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  1. Sounds like a good deal. But who knows when/if we'll get a voucher. Probably not in time for Valentine's Day (we'll get Diamond 4 days before). Still, many thanks for all the very helpful info. Looking forward to our cruise perks or no perks. Hope the rain forest is still there.
  2. I understand a lot better now. So I guess one gets a voucher for the alternate restaurant of one's choice rather than simply being able to go whenever you want. Makes sense. Many thanks for all the info. I think we have a lot to learn. :-)
  3. Thanks. I've downloaded them.
  4. OK, I'm a bit confused. If you eat at the Verandah at dinner what do you mean by 'you can pay the difference between the lunch/dinner menu?' And I'm assuming the $39 cover pp also applies. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. Indeed you are correct about lunch at the Verandah. We were mainly interested in perks for dinner. Does anybody know what the 'taster menu' consists of in the Lido alternative restaurants?
  6. Oh well, just read the fine print....no freebies at the Verandah (it's now a $39 pp supplement). Applies only to the alternate dining at the Lido. Sigh....at least it's another option once in a while if we get tired of the Britannia.
  7. Just heard from Cunard that we will have Diamond status as of Feb 10 when we arrive in Rio. Probably won't make a huge difference except more wifi and possibly a free dinner at the Verandah. It does sound as if disembarking in Southampton will be horrendous whatever status we have.
  8. Getting off at Southampton last January after a cruise to New York and the Caribbean was a total nightmare, supposedly down to problems at the port, not Cunard. BTW, I mistyped my original post. We should become diamond level about 30 days into our next cruise, not 10 days. It should be around mid-Feb.
  9. Thanks for your replies. The status will be based on the number of nights (150). I was hoping we could have dinner at the Verandah Restaurant for either our anniversary or Valentines's Day. But we may just miss both as the next segment starts on 15 Feb! Oh well, lots and lots of wifi and possibly a more pleasant disembark back in Southampton. Fingers crossed.
  10. When we were on a world cruise in 2016 we were awarded two levels mid-cruise, first gold, then platinum. We are going to earn enough points for diamond level about 10 days into our next world cruise in 2020. I asked a World Club rep when exactly we would get our diamond leval and she said we would not be upgraded until after the completion of the cruise. This will make some difference as we were looking forward to a few of the perks of diamond level during our upcoming cruise. Has Cunard's policy changed since 2016 or were we just lucky on that occasion? Thanks.
  11. That is most helpful. Many thanks!!!
  12. Has anyone who has been on Queen Victoria recently (this past year) been able to watch movies on a usb stick (flash drive) plugged directly into the tv's usb port (without connecting to a tablet or laptop)? Thanks.
  13. We are not going to use a tablet and hdmi cable. We're taking usb drives with movies on them, then plugging into the TV's usb socket. Only cable I'm looking for is a short extension from the usb socket to our usb drive in case the socket is hard to access.
  14. Interesting idea. We were thinking of just bringing some usb drives with movies. It's worked before and doesn't require a connection to tablet or laptop. I was just thinking we might need a short extension from the usb stick to the usb slot on the tv.
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