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  1. Same for our May 23rd on the Star out of Southampton. We've been expecting it so we didn't book any flights. At this point, we're just going to plan on cruising in 2022. If things open up later this year we'll hop on a Caribbean cruise out of one of the Florida ports.
  2. If you meant Future Cruise Credit (FCC)... My May 2020 cruise was cancelled and my FCC was supposed to expire Apr 1, 2021. I just checked my NCL account and the expiration is now Jun 30, 2021. No email from NCL that it was extended, but I'm glad they did. Hopefully it's not a glitch in their system. Happy Holidays!
  3. Another vote for Jose and Patti. We enjoyed their shows on our B2B Canada & New England cruise on the Dawn.
  4. I had set up price alerts on four future cruises (2021 and 2022) for Oceanview rooms. When this promo went into effect, I received alerts that the price went up 30-40%. Evidence that NCL raised the price on Oceanview rooms to match the price on Balcony rooms. Since we usually book Oceanview rooms, the prices are now so high there's no way we'll book another cruise until they come back down to semi-reality.
  5. It's the same for us. We booked the Jan '22 trip as a back up, but it's 30% more than the Jan '21 trip. We're going to wait until we're closer to final payment, but as of now it's not looking good.
  6. We have a South America cruise booked for January 29th and we too are concerned that the virus will not be under control in South America by then. We are reluctant to book flights to Buenos Aires not knowing if we'll be cruising there or not. Our cruise final payment date is October 1st so we'll hang in there for a while and see what happens. As a back-up we've booked the same cruise for 2022.
  7. I agree. There's no real incentive to get to Ambassador. There's the one-time 7-day "free" cruise, but there should be more of a benefit when you get to that level.
  8. Yes, our cancelled May cruise had the double points promo (the LATITUDES code). We each received the double points in our accounts a day or two after the cruise was supposed to have ended. Doesn't help us much, as we turned Platinum Plus in September and the gap to get to Ambassador is huge. But, I guess every little bit helps!
  9. NCL's Norwegian Star has scheduled cruises that "sail-by" Deception Island and Elephant Island in 2021, 2022 and 2023. They also have two cruises with stops in Greenland in 2022. I'm booked on both for 2022 (small deposit only) and am disappointed to hear that these destinations may be changed once NCL realizes that their ship is not up to code. I have the "sail-by" cruise also booked for Jan 2021 but sadly I don't think South America will be ready for travelers and cruises by then.
  10. Delta changed my May flight from a non-stop to a connecting with plane change. The email they sent me only mentioned e-credit. I called and spoke to a rep and was issued a refund, no questions asked. Definitely call and speak to someone.
  11. We are also booked on the one with three stops on Greenland. If we want to see more of Iceland we can do that pre- or post-cruise.
  12. It looks like the answer is now "yes". This is taken from https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings
  13. I had to book over the phone to get the 20% discount applied to my husband (he also has FCC). For some reason when I did the mock booking online it didn't recognize him when I typed in his info.
  14. I booked a couple of future cruises last week and used CruiseNext certificates for deposit. I left our FCC in our accounts. The NCL rep told me that I could use the FCC for NCL pre-paid shore excursions as long as I booked them prior to embarkation (but I probably had to call to get it applied). I haven't tried it yet.
  15. I agree with both of your points sanger727. The bonus FCC is listed in my account as "Your 25% Single Use FCC Bonus Credit". It lowers the base fare and you can only use it once.
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