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  1. Thank you so much for sharing you thoughts. I am so sorry to hear you experienced problems with service. Brent Nixon was our naturalist on our 2005 Summit Alsaka cruise. I guess he's like doing that.
  2. Thanks. Actually parking at the pier is still the best option if you are driving up to the port. I just wish RCI would have them redo the ouside lots since they now have 2 RCCL ships and a Celebrity ship all sailing out of there from May - October.
  3. Very well since we had $800 damage done to our car. I can't believe they have not resurfaced the outdoor parking lots while only 1 ship is in port. Last May we had to park outside. It rained the entire week we were gone. There were huge puddle filled craters we need to dodge while rolling our luggage back to our car. I am shocked they raised parking to $22. They should only charge $15 if you are forced to park outside.
  4. Thanks for the quick answer. We sailed twice from Bayonne last year. May 13 and September 8 and both days were 55 degrees and rain. I guess the pattern continues. This year we sail June 27. Hoping for better weather. Have a.great cruise.
  5. Radio, Always love your live threads. Were you able to park in the garage or are they again, this summer, making the Summit passengers park out side in the overflow lot? Thanks.
  6. We just disembarked Azamara Journey on Sunday 4/21 and felt the same way. While there were things we liked, overall we were not impressed with what we got for the price. The service was definitely not as friendly or any better than we have had on any of our Celebrity cruises.
  7. Maybe things are just off for some reason with this sailing. I feel like some of the crew just seemed "tired" and are going through the motions. For us at least the crew overall does not seem anywhere near as friendly as on our Celebrity Cruises. Our assistant stateroom attendant, Amol and bartender Ali in The Living Room are two exceptions to that. They have been great.
  8. I am also on this sailing and I have to agree with Lois that I am not blown away. The ship is gorgeous and the bedding, towels, bathrobes, etc. are wonderful. But I expected to be blown away by the food and service and while it's been good it is nothing near what I was expecting. Lois it has been great to finally meet you and get to chat in person after all these years.
  9. Yes, White Night has been rescheduled to tonight 4/17.
  10. So sorry to hear of your loss. We are currently on Journey. Once we left Charleston on Sunday night the ship has been really rocking and rolling. I have never taken so much Dramamine. Today is a bit better. Yesterday morning was rough. We also are leaving Bermuda on Thursday - 22 hours EARLY as we would not make it back to NYC in time as we will be hitting a storm. We are expected to dock in NYC at 3 pm on Saturday.
  11. This thread is wonderful and we cannot wait for our first Azamara cruise in April. We were wondering how the evening shows work. On Celebrity they always have 2 show times 7 pm and 9 pm to work around main seating and late seating dinner times. Since Azamara has open seating do they only have one show per evening and what time would it be? Thank you for all your knowledge and tips.
  12. This was what we had on our recent Summit Cruise 9/9/18;
  13. Exactly. Leave it to Celebrity. Our May cruise we booked an OV and had perks and paid more than we normally would pay. The MoveUp offers we received were ridiculously high and that's why we did not bid. Our September cruise we booked rock bottom inside cabin and the move up bids were lower for this 2 week cruise than for our 1 week cruise. Who the heck can figure that one out?
  14. Both my cruises this year were booked with a big TA Agency and I received move-up bids for both of them. We did not bid on the first cruise, second one we bid and did not win. I am not sure what the criteria is for receiving them. We are Elite+ but our table mates this past cruise also received it and won their bid and they have only have been on 1 previous Celebrity cruise.
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