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  1. I am still concerned as to whether the Insurance company offering travel insurance cover when travelling against FCDO rules are also extending this to international cruise cover. The FCDO advice against international cruises is a separate advisory to a country advisory. Has anyone seen in writing in the press, insurance co website or Government website that international cruising is now included?
  2. So are you saying they will now provide insurance, or will not.Just for clarity, thanks
  3. The big issue is valid travel insurance. Contrary to my earlier post, I have turned 180 degrees and have now had a good conversation with my travel insurer who, with clarity, has confirmed that our travel policy will not be valid if we travel against UK FCDO advice. That UK FCDO advice is what Seabourn is waiting to hear if it is changed in early August. My insurer will not cover us even with the enhanced Covid-19 Extension cover as we would be travelling against the Government advisory. We are holding onto our Seabourn booking for 7 August in the hope there may be a change to the advisor
  4. I have had no communication from my TA nor from Seabourn. The only communication from Seabourn was on the app which today told me my checking in time for 7 August is 4.00 pm. Of course, this is very probably an automated message which is automatically sent 3 weeks before departure! To date, I have no confirmation of cancellation. However, I am remaining positive. As an alternative, there is always SS.
  5. We are hoping to join The Ovation on 7 August….. fingers crossed. I have today added enhanced COVID-19 cover to ensure our travel insurance policy covers us for cruising with Seabourn in the Med. This extension cover is invalid only if the UK Govt advisory changes to ‘all but essential travel’ which is not the case at this moment in time. (the insurance company has been mentioned earlier in this thread) As things stands, I believe our travel policy is NOT invalidated by the current Government position.
  6. Is this confirmed that there will be Caviar in the Surf on the current Greek voyages? I have never been offered, or experienced, Caviar in the surf on any previous Med cruises.
  7. Thanks, Markham. I had misunderstood the rules for an amber country as I thought it required a PCR before boarding a flight. Now I see a Lamp Test is permitted which is a different proposition. Anyway,, hoping Greece is on the green list by the time of the cruise in August!
  8. Currently a PCR test is required for passengers departing Athens for London. Has Seabourn the facility to undertake PCR testing onboard Ovation. I haven’t seen any information on this subject. We have Seabourn organised flights departing the day the ship docks at Athens.
  9. It’s been quite a while since last cruising with Celebrity. Now looking to book a Christmas Cruise to include our 2 grand children (ages8 and 6). While a I can see plenty of info about the cost of an alcoholic beverage package, what is the situation with kids soda. Free or with a charge? Thanks.
  10. Many thanks for your very useful responses. Much appreciated.
  11. Looking to book our first Crystal cruise on the Symphony for 2021. Happy to book a stateroom without a veranda. I would be interested to hear of pros and cons category D versus E1. We have cruised regularly for the past 20 years, mainly with Seabourn and Oceania. Time to give Crystal a try. Thanks in advance.
  12. John, My understanding of the Travelers Assurance Program is that FCC can be used on an existing future cruise as long as final payment has not been made. This is also my UK TA’s interpretation. Should this not be the case, I will simply cancel my existing booking for January (prior to any penalties kicking in) and then rebook using the FCC. Baz-t
  13. We are booked on Riviera Jan 27 for 20 days and if the COVID-19 situation has not deteriorated and the ship is sailing, we plan to be on it. Our August 2 2020 cruise will most likely be cancelled and we will take the 125% credit and use that to make the final payment for January. It will probably be a different style of cruising to previously, but one we are willing to try.
  14. FCC - which I could live with.
  15. I received an email today from Regent (same ownership as Oceania, ie Norwegian) stating that deposits are now reduced to 10% on new bookings before 30 April. Also, cancellation permitted up to 48 hours before the cruise departure date, with no penalty. Time for Oceania to follow suit and reduce deposit on new bookings?
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