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  1. taznremmy

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Look at the dates indicating the time that information was current. Gary Golding is currently on the Ruby.
  2. taznremmy

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Currently on the Ruby. Natalie left in LA (2/18) and the new cruise director is Gary Golding. The ED is Richard Joseph. Pat
  3. Sorry Mr Bill. I saw the original post and just responded. Cameron, in my opinion, is one of the best! Have a great day! Pat
  4. His last name is Robertson, Cameron Robertson. I remember him from the Century, among others. Pat
  5. taznremmy

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Thanks for the heads up tgmtgm! Just put down my deposit.....great price.
  6. Just off the Explorer and Graham said he would be on board until Jan, short vacation, and back in March. Pat
  7. Staff on the Infinity for 9/2 to 9/9/18.
  8. taznremmy

    Happy hour on Princess ships

    I agree Hank. The upside is that my bill at the end of the cruise is a lot lower! Pat
  9. taznremmy

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Just off the Island Princess, in Alaska. Callie (CD) and Gamble and Clare are fantastic!!! I look forward to sailing with any of them again. they are quick witted, and high energy. Pat
  10. taznremmy

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Logan, Thanks for this post! It is hard to find a good solo price on West Coast cruises. I was able to snag an OV at the $486+ price. Such a great deal.....I'm doing a B2B. Thanks again. Pat
  11. Does anyone know when/if Capt. Nikolas will return to the Millennium? Pat
  12. The posting doesn't say Capt. George is on the ML. It says I was on the ML and was informed Capt. George was going to the Silhouette.
  13. Just back from the Millennium and word was that Capt. George Iatrou will be taking over command of the Silhouette later this month.
  14. Arno, Greetings from the Millennium! Currently onboard: Capt. Nikolaos Christodoulakis; Chief Engr. Nikolaos Politsis; Staff Capt. Georgios Tsilouchas; GR Mgr. Roy Avidor; Hotel Director Sue Richardson; CD Paul Baya; F&B Director Vladimir Momiroski; Ex Chef Abdul Nasar; Capt Club Host David Perrien (he will be leaving on 9/8 for vacation, being replaced by Grahaem). Conceirge Hostess is Aldien; Michael's Club is Richard Rodrigues. Lado Strings is on board; Ged Parker Guitar & vocals; Forster Duo; Dance Band is Lucky Band. Pat
  15. Great news! Thank you for sharing. Pat