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  1. We flew home from Barcelona to Orlando, FL. We went through London Gatwick via Norwegian Airlines and it was very reasonable. There are many low cost flights from Barcelona to London. We went to London a few days early and spent some time there and then flew home on Norwegian Airlines via London Gatwick. Note: Norwegian Airlines is not associated with NCL (Norwegian) cruise line.
  2. We sailed NCL Epic in April, 2019 and there was a lovely British woman who lectured everyday. She lived in Spain and told us about each port city we would visit, covering one city one each lecture, and then also did general lectures about the Spanish royal family and the British royal family. We loved her lectures. NCL also seemed to add extra entertainment to the TA. One night all of the performers from the Broadway show onboard, "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" performed a cabaret of Broadway show tunes. They indicated they just produced the show on the fly to add extra entertainment. We really enjoyed it, along with all of the other entertainment on the cruise. Howl at the Moon, the dualing piano bar, was a favorite. We had very few children onboard; I'd estimate under 20 total. My husband and I are mid-50s and I'd say the average age was about 10 years older than us, but there were plenty of people our age on board also.
  3. I’m late to the party, but so happy to find this thread, as when we did our first TA in April, 2019, I searched for information. Our first TA was on the NCL Epic, Port Canaveral to Barcelona. We originally booked an inside cabin, but later upgraded to a balcony after final payment during a price drop. We had a “guarantee” balcony, but loved it, as it was on the “hump” of the ship, so was larger than a standard balcony. It was on the port side, which I understand is less desirable on an eastward TA, but being from FL, we enjoyed the cooler air. We were one deck below the buffet which was super convenient, as I’d go up and make us a cheese plate each evening to have with wine on our balcony (we had the beverage package as a perk on this sailing). As for items to bring, we brought magnetic hook from Amazon to hang up hats, bags, and jackets and they worked wonderfully to keep the room organized. Even our room steward commented on them. I also travel with an over the door plastic shoe bag for toiletries and misc. items. Our balcony neighbors had a bluetooth speaker and played the soundtrack from A Star is Born very evening. I happen to love that soundtrack, so enjoyed it. A bluetooth speaker is an item you might want to bring, but I’d be careful about using it on your balcony unless you know your neighbors share your taste in music. Our first TA was eastbound, where we lost an hour each night for several nights. As it was during sea days, it was not a big deal to us. We are looking forward to trying a westbound our next TA, which is currently booked on NCL Getaway from Rome to Miami in Dec., 2021. We are considering changing to RCL HOS from Barcelona to Port Canaveral though, as Port Canaveral is our home port and it’s cheaper to fly to Barcelona than Rome from Orlando. The RCL ship has only one port stop though, so we’d miss a lot of the Spain cities we grew to love on our first TA. Looking forward to this thread and catching up.
  4. Yes, I've heard those ships are fabulous. We have never sailed RCL. I'm sure all those sea days would be great to explore the ship, however I do love the Spanish ports also. My husband would much rather do sea days though, so we will have to think it all through.
  5. Thanks so much. We haven't made the switch yet. Port Canaveral is our home port, so that makes the RCL HOS TA appealing, however the one port stop is what is holding us back. With the drink package at $40 pp and dining at $279 pp, it prices out slightly cheaper than our NCL cruise (which only includes 5 nights specialty dining). Comparing a Park Ave balcony to OA ocean view room on NCL. Decisions, decisions.
  6. Thank you. And, I suppose it's 18% on top of the price, so for a price of $43 it's actually $50,74/day.
  7. We are new to RCL, having sailed all major cruise lines other than RCL and Celebrity. We are currently booked on a TA in December, 2021 on NCL with the alcoholic drink package included in the fare. We are looking at the Oct. 31, 2021 TA on Harmony of the Seas, Barcelona to Port Canaveral. To compare costs, I am trying to get the cost of an alcoholic drink package on RCL, which I understand varies from sailing to sailing and what sales are applicable when purchased. My question is that with a TA cruise with many seas days (we just have one port in a 14 night cruise), does the cost of the drink package increase? How much should I budget for the drink package for price comparison purposes? And, does the price of the package include the gratuity? For instance, if I pay $50/day for the drinks package, am I actually charged 18% above that price for gratuity for a total price of $59/day? Thank you for any insight.
  8. Love the kitties. How is the personality of the tortie? They are known for very strong personalities. I have a 16 year old tortie (along with 5 other cats) and although she has mellowed with age, in her younger years, she would not hesitate to hiss at any stranger. She was lovable with her family, but let a stranger walk in the house and she turned into a terror.
  9. I'm late to the review, but am enjoying it. Curious if you do intermittent fasting, as you don't seem to eat as often as the rest of your group. Loved the photos of St. John also!! Thanks for a great review!
  10. We were on the Epic for 15 nights on a TA cruise in April, 2019. We absolutely loved the ship. The entertainment was excellent; we had the Broadway show Priscilla Queen of the Desert and the dance show, Burn the Floor. There were other cabaret shows also. Howl at the Moon is only on a few NCL ships, not sure why it's not fleet wide. We loved it on the Epic and closed it down more nights than I can count. They also had a great Beatles tribute band which we loved (and I'm not really a Beatles fan). We had one of the balconies on the "hump" so it was a larger balcony. I would sail Epic again in a heartbeat, but it seems she is leaving FL.
  11. Just found this spreadsheet which shows the square footage of all rooms: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/10YW7fMQarer30UCHKqKJ_zLDmbyMTczCTtYf2XRflh8/pub?single=true&gid=0&output=html
  12. My travel agent was able to give me the square footage of our room and of the large handicapped room. A travel agent might be able to compare the square footage of these cabins between floors for you. Maybe even a NCL rep could do this. Good luck.
  13. We have one of these rooms booked on Deck 13 of the Getaway for a TA cruise in Dec., 2021. On the Getaway deck plan, the middle room is much larger, as it is a handicap room. We didn't book that one, because our travel agent indicated we could be bumped if a handicapped person needed the room. I found this on Youtube:
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