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  1. @busterfla Again, thank you for your updates, and please let your friend know that he/she has many people here in the States (and elsewhere I'm sure), that are still concerned about their welfare.
  2. Thank you for posting this! I recognized several of the performers and it put a smile on my face.
  3. Thanks for the update busterfla. Took him long enough!
  4. Impressive.....YEA Captain Tony! Thanks for sharing this Gimer.
  5. Yes, the bell does show new notifications. That is what I am doing now, but I miss having the email notices. I am not usually in this email address, as I use it only for CC.
  6. I would strongly suggest you contact RCCL if you haven't heard anything. I was on the 6/1 northbound cruise and it was cancelled. So there will be no ship for you to get onto.
  7. Same here. Last one I received was this morning at 5:38 Pacific time. Then nothing.
  8. TO or From: CDC extended its No Sail Order, effective April 15, 2020, to continue to suspend all cruise ship operations in waters subject to US jurisdiction.
  9. Sorry....but if it is to/from any USA ports, the CDC stopped all cruises to/from US ports until at least July 24th. Check their website.
  10. Please let him know that his land bound friends are in the same "boat". Same thing every day. I'm so happy to hear these updates and that they are healthy and headed home. Again, thank you for sharing.
  11. Same thing is happening to me and several other on one of the boards I follow. Nothing in my spam folder, already went in and re-set my settings....still nothing. Please help!
  12. Fantastic photo! Thanks for sharing it Gimer. Hope your friend, and everyone else are safe and well.
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