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  1. djandbj

    Athens tour company

    we will be arriving on a cruise ship into Athens and dont have a flight out until 315pm. We have been there once before, but we wanted to go to the new museum at the parthenon. Anyone have any recommendations for a tour company or private tour guide that would pick us up at the ship, take us on the tour and then take us to ATH airport? thanks so much
  2. djandbj

    Luggage in Venice

    Thanks to all for the good information and wishes.
  3. djandbj

    Luggage in Venice

    We will be transiting from Airport to Hotel in Venice, and Hotel to Dock, and Dock back to Airport. We will each have a carry on rollaway suitcase and large tote. Question is, how inconvenient is it to have luggage using the vaporettos? Is it worth paying the high charge for a private water taxi? Many thanks.
  4. djandbj

    Private Tours in Vietnam and Bangkok

    We were very pleased with Zoom in Saigon and the Mekong Delta and would highly recommend. If you are not interested in shopping he will tailor your tour to your interests. As others have noted, his fellow guides and his driver are top notch.
  5. djandbj

    Saigon Private Driver/Guide

    We just returned from our two week Southern Asia cruise on the Seabourn Sojourn and want to chime in on the excellent time we had and service we received from Zoom during our two days in Saigon. He is very knowledgeable and professional and will tailor your visit experience to your interests. We highly recommend. Thanks again Zoom!
  6. djandbj

    Private Tours in Vietnam and Bangkok

    Thanks for your response. Will check them out.
  7. djandbj

    Private Tours in Vietnam and Bangkok

    Does anyone have any recommendations for private tour companies in Vietnam or Bangkok? Many thanks.
  8. djandbj

    Seabourn shore excursions in Norway.....??

    We thought that the Land of the Trolls shore excursion, a full day trip out of Aalesund, was a real highlight of a trip full of highlights. Spectacular scenery for the entire day.
  9. djandbj

    Favorite Seabourn Moment/Story?

    Cruising the narrow Trollfjord in Norway one bright July evening, with a Grieg Symphony being played on the ship loudspeakers and champagne being handed all around to everyone on the decks admiring the gorgeous views. Definitely a very memorable Seabourn experience.
  10. djandbj

    SeaDream transatlantic...

    Hey Dino....have read the blog with interest. Having done the transatlantic on SD2 two years ago I can report the following. If you want a getaway with really good food and drink, fabulous service, an amazing sense of comeraderie among the passengers and crew, daytime cocktails, meals, and discussions, along with dinners with others who become friends by the end of the cruise, a disconnect from everything that connects you back home (phone, email, internet, etc), then this is for you. If you are evenly remotely sociable, you will meet some very interesting and fun folks...after all you are "stuck" on a relatively small ship for nearly two weeks. If you are a recluse, unsociable, arrogant or pretentious, belligerent drunk, etc. then forget it....you are too visible...try a bigger ship. We enjoyed it so much will probably do again next spring on SD2, and have several other friends (repeaters) who will as well. Hope you can join! Aloha, DJ
  11. djandbj

    SD2 Fall '09 Transatlantic Crossing Website

    Our transatlantic in spring 07 was 60 pax or so. 12 days together...everyone lots of fun...we call it the ship of fools.....;)
  12. djandbj

    SD2 Fall '09 Transatlantic Crossing Website

    Try again Jen. More pix have been posted. Doesn't look too crowded.
  13. djandbj

    More trips to choose from

    You are missing out. SD transatlantic is the most relaxing 12 days or so you could ever imagine and it is literally a "ship of fools"....everyone knows everyone. Lots of fun.
  14. djandbj

    New to Silversea

    Many thanks all for your advice. Sounds like it is not an issue and should work out fine. See you on board! Aloha.
  15. djandbj

    New to Silversea

    Many thanks, sir, for your informative response. Most appreciated. My understanding is that the 16 day cruise has two formal nights so I would guess we would have to take our chances on reservations. Best wishes to you for a fine cruise.