price point may or may not be as large as you're conjecturing. It'll be interesting to see how the Vista pricing compares over all to the O ships pricing.
  10. Here's what PAULMCO posted in his list of disallowed items. It's item 21, but I thought that actually posting the sentence would relieve folks of reading them all, if they were so disinclined. But it's worth reading them all...some are amusing. The red emphasis is mine. 21. Items brought on board the vessel and not supplied by the Company containing any kind of heating element, such as but not limited to: immersion heaters, heating blankets, flat irons, water heaters, coffee machines with heating/hot plates, etc. Maybe there is an medical exemption, so asking O directly or having the TA ask would be prudent.
  11. YES! And the Cheese Cart!!!!!
  12. I agree with Paul that Jacques is my favorite restaurant on Oceania, and I'm saddened by its elimination on the new Vista. Even if (some) menu items from Jacques will be on the GDR, eating in Jacques was about more than just the food. The ambiance, the small venue, and the personalized service all contributed to a French Bistro like experience. That will be missing in the GDR.
  13. Can you share a link to the opinion?
  14. That's so sad, but not unexpected. Ours in AZ have been climbing too, but not nearly as much as in the Florida and the Southern states. Still, it's problematic.
  15. Actually I knew that...just wanted to add a bit of humor. Failed again!
  16. Certainly not the ambulance driver...normally 🙃 Not sure what to think about the pilot 🤔
  17. We have never pre-tipped any of our cabin stewards or Butlers, and have had excellent and attentive service from everyone. They were all pro-active in addressing our wants and needs.
  18. Then there are the restaurants that base the pre-suggested tips on the post tax amount and those on the pre-tax amount. And what happened to the previously suggested 15, 18, and 20% versions. And the tip jar for the cashier at an ice cream shop, who can't make change without a calculator.
  19. Ionian Sea. Viking Star and Viking Sea on either side. Included in an email from Viking.
  20. Have you looked at the Roll call for your ship and sailing date? That's the best place to connect with others on your sailing, although it may or may not be active. I don't know your specific cruise, otherwise I would give you the link.
  21. Our July 3, 2022, Dublin to Dublin booking does not show the "new" forms indicating COVID protocols, only ythe original ones we filled out eons ago. Perhaps it's port dependent, sail date dependent, or they just forgot us 🤥.
  22. Think of it this way: Is what you are describing any different from giving your congressperson's campaign fund a generous donation when you ask for a favor vs giving your congressperson's campaign fund a generous donation for doing a good job after the fact. One can result in indictment for bribery, while the other is an acknowledgement that you appreciate of his or her services. In the Maitre d's case, penalty of accepting an advance payment for a requested service not an indictment, but rather a dismissal. Either way, both are attempts to pay someone with power to put your interests ahead of those of others. Asking them to perform a favor and paying them afterwards for providing good service without the pressure of paying them to do it is an expression of gratitude.
  23. One is a bribe and the other is a thank you.
  24. Yes, the Oceania Board has it fair share (maybe more that it's fair share) of tactless posters. They often, but not always, have good information even though it is frequently presented in a condescending way. Others are more sensitive to the new inquiries even though they have answered the same question numerous times or they know the answer lies buries deep the seemingly endless number of threads that may have covered the question before. Once you get to know the cast of characters, you learn when and with whom you should roll your eyes and move on without taking personal offense. Basically, they are all good people who have a range of social skills which are challenged by the limitations of communicating on social media without the nuances of face to face communication. But then this is JMHO.
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