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  1. Yes Please - I wold love some advice... Going in May 2020 - One Day in port 7AM to 6 PM - We are a group of 5 English-speaking adults – 60 to 86 years old and in good health. you can email me at 2021trip at google mail THANK YOU!!
  2. Cruise in May - Interested in History, Culture, Outdoors and Moderately Active - can walk for hours.
  3. DaBook

    Singapore Port

    Suekay , SeaDog-46 & ROCruiser - Thank You for Great Suggestions!!
  4. O Thank You!! This wasn't my first Itinerary choice - But agreed , as to be able to help my folks plan and make the most of the Sites at the ports. I am so happy to hear your Positive Thoughts!!
  5. Looks Like 3 Formal Nights on our 16 day cruise from Singapore north to Shanghai - Octogenarian Parents & 3 middle aged ladies traveling. Been on several Princess cruises but never in this part of the world - Will formal nights here be similar? If there are other differences - Other than attire - would love to hear about that too. I Thank You In advance for Any and All Comments & Suggestions.
  6. DaBook

    Kota Kinabalu tour

    I too am Looking for suggestions... What did you end up doing?
  7. DaBook

    Singapore Port

    NeilonBoard - Thank You!! Exactly What I was looking For!!
  8. DaBook

    Singapore Port

    Thank you for ALL Your Suggestions... The Port is the Marina Bay Cruise Centre (MBCCS). We are staying in Chinatown area but wondered if after dropping off luggage at Port, We could take a taxi to some spot closer to port area to spend an hour or 2 . AND that brings up a Second Question - We are a group of 5 adults - So are taxis readily available for 5 passengers? Again Thank You!!
  9. DaBook

    Singapore Port

    Are there things to do and see after dropping off your luggage at the port? Between Hotel Check out time and the ship leaving is there anything worth walking around to see that is very close to the port? What facilities does the Port offer? Any Suggestions would be very helpful!
  10. Did you reserve and pre-pay for your shuttle online first or just show up and pay there??
  11. Gorgeous Photos! How many people on your Dyea Dave Emerald Lake Tour?
  12. Thank You All for Beautiful Photos & Great Comments!!
  13. My Octogenarian Folks are planing a 10 day cruise to Singapore, Kota Kinabalu Malaysia, Boracay & Manila Philippines, Hong Kong, Taipei, Okinawa - Nagasaki & Hakata Japan, ending in Shanghai. Any ideas on what Sites/ Excursions should not be missed? Any Tour Operator recommendations? What kind of weather would one expect? Pro & Cons of Flying EZ Air from West Coast Comments? Anything You would like to add that would be helpful is Very Much Appreciated!!
  14. What are some Pros & Cons of taking White Pass & Yukon Train Both Ways - or Bus one way and train other?
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