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  1. Had to change our plans today from Adventure to Oasis without much thought and absolutely no planning. Not new to RCCL but have never been on an Oasis class ship before. Since we are sailing with other family members I would like a little insight about what needs to be pre-booked etc. We are celebrating our Anniversary and 2 birthdays. Any info would be great!
  2. Skip party store and go to Dollar tree! Lots of appropriate wall hangings and banners and stuff for a 12 year old! Don't forget to pack the tape! You can choose any night you want to celebrate and you don't have to buy the cake. Just let he server know but your daughter would probably prefer the celebration on her special day, Enjoy!
  3. Sailing in 6 days ( I think!)!!! We usually plan plan plan but life got in the way. Haven't seen any recent Compasses or Menus. Just found out this morning about the Chocolate breakfast! How did I miss that last time?! We have anytime dining and I always like to scope out what is going on before making reservations. Would also like to check out the menus because DH is very picky and I want to see which night is best for Chops. Please help! Anything you could post would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Will be there on 11/12. Will report back. Do you remember what the rental fee is?DH can't find his vest!
  5. We are sailing in 8 days! I would be happy to pick one up for you! I don't how to get your contact info or give you mine securely. Let me know if this is possible! We are in New Jersey.
  6. We've done cocoa beach ( not a fan), been to the everglades multiple time and been to NASA quite a few times. Thinking about Epcot on the RC transport bus. Has anyone actually done this?
  7. Thanks so much! It's true about most people driving. It really is nice to put a full bottle of shampoo etc in my carry on! We are sailing in 13 days. 😁
  8. How dressed up do the majority of the passengers dress for formal nights on Grandeur? I know you get everything from short shorts to evening gowns but I am trying to decide which dresses to pack. My less dressy things are getting kind of beat and I have a ton of holidayish and weddingish stuff that has barely been worn. But DH wants to fit in with the masses. Sorry.. no explanation for him these days!! Any input will be welcomed!!
  9. Any idea how long Michael Grimm and Britain's finest will be on Grandeur? Sailing on November 8 and would love to see both!
  10. Sailing on Grandeur in November. We loved her 2 years ago. The service is probably better than all the other RC we have done! Parking is so much easier and cheaper than NYC. Does she lack the sparkle and luster of the newer ships? Yes. But the entire crew will make sure your cruise is great! There was a post a few weeks ago about her being sold. We'll be sad to see her go!
  11. Cruising in February on CB on our first 14 day cruise. Are you allowed to bring 2 bottles of wine per passenger like a 7/7 back to back? Do you get 2 mini bar set ups also like a back to back? Are MDR menus repeated after 7 days? Are shows repeated?
  12. 8 days from Baltimore to Nassau, Coco Cay, Port Canaveral, and Charleston.
  13. Last time on Grandeur the specialty coffees in the coffee shop were included in the drink package. Is this still the case? How dressed do people get on formal nights? Is there still a deck party? How much is the parking in Baltimore? Is there any "do not miss" entertainment? Any suggestions for Charleston? We have never been there. Thinking about dragging pool noodles for Blue Lagoon and possibly Coco Cay. Good idea or bad? We are driving so room in suitcase isn't an issue. Are eggs Benedict available every day? Last but not least does anyone have the Daily Compass?
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