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  1. That's crazy! They should be listed as "obstructed view".
  2. A dock is certainly nice when it comes to easy on/off the ship (like in Harvest Caye), but it's not a guarantee that the ship can visit their private island. We were unable to dock at CocoCay in Jan 2020 due to rough seas (waves were crashing over the dock). I think this was due to a winter storm or front that had passed through a day or two earlier.
  3. Not one specific ship. We like the Jewel class ships the best.
  4. We are not beach people but we enjoyed GSC. The last time we were there (a few years ago) we rented a clamshell for the two of us. We relaxed in the shade, dipped our toes in the water and had a nice buffet lunch on the island. We headed back to the ship in the early afternoon. Drinks are covered under the drink package (unlike Harvest Caye in Belize).
  5. We did a B2B Boston-Quebec City-Boston in late September 2017. It was one of our favorite cruises! The weather, for the most part, was cool but comfortable for walking around. There were a couple of windy days where the temps were in the 40s. A light fleece jacket worked well. The week before our cruise, I read that Montreal had a day with 80 degrees, so be prepared for both warm and cool weather. The fall foliage had not started to turn yet. Enjoy!
  6. Thank you jg51, that would explain it!
  7. Was there a 60-day period between Millennium's last St. Maarten cruise and the first Alaska cruise? Wouldn't the same rule apply?
  8. I wonder how many other guests were contact traced to her and had to quarantine in their cabins while they waited for a negative test result. People forget (or don't care) that their actions impact others too.
  9. I'd love to know how dressed up the guests are in the evenings: for dinner, shows, bars. We sailed on Celebrity a little over 10 years ago and found it too formal for us. We moved over to NCL for the more casual atmosphere, which suits us for vacations. Thanks!
  10. NCL permits shorts in the MDR and most of the specialty restaurants (with a couple of exceptions). They don't have any strict formal nights, but they have a "dress up or not" night for people that like to get dressed up and get the photos. When we first started sailing with NCL, I seem to remember someone saying that one of the two MDRs was more for folks that liked to dress up a bit more and have a traditional cruise dining experience. I don't know if that's still the case as we tend to dine in the casual dining room or buffet for dinner.
  11. I believe they added crew in Port Everglades after the crew was vaccinated in Port Canaveral. Chris Wong (a youtuber) vlogged his journey from the UK to Miami to Port Everglades to join the ship (and start his 14-day quarantine on the ship).
  12. I am not planning on booking anything in 2021 until I see NCL sail some cruises from the US this summer or fall. Then, maybe, I'll book something for Nov or Dec.
  13. I am not planning on booking anything in 2021 until I see NCL sail some cruises from the US this summer or fall. Then, maybe, I'll book something for Nov or Dec.
  14. I really enjoyed the lobster tail in butter sauce at Le Bistro. They later changed the lobster to shrimp. Still good, but just felt a little less luxurious.
  15. I LOVED the fried plantains! So sad when they replaced Flamingo Grill with Margaritaville.
  16. Just a guess...NCL may be re-deploying the Joy to Alaska for August and September.
  17. Yes, our 2019 Joy cruise was 9pm to midnight in Victoria. We didn't bother getting off the ship. A daytime stop would have been better.
  18. If the CDC says "no" to fully vaccinated cruises, I'm not sure what they would say "yes" to.
  19. NCL could offer adults-only cruises on their smaller ships: Dawn, Jewel and Sun class. They have fewer features that appeal to families. The larger Breakaway-Plus ships could be targeted for families.
  20. The bar will really be missed in the evenings when they have live entertainment in the Atrium.
  21. Same for our May 23rd on the Star out of Southampton. We've been expecting it so we didn't book any flights. At this point, we're just going to plan on cruising in 2022. If things open up later this year we'll hop on a Caribbean cruise out of one of the Florida ports.
  22. If you meant Future Cruise Credit (FCC)... My May 2020 cruise was cancelled and my FCC was supposed to expire Apr 1, 2021. I just checked my NCL account and the expiration is now Jun 30, 2021. No email from NCL that it was extended, but I'm glad they did. Hopefully it's not a glitch in their system. Happy Holidays!
  23. Another vote for Jose and Patti. We enjoyed their shows on our B2B Canada & New England cruise on the Dawn.
  24. I had set up price alerts on four future cruises (2021 and 2022) for Oceanview rooms. When this promo went into effect, I received alerts that the price went up 30-40%. Evidence that NCL raised the price on Oceanview rooms to match the price on Balcony rooms. Since we usually book Oceanview rooms, the prices are now so high there's no way we'll book another cruise until they come back down to semi-reality.
  25. It's the same for us. We booked the Jan '22 trip as a back up, but it's 30% more than the Jan '21 trip. We're going to wait until we're closer to final payment, but as of now it's not looking good.
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