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  1. Mine for January 13th did as well.
  2. I thought all protocols, including the vaccine requirements, were continued through February. Is that not the case?
  3. The demand is probably really low now due to school being in session.
  4. We have the same issue. Carnival said as long as you have a "bridging" document that shows the reason for the name change you are fine. So yes, the marriage license is required to show original name and married name differences.
  5. My cruise partner tried to change her rate for the Mardi Gras cruise in October under the same circumstances. She was told that she was not eligible for the new rates because her current booking used the Cheers rate code. She would have to cancel and lose her money since it was after final payment.
  6. I wonder if they were confusing it with the Sunshine.
  7. Make sure you check your offers frequently. My RU1 code just popped back up for me and I can use it until November 1st.
  8. I am booked on the January 13th cruise. Currently that is the first one listed. I am looking t moving it to one of the cruises out of Florida. My fear is that if that cruise does not go, by the time I am notified by Carnival, that prices will be sky high.
  9. Yep. The first one on the website is January 13th. I would bet they cancel the ones before that. I also would not be surprised if they delay that ship even further.
  10. My daughter is in the exact same situation. My PVP just said to make sure there is a tracking for the name, such as the marriage license.
  11. FDA approval is only for ages 16 and older. It is still EUA for 12-16 and not approved for under 12.
  12. I think more people will be going to go the home test route that has the on-line visit to certify the results. They are expensive but may be the only reliable option for those in areas with no appointments.
  13. I wasn't sure but when she said only $5 a day, I thought it may be. Thought I would include the information just in case.
  14. I was told that if it was part of the rate code used (RU1, RU2, RU3 or RU9) there is no refund. Not sure how you booked it. Since I get different answers depending on who I get on the phone, I am not sure that is correct, though.
  15. I sure hope it becomes available by our March cruise. I will keep looking at the pre-order selection!
  16. From what other posters are saying-NO. I was looking to get my husband a bottle for the room and it is no longer available to pre-order.
  17. It never posted to my Carnival documents. I have used points on three separate trips and never saw it anywhere. Good luck and have fun!
  18. Definitely save the screen shot. I have had it not show up anywhere and have had to call them. I did eventually get notification on the second day of the cruise that the OBC was there. The room steward left a paper on my bed.
  19. The balconies on the Legend are the standard size that is on most of the ships (excluding the wrap arounds, suites, and some of the different Mardi Gras cabins). You can sit in your seat facing forward with no problem. I often sit out there and read or drink my morning coffee quite comfortably. I am not sure what the exact measurements are but my guess would be 3.5 feet by 9 feet.
  20. I am shocked but it seems to be driving it higher. So far today it is up $1.28 to $22.33. Maybe the feeling is that the additional testing and masks may prevent any further shutdown. Who knows?
  21. This is what is now posted on Carnival's site: Fully Vaccinated GuestsVaccinated cruises are available for guests who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to embarkation day and have proof of vaccination. Additionally, effective August 14, 2021, fully vaccinated guests must present the negative results of a COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within three days prior to embarkation.
  22. It would be filed in Tenn. so that's where you need to request it from.
  23. https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/covid-19-vaccine/ If you go to the bottom of the page it will have the option to request proof of your COVID vaccine and/or all your vaccines.
  24. Since each state is independent from one another, you would need to request your record from each state.
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