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  1. We will be travelling to Africa and India next January on a Saga cruise. I'm trying to find out typical prices of shore excursions in India, Tanzania and Kenya as I do not want the added expense of visas and only option is to book a shore tour with the ship. Any information is much appreciated.
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    My husband and I signed up for a Saga cruise to Africa and India this January. Saga will get the appropriate visas (free) for my husband who is a UK citizen. However because I am a US citizen (UK resident) they refuse to offer this service to me. When I rang them about this they told me I would not need any visas if I signed up for shore trips in the countries where visas are required. They said this was because I would be covered by a group visa for all the people on the shore excursion. Although this is expensive and I am denied the benefit accorded to my husband I figured I would probably be taking shore trips in most of the places anyway. The only thing is, I've never heard that one could avoid getting visas by doing this. Has anybody else heard this? I don't feel comfortable embarking on a cruise where I don't have the visas I need if this turns out to be incorrect information.
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