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  1. We are scheduled on the Legend out of Baltimore in March 2022. It would be really nice to have the Seafood Shack added during dry dock!
  2. My mother rented one and used it on our cruise on the Dream. She contacted Carnival and was provided with an accessible cabin. The trick is booking early and having flexibility. We booked around her requirements and had to change the date we were looking at to be able to get the cabin. The scooter was placed in the cabin and stored there each night. We have seen others in the hallway on other cruises. As one of the previous posters noted, there are occasional issue with the carts being in the hallway and not being about to get through without them being moved.
  3. The rate is not available. Probably because it is Thanksgiving weekend.
  4. what dates are you trying? It took mine from $298 to $195.
  5. Put p41 in the promotion/offer code box.
  6. I just booked three rooms for July 2021 two weeks ago and the code still worked.
  7. I have done this a few times when we booked a friend of one of my kids. Our PVP generally have been able to change the name with no cost. I have heard others say they have been charged $50. It is an easy change as long as it as it is done before final payment.
  8. I just booked my tickets and opted for United Airlines through the fly2fun program. I was able to upgrade the seats on the United site using the confirmation number.
  9. I appreciate the response! Have you ever tried to upgrade your seats?
  10. Thank you. I read that post several times before I even looked at the fly2fun option. I completely understand. I don't think this is the issue. It doesn't say I can't book them. The little wheel just spins.
  11. Thanks. I can book the seats directly on United so its not that its too early. I will wait a couple of weeks and try again.
  12. Well, to start, I normally book directly through the airlines. Since I am less confident that my cruise will actually happen next July, I decided to try fly2fun. First, if the cruise gets cancelled, I will not be out any money. Carnival will reimburse for the cost of the flights. Second, I won't have to pay for them until next April when final payment is done. Lastly, I can cancel them without penalty up to 60 days before we leave. With that being said, I found flights and have attempted to book them. My problem is that when I get the the return flight and try to select the seats, the computer just spins. Has anyone else had this issue? I have tried multiple browsers just in case. I did not have a problem selecting seats on the flight out, just the return flight. I appreciate any feedback.
  13. We did exactly the same thing. We were booked on a cruise for July and had paid in full. We also had a cruise booked on the Panorama for next July and has only paid the deposit. They moved all the money from the July cruise to next July's cruise. We had money left over. I was told they could only use $500 of the extra money for OBC so they refunded he balance. With he additional $600 OBC for the cancellation, this gave us a total of $1100 OBC. My PVP took care of it.
  14. FTTF is now available for anyone looking for the Panorama cruises in 2021.
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