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  1. And did you bring any of these concerns up with anyone? All can be very easily over come: 1- go to the Room Steward and ask them to dust, or go to Reception and make a complaint and they will assign the Deck Supervisor to personally address your concerns 2- Go to Reception and speak about the Deck Chairs and noise...if you were really into saving time you could accomplish both tasks at the same time and kill two birds with one stone. 3- Did you make a reservation for the Restaurants or did you just expect to walk in and sit wherever you like...remember there are nearly 3,000 other passengers on board so sometimes you won't get a seat right away without a reservation. 4- Cold meals?? Did you speak with the Maitre D? I'm sure if you did they would have made sure all temperatures were to your liking from then on. In a nutshell all obstacles could have been cleared on the first day of your cruise and everything would have been fine...speak up if you have a problem and I gurantee that it would have been fixed. I happen to know that everyday all Guest concerns that are reported to Reception are sent out to every Department Head as well as the Captain and Hotel Director, they are read every day by these people and then addressed in the quickest manner possible. If you don't express that there is a problem then no one knows how to fix it...communication is essential, unless of course you just prefer to moan and gripe and are determined to not have a good time.
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