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  1. Mine always shows up as an attachment....but I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it and click to open.
  2. Same thing has happened to me, on a TA from Barcelona to FTL for next November. It had been "lifted and shifted" from this year. Now, they've cancelled the cruise, with no offers other than $100 OBC if I book another repositioning cruise. They have the Harmony scheduled to go the next day, but no offer for transferring. Needless to say, the Harmony is almost double the cost, with only 1 port stop during the 14 days. Not happy,
  3. The name of my two cats at the time. Tazmania and Remington.
  4. Discovery Princess, Jan. 6, 2022, 50 nights, FTL to LAX.
  5. Finally. THANK YOU!! IMHO the cruise lines are catching a bad rap, not only because of the stringent reporting requirements they have to adhere to, but also the length of a cruise. If you are not in a location for a long period of time, you won't know where you caught it. I would venture to guess the chances of catching it on a airplane are far greater than on a cruise ship. It just doesn't have time to develop.
  6. I first started sailing on Celebrity, then added RCCL. Love RCCL and my perks, but I started sailing on Princess several years ago (out of necessity) when RCCL abandoned the West Coast. Princess has some nice itineraries, (Mexico, West Coast, Hawaii, So, Pacific, and this coming year they have added Alaska from LAX.) I have now reached their top tier. So, it is a toss up for me. If both were sailing out at the same time, same itinerary; honestly, cost would be my deciding factor.
  7. I do the same thing. Never reveal my actual income, ethnicity, , marital status, number of people in household, education level, etc. Sometimes I'm a PHd, sometimes I'm minimum wage, sometimes I'm married with 3 children living at home, sometimes I'm a widow. I do answer the actual survey questions accurately, but the rest is none of their business.
  8. Based on the questions, I would be curious as to who is paying for this survey to be conducted.
  9. Well, they (CDC) waited until the last moment to make it official. No guts, no glory. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/s0930-no-sail-order.html
  10. I hadn't thought of RCL, because all of my questions were general questions, and nothing specific to cruising, except for one.
  11. This is the survey I received: 2020 Coronavirus Survey Page 1 of 1 Q.1 Would you take a coronavirus vaccine if the CDC said it was safe and effective? Yes No Comments: Q.2 Who would you believe more about a coronavirus vaccine's effectiveness and safety? President Trump Dr. Tony Fauci CDC Other: Q.3 Do you plan on making a trip of more than 500 miles in the next 6 months? Yes No Maybe Q.4 What do you think is the safest way to travel in the next 6 months? Flying Car Train or bus Not safe Other: Q.5 Would you take a cruise in the next 6 months? Yes No Maybe Q.6 Would you eat in a restaurant in the next 6 months? Yes No Only outdoors Q.7 Have you or do you plan on going to a hairdresser or barber in the next 6 months? Yes No Maybe Other: Q.8 Do you wear a mask when you are around non-family members? No Some of the time Most of the time All of the time Comments: Q.9 As the weather grows colder in much of the U.S. and Canada, will you be willing to entertain a few friends or visit their home in the next 6 months?? Yes if we are outside Inside or outside No Other: Q.10 Would you care to comment about what the best thing and the worst thing about the coronavirus has been for you?
  12. Interesting....I also received a vacation survey from Qualtrics, but the questions were not the same??? It was more general and dealt more with being in a group environment, but also asked about my willingness to receive a vaccine, once available.
  13. ☹️ https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/09/29/cdc-no-cruising-until-oct-31-four-days-before-election/3508836001/
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