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  1. You can do 3 options: 1st Option - put luggage before midnight and your luggage will be in the terminal when you disembark. 2nd Option - if you are able; you can carry your luggage when you disembark 3rd Option - get airport transfer service that NCL is offering onboard and you can choose to have your luggage be delivered to the airport.
  2. Teppanyaki does not have suggested dress code. Only Ocean Blue and Le Bistro does. Ocean Blue and Le Bistro suggest men to have a collared shirt. However - Slippers, Shorts, Sandos, Swimming Attires are not allowed during dinner time in any restaurants including the MDR except in the buffet.
  3. NCL is way far better than Carnival. In the cruise industry; Carnival is considered in the low/middle end market while NCL is in the middle end market. With this assumption; generally - NCL is better than Carnival. You can also see that NCL has more awards in Cruise Critic Choice Awards than Carnival.
  4. Its always better to pre-booked everything before joining the ship. As a Haven guests; you have the flexibility to cancel or modify all your bookings.
  5. The max number of person in a 2 bedroom is 6. the main bedroom has a king size bed, sofa bed is a double, and the 2nd bedroom has a single sofa bed plus a bunk bed.
  6. NCL is less expensive in general. But for me, the service and total cruise experience - Celebrity is better.
  7. During our time, it was still comfortable cold. However, expect that it will be hot during September.
  8. Sorry, I just have video and just screen shot the pics 2 Bedroom Family 2nd Bedroom
  9. Almost all places take euro. However, credit card is preferred in all the places. Even small shops or food stalls accepts credit card. If you opt to take euro, all change will be in their local currency.
  10. We did not use any escalators. The gangway was just a little bit higher than the pier. We just took a ramp.
  11. Yes, we did go inside of the castle. Depending on your interest, its really up to you if you wanna go in. For us, normally, we go inside the sites just to see it if it is worth our time. If it is, we spend a little bit more time, if not - we don't waste our time in wandering around. Here's a pic on whats inside the castle:
  12. I find it a bit crowded many times. Wait times at elevators is also a bit longer than we used to in Celebrity. This ship has more passengers with less elevators. I am not also a fan of the lay-out of the ship. Its not as open as other ships.
  13. Ask me anytime if your have something to ask about your upcoming cruise
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