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  1. Yes, you got lucky! But in case you have pre-paid more than half, check the fine print on the 2nd page : If you paid in full, the FCC is no more than 125% of the base cruise fare. If you did not pay in full, the FCC (which is the deposit plus bonus FCC combined) will not exceed the base cruise fare. Sue
  2. After waiting on hold for 3 hours, my poor travel agent pleaded our case: Why would Celebrity be willing to give us a refund (minus $200 and a $700 future cruise credit) if we outright cancel the cruise, but kept the nearly $10,000 we had paid, for over a year(!) because we decided to book another cruise in its place? We had both been surprised by this and thankfully someone at Celebrity agreed with us. They will keep $1100, the $200 change fee and $900 deposit for the new cruise, and will refund the rest, which is the same result as if we had decided to simply cancel the cruise. The problem was that we were caught in a very unusual situation because out final payment date was moved to a month after our original final payment date but after we'd already paid. Our agent has been in the business 35 years and had never heard of this ever happening before.
  3. So then it sounds like I would have been better off outright cancelling it and getting a full refund minus $900, $700 of it which I apply to the new cruise! (With loss of the $200 OBC.) I wish they had said that up front. We were told when inquiring about our options that if we move the sailing date, the "deposit" as they put it, would be applied to the new cruise. And it was suggested to us that this was a better option for us. We are in a funny position because today is our "final payment date", but we had paid in full before this. Personally, I don't think we should be penalized for that.
  4. We were on one of the cruises sailing out of Rome on May 4, and who had their final payment date pushed a month later because of covid-19. So I decided to take advantage of that and pay the change fee ($200) to cancel it and book a cruise in 2021. We were told we had two options: If we choose to cancel, we still lose $200 and then $700 would be held by Celebrity but given to us as future cruise credit. The other choice was to pay a $200 fee to switch to a different cruise, and if we did that, we could keep the $200 of OBC that I had earned by booked my original cruise on board. I chose the latter to keep the $200 OBC, thinking that way I (sort of) come out even. When we got our confirmation from Celebrity, I was surprised to see that they had taken the entire payment of our cruise (we had paid the cruise in full, including air fare, because our original final payment date was a month ago) and applied the entire amount to the new cruise, which is in the middle of 2021, and that cruise now showing as paid in full. But I didn't expect that! I thought that they would apply the standard deposit, $900, to that cruise, and we would get the rest credited back to us on our credit card. Which is right? Has anyone had a similar experience to this?
  5. Aww, thanks. I was in the pop choir today, and glad to hear we sounded okay. We had a lot of fun in rehearsals, lots of nice people in our group. -Sue-
  6. I'm on the Crown and also really frustrated, paid for unlimited with the promise of fast internet. Silly me, I even packed a small streaming device based on the promises. I'm at least happy I have unlimited and not paid minutes, otherwise I'd really be pulling my hair out. Sue
  7. We were at the top deck of the ship waiting for the sail away from Lisbon and saw all 5 "missing passengers" arrive at the ship before we left. First a couple, who came running about 5 minutes after 4:00 and were greeted by some cheers. Then the last three arrived about 4:15ish. They were lucky that the captain was generous with his departure time. Missing the ship here would have been awful, especially since we missed the Azores! Sailing under the bridge here was fun.
  8. Wow, thanks for mentioning the goat cheese event! I wanted to catch that, but forgot it was tonight. Just arrived, and it's good!
  9. We are also onboard with you! I'm enjoying reading about your experiences. We went into Bilbao on our own and had a wonderful time. I didn't know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised.
  10. I am onboard now if you have a specific question I could help with. We are happy so far. Sue
  11. Thank you, Astro, this is very encouraging. Your price for 14 days is a little less than the price offered me for 16 days, so hopefully I'll be offered 25% off the $130 then ($97.50), a little more than what you'd paid, and this would all make some sense,
  12. My apologies to the OP for jumping onto this thread, but I have a similar question and didn't want to start a new one, and I'm still confused as to what to do, and I think the conclusion will help us both anyway?? My first cruise as Platinum, I will be on a 16 day TA and I know will get 250 minutes, but that works out to only 15 mins a day and I'm guessing I will need at least 20-25 minutes a day? So from what I'd read earlier, I had decided I should snag a Platinum discount on embarkation day, because everyone was telling me you must wait to trade in your minutes to get the best deal. But now I see that my cruise personalizer is offering unlimited for $130 and it says that is 50% off the regular price if I book now. I'll be really disappointed if I'm only offered 25% and have to pay $195 when I arrive on the ship. What do I do?
  13. We got off the Edge this morning. I wish the cruise was longer than 7 days! Here's a tip: You don't need to be have an internet package to connect to the ships wifi system to send messages to other people that you are cruising with (using the Celebrity app). That was really helpful for our group. You can also control the lights, temperature, blinds and TV from your cell phone! (It was really nice to bump the temperature up or down in the middle of the night, without getting out of bed.) The Celebrity app on your cell phone can also control some of the individual lights from your phone in addition to the "themes" (morning, evening, etc.) that you see on the thermostat. Sue
  14. We are on the Edge right now and we cannot believe how there has been absolutely no movement at all since we left Ft. Lauderdale! It feels like we are in a hotel, not a cruise ship. Perhaps it was related to the wave height? Seas are very calm tonight.
  15. Another YES YES YES for packing cubes! My husband makes a little fun of me for how much I love them. But they are wonderful for cruises. Everything is organized by clothing type, and I just leave my clothes in the cubes on the ship. It takes only a few minutes to take the cubes out of my suitcase and toss them into the drawers or storage areas. A few cubes with "just in case" items stay in the suitcase under the bed. Boom! Done! They are especially helpful on the S-Class ships where you get that large storage area over the bed. That area would be become a mess in a few days without the cubes. (PS, I use the cubes from eBags. One could get different colors and code them, but I'm not THAT organized.)
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