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  1. I've had our dining and drink package booked for our Navigator cruise in December 2020 for at least a couple months now. i hope options appear soon for our Odyssey cruise in January 2021.
  2. We can survive fine in an inside room, but won't cruise without a drink package. Back before drink packages, which would equal lower drink prices, we racked up a $1K bar bill on a 5 day cruise.
  3. An itinerary like this with limited cruises per year is best booked right when released. We're booked on the 12 night option on Reflection in August 2020, booked right when released. We got 2 perks and book onboard OBC in a CC class cabin for $6700 including tax for the 2 of us, we had one small price reduction that brought our cruise plus tax to just over $6K. Now it looks like the same is over $10K for cruise and tax with 3 perks.
  4. The brochure does match up with the St. Maarten cruise ship schedule for October 30th though...
  5. The showers on Royal and Regal are larger than older Princess ships and do have a ledge that works well for leg shaving and also works as a shelf, it does however still have a curtain.
  6. At least the pumps worked as opposed to Celebrity with broken pumps.
  7. Yes, actually behind the curve. I had wall mounted dispensers on NCL, Carnival, Princess and Royal Caribbean, and at least they worked. The pump on my conditioner on the Edge was broken already, and the clearance of the pumps weren't good.
  8. Can't wait to follow along, we'll be doing this itinerary next year!
  9. Hopefully Odyssey will sail from Florida by then. I would never fly from MN to NY to cruise in February. We have done a couple repo cruises out of NY/Boston in October but we ended in Florida so didn't have to sail back north.
  10. After a long absence from NCL and most recent cruises we sailed the Bliss last fall and I really enjoyed it. some things to consider. On NCL you can often get perks similar to Celebrity although you have to pay the gratuities. For us it's still a good deal for the drink package and Celebrrity doesn't offer a dining package as a perk. we haven't been on the getaway, but this is what we observed on the Bliss. The smoking section of the casino was enclosed so it contained the smoke. The balconies were smaller. The entertainment was better including a Broadway show. The buffet was awesome for breakfast, there were at least 20 omelet and Benedict stations. The ship excursions were no kidding twice the same offered on Celebrity and Princess so, that limits where I will cruise them, we often take ship tours when going to new locations. The aft elevators were horrible on the Bliss. we like NCL but not sure I'd cruise them in Europe due to their high excursion prices.
  11. At least they are notifying you now with a chance to make changes. When already onboard the Symphony they changed Hairspray from 10PM to 2PM but never notified me, so I didn't get to see it. I did enjoy Grease when we were on Harmony!
  12. Hopefully this works, I haven't tried attaching a file before. PC_2021_EuropeSailingScheduleFaresAmenities_07_2019(1).xls
  13. After sailing several CC cabins on S class and then a mid ship CC cabin on Infinity I felt the mid ship CC cabins were smaller than CC cabins on S class. I will agree that the aft facing cabins are very nice and spacious. We have sailed in a CC class aft facing on Constellation and loved it, much larger cabin and huge balcony. I would consider entertainment the same, but prefer S class for more specialty dining options.
  14. Sorry, I didn't see your post in time to warn you. Those big containers in the shower are irritating. In January the pump on our conditioner was already broken and the pumps don't have much clearance from the bottle when they do work. Maybe they are replacing as they Edgify ships. That's what I'm hoping because my next Reflection cruise is before the Edgify.
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