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  1. I am just trying to unfollow this thread. I wish you all well and thank you all for your kind suggestions! Good luck with your cruises.
  2. You are sweet-thank you for your encouragement and blessings!! Same to you. Barbara
  3. Kathy, I did finally get in touch with TA and they sent form for me to request the cancellation. I think it is all going through now. I am so sorry to be missing this cruise. I certainly hope that all is well on the cruise and everyone returns hope healthy and safe! Maybe this itinerary (14 days RT from LA to Alaska) will happen again and we will be on that ship!! Or maybe we will just sail out of NY, NJ or MA and not have the same worries! Hope this wasn't my last cruise....
  4. Sounds like you have a great sense of humor. Hope they deliver wine or other spirits to your cabin if quarantined-your wife has to put up with you, too! By the way, I am still trying to get my cruise canceled for May. Today is day 78. I did take someone’s suggestion and called Princess directly. After waiting on hold I did speak with lovely rep Marisa who told me only TA can request cancellation. I called TA again and this time I spoke to lovely Mel of Guest Relations and she tells me that she knows my name from my calls and they are working on it. I feel a little better but will feel best when I get conf of cancellation!
  5. Kathy, I will give them another call later. Princess is on West coast so time would allow me to call later in day. I bet they are really scrambling today, too!! Sorry I didn’t get up earlier!! I will take a deep breath, or a glass of wine(LOL), and be patient!!
  6. Ok, everyone. I booked my cruise through a travel agency and when I called them this morning I could only leave a message as all their customer service reps were busy. The only email address I can find is an email to sign up for marketing! Other than driving through three states to get to their office, what does everyone suggest that I do to cancel this cruise?? Could I call princess directly or is it better just to have some patience and wait for the agency to call me back, hopefully today! As you may remember, my last day to cancel penalty free is Sunday! Thanks!
  7. My fear is not being sick but being sick far away from home. Again, I am not afraid of dying of this disease as much as being stuck on the West Coast while I or DH are ill from the virus and cannot get back home. We would take all precautions, like cleaning hands and hard surfaces, but can't control air quality on quarantined ship, etc. I am only hoping that everyone on our scheduled cruise has a safe and fun trip and no one gets ill - but I don't think I will be there to share.
  8. There are so many unknowns, of course, life is full of them! But, sometimes we have to avoid some of these known unknowns!
  9. Our final day to cancel and not lose money is Sunday for a cruise to Alaska. Seeing as we have to fly to LAX from JFK and then be cruising for 14 days and then return to JFK from LAX, we are most likely going to pull the plug on this trip. Tho we are retired, we do not want to spend that much time away from home if one or both of us gets ill. And more importantly, we do not want to be sick on the West Coast when family is on East Coast. We have insurance but still not willing to take the chance. I am feeling very low about this but feel our health and well-being is more important. We have private insurance and cannot cancel for "any reason". My only hope is that this situation will be resolved and we can plan another wonderful cruise!
  10. We left our luggage at Princess Hotel in Fairbanks and took an all day private tour of Fairbanks. Returned to hotel to eat dinner and then took Princess bus to Airport for 10-11 o'clock pm flight. Luggage was at airport when we got there. Transfers were included in land tour pricing. This was June 2018.
  11. Well, thank you very much. You have given me a lot of assistance and I will avail myself of what I can find. We are not worried about Alaskan ports as we are mostly on Princess Excursions(big bus!!) so will not have far to walk. DH will be walking by end of May per his MD but he won't be able to help me and with your suggestions we have a lot to think about!
  12. Hello! Thanks in advance for any help in getting to see Victoria. We will be here from 9-5 which makes for a pretty good day. Can't seem to find too much info as I look on this forum. We are not great walkers - DH will be recovering from broken ankle and I have MS and use a Rollator walker. But - we do want to see this beautiful area and all help is appreciated.
  13. Thank you both for your answers. It certainly sounds like it is for more able-bodied people than us but it also sounds fun - we have 5 sea days and I am worried that DH may get bored. I will ask as Passenber services!
  14. It actually sounds interesting to us - never had a tour! Is it possible to do with a Rollator Walker?
  15. My SIL rented a car to drop off at Newark Airport and had originally wanted an Enterprise as it is located in our town and more convenient. They would also have had to pay a drop off fee at Newark Airport so they rented from someone else. We won't be renting a car but just paying the high shuttle/Uber fees! Won't think of it on the cruise! Part of the cost of going! When you add the car service to JFK ($275 Round trip and then the charges from LAX to San Pedro and back again to LAX) we will be paying almost as much as the RT air fare JFK to LAX! I guess everyone has to make a living!
  16. Thanks, DaveOKC. That is good to know but since the rules at LAX change after 10/29, I guess I will have to see what the procedure will be then!
  17. Thanks, I guess I will have to stop obsessing and wait until closer to our cruise which is in May!!
  18. Interested in all that everyone has to sat. My question is about uber/lyft/taxi from LAX to Crowne Plaza. If you take Supershuttle, do you also have to take a shuttle to get the shuttle?? Or can they pick you up at terminal.
  19. Well, thanks for everyone’s help. We did book Crown Plaza and since we had to pay already, we are going to be very happy there!! This way, we don’t have to fight traffic day of trip and we also will be hungry and tired (flying 6 hrs from JFK) and we can take care of that so we will be rested for our cruise!! Thanks!
  20. Theres nothing wrong with it per se-- just nothing to see or do. Its an industrial port surrounded by a so so residential area. No where to walk-- we felt very boxed in the night we stayed at the Doubletree. I sort of look at it this way-- Im going to spend money on an Uber from the airport to the pier anyway. Santa Monica is pretty close to the airport so the fare is nearly the same and is on the beach with a ton of fun restaurants and nightlife. Just would rather be there than in an industrial port town. Thank you for this information - might try your idea, too!!
  21. Thank you so much for this information about hotels! It really helps to have someone knowledgeable about the area - we are grateful. I will due my research on the hotels you mentioned - and try to stay away from the Best Western!! Have a good trip in January and two in July! You certainly have the info I need!
  22. What a lovely looking pool! Thanks for the info
  23. Just wondering if the Terrace Pool on Golden Princess is open to all and if it has stairs to enter pool- not ladders. If it doesn't have ladders, is there any pool available that does have stair entry to water? Thanks.
  24. That is what my son says he uses and it is easy. I guess we will just have to join the rest of the world and not be complete luddites! Thank you! Do you have a hotel at Princess Cruise dock that you recommend?? I have looked on TripAdvisor and I have seen some listed there, Best Western Plus Sand Pedro is the one I have been leaning towards.
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