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  1. Can someone tell me the differences between the two ships. Grease is on Harmony and Hairspray on Symphony correct? I've been on Harmony. Which shows, activities are better on these two ships? Thank you so much. Booking for my son and daughter in law.
  2. how do you look at the cruise planner sale. i've been away too long, i can't remember
  3. thank you. do you know if someone gets sick w/ the flu, etc. does everyone get stuck back in their cabin or just the ones sick?
  4. Thank you for your answers, yes, Royal - HOS - what about the ports, have yall heard anything bad about west. caribbean? So, if someone gets sick w/ the flu, etc - the whole ship is quarantined? It's my son's honeymoon 😞
  5. If we cancel our cruise this sunday, do we get a Future Cruise Cert and have to use in 1 year? What about shore excu. we paid for? Also, big question, I used points for some of our payments?
  6. My cruise is this Sunday, we just dont' know whether to cancel. I have a question, who gets quarantined? The people who are sick or ALL the passengers on the ship?
  7. Does anyone know of a shuttle to take us to the MLB Airport from the cruiseport?
  8. I know the Residence Inn is close to port, should we just order an uber or does anyone know if there is a hotel shuttle? Residence Inn Cape Canaveral Cocoa Beach. Also cruise in Terminal B?
  9. Mine said deck 7 for awhile, then finally gave me a room and it was on deck 7. I booked a guarantee room
  10. we are 30 days out and got our guarantee a few days ago.
  11. Can someone buy a certificate for you while they are onboard to get the lower deposit down and obc?
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