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  1. I book a massage every trip and I love them. I have done the couples massage but with my daughter. They are expensive and you will get a lot of feedback from people who said it wasn't as good as you could get on land or you can find them cheaper at the beach. For me, I always start my trip with a massage on the first day and enjoy it. I have done the Swedish Massage once. It is not my first choice though. I absolutely love the hot stone massages. I would definitely book before you go if there is a particular time or day your want them. If that is not important you can book on the ship. T
  2. Carnival will send out a link with form to complete. From what I have heard, they are likely just giving exemptions for those that can't get the vaccine, not those who are chasing not to get it. Typically children under the age of 12 who are not approved for the vaccine at this time.
  3. As firefly333 said, just go to guest services and ask for a key only to the other rooms. We do this each cruise. My husband, son and I are in one room. My daughter and her husband are in another room and my son and his girlfriend in the third room. We all go together and request two extra keys per room. That way one person in each room as access to the other two rooms. We really do room hop between the three rooms.
  4. We use them all the time. We like to go to the casino and the smoke smell is terrible on clothes. We also travel as a family of seven. I prefer not to have 5 loads when I get home. My opinion on them is iffy. Some are really good and some are not. It depends on the ship and the washing machines. We have had issues with many of the machines being out of order or just not working when we went to start them. The ones that work are fine. They are not overly large but they do the job. The dryers are hit or miss. We have used some that dried well and others that we had to run through twice to
  5. My last one took about two weeks to get a response. Others have waited longer. If you don’t hear back in another week, you can always resend it.
  6. That is just about all I use mine for now. With a group of 8, that 10% really does add it. My favorite card to use every day is Capital One Venture card. It accumulates points fast and I can use them for travel, cash back or gift card. I usually use it to secure my sign and sail account then use the points to pay my balance when I get my bill.
  7. I agree with firefly333. I would have them be a no show and get the taxes and port fees back. It is not worth it to rebook, pay higher prices and possibly lose your Havana room.
  8. When you use the card you accumulate points. Those points can be used as on board credits or towards your bill.
  9. We enjoy all the benefits of FTTF but the special line in guest services is the reason we purchase it. It never fails that when we have an issue, or need a transaction, the line is 20 people long. I prefer not to “waste” valuable vacation time waiting in line. That makes it worth the purchase for me.
  10. I submitted my documents in March for my July cruise. They automatically applied it to my January cruise as well. Check to see if the add it before calling. I just noticed it showed up in OBC. The email did not give any indication.
  11. I sure hope so. The amount of money initially moved over was very arbitrary and different for each cabin. One cabin that has three of us in it had a total paid of $3300. They only moved $1200 over. The balance on the booking it was moved to was $4000. It can’t be taxes and fees or the deposit amount outstanding because that would still be nowhere close to the amount. I will be patient and wait about 10 days. If it doesn’t straighten out I will call my PVP.
  12. It is not showing for any of my cruises for 2022. I was wondering if it would be available. It is usually showing for my January cruises by now.
  13. My July cruise was cancelled. I had already paid in full. When I called my PvP and moved the money to a cruise I had already booked for March, only part of the money was moved. The PVP indicated that the supervisor had to take care of the rest. Does anyone know how that process works, what gets moved by the PvP and what the supervisor moves? If it does not get “fixed by the end of the week I will call him back. I was just wondering if anyone could enlighten me.
  14. I usually just order them on the website but you can call and do it that way.
  15. July 3rd Panorama now officially cancelled per the Carnival site. I knew it was coming!
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