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  1. Looking forward to this trip report. We will be visiting all these ports apart from Wellington on our Auckland to Melbourne cruise next February.
  2. Looking forward to another great cruise report. I also follow you on Instagram. That was a great price for a suite with all perks. Wish we got offers like that in the U.K.
  3. Have you paid in full for the cruise? We are in the U.K. and have completed online check in for our February cruise but can’t print the express pass until we pay the balance by 57 days before.
  4. These look like the chairs which were in the outside area of the Ocean View when we were in the Summit in September. They were fine for sitting to eat but I wouldn’t like to sit on them to relax on my balcony.
  5. We had 6030 on Summit last month and still enjoyed the large balcony. Great location for going up to the Ocean View and down to the dining room and al Bacio as we try to avoid using the stairs.
  6. I had the classic package in May and it was $1 plus gratuity charge
  7. It’s funny you should mention that. We disembarked Summit last Sunday when you got on. The couple in the cabin next to us FaceTimed their family every day from their balcony. We heard all the conversations with their children and grandchildren, even though we didn’t want to!
  8. I am enjoying your review. We were also on this cruise and did the same tours as you in Portland and Bar Harbor. We also went to the West Street Cafe in Bar Harbor for lunch. We really liked the updates to the ship and found it lovely and light and airy. Agree that the bedside lamps are strange. Luckily my husband had the side where you had to get out of bed to switch off the light!
  9. Look forward to reading your review. My friend and I have booked this cruise for next June. We are flying from Edinburgh and spending 3 nights in Vancouver prior to the cruise. We spent 2 nights in Vancouver last year prior to a Pacific coastal cruise and really enjoyed the city.
  10. Great - looks like they will be in our September 8th cruise.
  11. Totally agree and would never want to try. Cruises are often my only opportunity to wear all my summer dresses and shoes as we don’t have many hot days in Scotland
  12. Well that is better as each dollar is only costing 76p as opposed to 83p. It means we get more dollars for our pounds. I think it must be an error if you bought excursions at close to par as the pound hasn’t been at par with the dollar for as long as I can remember. I have read in the press that it may happen following Brexit, which is why I purchased some currency.
  13. We were on Infinity last September and again this May and there were never any chairs or loungers on this deck. We were disappointed as it was one of our favourite places on Constellation. It was usually quiet and was sheltered if it was a breezy sea day.
  14. That seems a great exchange. I just bought some currency from Marks and Spencer at an exchange rate of 1.19 which is about $1 = 83p
  15. I always check when an excursion is leaving before booking as we don’t like having to get up too early on holiday!
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