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  1. Agree … Can you? Maybe. Should you? What is your tolerance of knowing it is not an absolute? If you are returning to FLL on a weekend you have a better chance than during the week. Remember... if you chose FLL over MIA d/t cost so did other cruisers and February is high season. We have taken early flights out of FLL and out of Tampa without a problem. We have taken later flights noon or later and almost didn't make it. A lady fell down the escalator during disembarkation and the lines to get off were stopped for several hours! Customs has been really easy this year but I have heard there are increased delays. We were also almost late for our flight ( only15 min away) when Florida Board of Health boarded for a surprise inspection and no one could get off! At least going into Miami you don't have an issue of not being able to get back into the port at least not in February. Have a great cruise whatever you decide!
  2. Try Shelly Beach. Close to the road and a very gradual drop. Don't know if there is a bus stop though. Perhaps a taxi for all of you.
  3. Was the port talk in the theater televised?
  4. Is the Port Talk ( not shopping talk) that is held in the theater on Escape televised at a later time? I've seen some lines that do this and others don't. Do they cover transportation info with using tokens etc?
  5. Sounds like a good plan! Usually do O'Sheehans but I think DR is my choice this time.
  6. Sailing Sunday on Escape and just got upgraded today!!
  7. Sailing on Escape on Sunday!!! Been so busy with work and celebrations etc that I haven't done my usual "homework". Can you share where you had lunch on embarkation day and how it was? Is there a menu anywhere for Taste or Savor? (we don't usually do dining room on NCL but looking to change things up a bit. Looking forward to your suggestions!
  8. We always use the transportation passes when in Bermuda.We have cruised there 6 times and stayed there twice. Buses are very easy to use and you can download a map of the different routes. School children and commuters use the buses so you will want to plan not to cut your time too close during peak times. Seems like the driver stops at every block sometimes and the bus will pass you by if fully loaded. But...during non-peak times its a great way to see the island and get around. If you are unsure where your stop is, politely ask the driver when you board and they will announce your stop. Otherwise, you pull the buzzer cord when you want to get off. BTW, the drivers expect you to say "good morning" etc when you board. The bus stops are pink or blue poles depending which direction you are going in. We only have used the card passes but there are tokens available as well. We buy passes at the transportation center at the Dockyard. If you are planning to go to St George first in the NCL ferry, you used to be able to buy passes and tokens at the post office in St George. Tip: It takes longer to get around Bermuda than you think it will. There are lots of scooters with inexperienced drivers. Ferries are super easy to use. I love to sit up top in the open but if its cool, you will get quite chilly from the breeze.
  9. Do the minibuses take you to the bottom of the hill and pick you up at the bottom?
  10. Thank you everyone for taking the time to share your experiences!! I truly appreciate it! The lack of "chatter" has been un-nerving. Any food or cocktail recommendations? Are cordials still available after dinner? Need to make good use of our beverage package! Is it true that the slots are looser the first night? Anyone know if the casino has video roulette?
  11. Any recommendations for entertainment venues?( not in theater) Anything we don't want to miss? How is the general temperature of the ship in the evening? I have been on some cruises that were literally so cold that it wasn't enjoyable. (Packing now and deciding what makes the cut!) When did you get underway from SJ? That is my favorite sail away.
  12. Waiting and waiting for feedback from Freedom passengers! Would love to hear about recent experiences!!!
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