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  1. Aww, thanks. I was in the pop choir today, and glad to hear we sounded okay. We had a lot of fun in rehearsals, lots of nice people in our group. -Sue-
  2. I'm on the Crown and also really frustrated, paid for unlimited with the promise of fast internet. Silly me, I even packed a small streaming device based on the promises. I'm at least happy I have unlimited and not paid minutes, otherwise I'd really be pulling my hair out. Sue
  3. We were at the top deck of the ship waiting for the sail away from Lisbon and saw all 5 "missing passengers" arrive at the ship before we left. First a couple, who came running about 5 minutes after 4:00 and were greeted by some cheers. Then the last three arrived about 4:15ish. They were lucky that the captain was generous with his departure time. Missing the ship here would have been awful, especially since we missed the Azores! Sailing under the bridge here was fun.
  4. Wow, thanks for mentioning the goat cheese event! I wanted to catch that, but forgot it was tonight. Just arrived, and it's good!
  5. We are also onboard with you! I'm enjoying reading about your experiences. We went into Bilbao on our own and had a wonderful time. I didn't know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised.
  6. I am onboard now if you have a specific question I could help with. We are happy so far. Sue
  7. Thank you, Astro, this is very encouraging. Your price for 14 days is a little less than the price offered me for 16 days, so hopefully I'll be offered 25% off the $130 then ($97.50), a little more than what you'd paid, and this would all make some sense,
  8. My apologies to the OP for jumping onto this thread, but I have a similar question and didn't want to start a new one, and I'm still confused as to what to do, and I think the conclusion will help us both anyway?? My first cruise as Platinum, I will be on a 16 day TA and I know will get 250 minutes, but that works out to only 15 mins a day and I'm guessing I will need at least 20-25 minutes a day? So from what I'd read earlier, I had decided I should snag a Platinum discount on embarkation day, because everyone was telling me you must wait to trade in your minutes to get the best deal. But now I see that my cruise personalizer is offering unlimited for $130 and it says that is 50% off the regular price if I book now. I'll be really disappointed if I'm only offered 25% and have to pay $195 when I arrive on the ship. What do I do?
  9. We got off the Edge this morning. I wish the cruise was longer than 7 days! Here's a tip: You don't need to be have an internet package to connect to the ships wifi system to send messages to other people that you are cruising with (using the Celebrity app). That was really helpful for our group. You can also control the lights, temperature, blinds and TV from your cell phone! (It was really nice to bump the temperature up or down in the middle of the night, without getting out of bed.) The Celebrity app on your cell phone can also control some of the individual lights from your phone in addition to the "themes" (morning, evening, etc.) that you see on the thermostat. Sue
  10. We are on the Edge right now and we cannot believe how there has been absolutely no movement at all since we left Ft. Lauderdale! It feels like we are in a hotel, not a cruise ship. Perhaps it was related to the wave height? Seas are very calm tonight.
  11. Another YES YES YES for packing cubes! My husband makes a little fun of me for how much I love them. But they are wonderful for cruises. Everything is organized by clothing type, and I just leave my clothes in the cubes on the ship. It takes only a few minutes to take the cubes out of my suitcase and toss them into the drawers or storage areas. A few cubes with "just in case" items stay in the suitcase under the bed. Boom! Done! They are especially helpful on the S-Class ships where you get that large storage area over the bed. That area would be become a mess in a few days without the cubes. (PS, I use the cubes from eBags. One could get different colors and code them, but I'm not THAT organized.)
  12. Hi, we will be sailing on the Edge shortly, using the new terminal in Fort Lauderdale. We have a somewhat early flight home and want to be sure that we can get through disembarkation as smoothly as possible. We both have Global Entry on our passports and hoping there will be a separate line for this; can any recent passengers confirm or deny this? I have also recently read about the Mobile Passport App, which I'm willing to try if it would help. My initial thought is that we don't need this since we have Global Entry. But if Global Entry is not available here, this would be better than nothing, I assume. Is there a benefit or, conversely, issues to having both? I tried doing some searches and hit one comment here where a passenger said that they could not use a Global Entry line somewhere because they had the Mobile Passport App and I didn't understand why. Sue
  13. I love Cellier Masters for the expanded wine selections, especially if I've decided to spring for upgrading to a Premium package. It's also a lovely place to sit if you want a little quiet talk. The sommeliers I've met have been very good and understand our preferences after only a couple of visits. Usually there is only one sommelier assigned at time, so there is sometimes a wait, but that is not his/her fault. I got into a routine where I would stop there before dinner to pick up my favorite brand of wine. I am sailing on the Edge very soon and disappointed that such a space does not exist on that ship.
  14. OP here. Thanks all for your points of view. I wanted to clarify that I wouldn't normally book a guarantee, and have never done so in the past because I do not like that kind of uncertainly in my life. But since the most of the balcony cabins were already taken at the time I booked, my only choices were to: 1) book a guarantee cabin in a good category (which is what I did by reserving a BA) 2) book a cabin in a location that I would not be happy with 3) don't take the cruise So I wasn't happy about getting a guarantee but that was my best option at the time, and I'm hoping for the best. Happy cruzer: yup, I booked that transatlantic during the sip-n-save promo, and I joined the roll call a few months ago, but haven't been very vocal yet. Sue
  15. OP here. I'm pleased to see that my original question spawned a lot of discussion and others who feel the same. We have a beverage plan so if we cannot find a quiet place for a drink, we may run down to grab a drink at one of the bars and bring it back to try the "balance act" on the tom tom, ha ha. But even that idea takes me back to my original point / question. Which bar would lend itself for a quick trip from the cabin without much waiting? On s-class, depending on time of the day, the answer might be the passport or ensemble, wine cellar, or the little further but never busy oceanview bar (behind the buffet). What would be our best bet on the Edge for this? I too wish that they had dedicated more space to public areas and not so many high-end shops. Sue
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