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  1. Many thanks for your very useful responses. Much appreciated.
  2. Looking to book our first Crystal cruise on the Symphony for 2021. Happy to book a stateroom without a veranda. I would be interested to hear of pros and cons category D versus E1. We have cruised regularly for the past 20 years, mainly with Seabourn and Oceania. Time to give Crystal a try. Thanks in advance.
  3. John, My understanding of the Travelers Assurance Program is that FCC can be used on an existing future cruise as long as final payment has not been made. This is also my UK TA’s interpretation. Should this not be the case, I will simply cancel my existing booking for January (prior to any penalties kicking in) and then rebook using the FCC. Baz-t
  4. We are booked on Riviera Jan 27 for 20 days and if the COVID-19 situation has not deteriorated and the ship is sailing, we plan to be on it. Our August 2 2020 cruise will most likely be cancelled and we will take the 125% credit and use that to make the final payment for January. It will probably be a different style of cruising to previously, but one we are willing to try.
  5. FCC - which I could live with.
  6. I received an email today from Regent (same ownership as Oceania, ie Norwegian) stating that deposits are now reduced to 10% on new bookings before 30 April. Also, cancellation permitted up to 48 hours before the cruise departure date, with no penalty. Time for Oceania to follow suit and reduce deposit on new bookings?
  7. Disembarked Riviera today after 12day Caribbean cruise. Hadn’t been on Oceania for 18 months so interested to assess the standards. The answer is overwhelmingly simple. Riviera is all round brilliant. Food was top notch and the service and staff were extremely professional and attentive. Really enjoyed the cruise and look forward to boarding again in August.
  8. Can anyone who is currently or recently on the Miami based cruises tell me the cost of the transfer to the airport which include the Miami tour and drop off at airport at 3.00pm. Joining Riviera on Friday and looking forward to it.
  9. Baz-t

    La Reserve

    Thanks for both replies, much appreciated.
  10. Question from the uninitiated. Have just booked the restaurant La Reserve for our upcoming cruise on Riviera. The cost is $95 per person (+ gratuity). I believe this is a wine pairing. Is the wine included in the price or is it an extra? If an extra cost, can I use my beverage package to settle the cost of the wines?
  11. Montaudon is now the house champagne for Seabourn.
  12. Probably because it’s one of the more efficient ports in the Caribbean for embarkation and disembarkation. Plus good Infrastructure and quality hotels and restaurants if staying on pre/post cruise.
  13. galeforce9, shell beach is an easy walk from the tender stop. Turn right to walk into town - that’s about 3 minutes! , at the end of the road (t junction) turn right and follow the road around the marina. Turn right again and follow the road - you will pick up a small sign to shell beach. Or follow the people with beach gear! It’s a 10 minute walk from tender to beach. The beach has a restaurant and bar - and lots of shells! St Jean beach is near the airport and you need a taxi. Usually available by the tender. Plenty of bars and restaurants at St Jean beach who can call a taxi.
  14. We were on this cruise last December and will be joining again on November 30 this year. A timely escape for the developing English winter. Already lots of useful input to your initial post and I’ll add my own observations on some of the ports. Like you, snorkelling is important to us but last year was nothing to get too excited about. The hurricanes last year, and again this year, take their toll in terms of murky waters. However, I do remember we took a ship’s excursion in Bequia last year which was a catamaran and snorkel trip; really good with plenty of fish to see. Although w
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