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  1. Friends used express limo for the trip you mention. They had 6 people in their group.
  2. There is also a new cafe run by Brigantine on the deck of the Midway. And an excellent casual food and drink stand called Carnitas on the Embarcadero near Midway.
  3. Two years ago - we used the car service offered by the hotel. Easy peasy!
  4. This past year has been terrible financially for musicians. It seems logical that a cruise contract would be a lifeline, hopefully for some really great performers. We shall see.
  5. I could not log in online via any method - sooo frustrating- so I tried installing the app. After scrolling through some introductory pages, I ended up with a picture of a ship on the ocean — no words , no arrows, nothing, couldn’t move. I deleted the app and will approach the website again tomorrow when I’m not quite so angry at it!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try them all!
  7. I’m taking my first Holland America cruise in October. I bought a couple of shore excursions, but now I can’t find that displayed anyplace on my itinerary. What am I missing? There must be a record of the purchase somewhere online, right? thanks!
  8. We’re more “watch and listen,” but glad to hear that’s available!
  9. Koningsdam for a week. Thanks for the info. We’d be happy with the music venues.
  10. Our last cruise before lockdown was Princess, which offered a production show, a game or trivia event , and some kind of music in 3 bars in the evening; plus movies or concerts on the outdoor screen. The upcoming Holland America cruise is a CA coastal getaway so I understand it may be limited, but I’ll be really disappointed if there is nothing to do after dinner!
  11. Entertainment is important to us so fingers crossed they will step up.
  12. Any advice on best verandahs on Koningsdam?
  13. Thanks for all the responses. It sounds like we’d do fine on the Koningsdam!
  14. We’re thinking of booking a Holland America fall cruise round trip from San Diego. We’re veteran Princess cruisers, and have done many of their west coast cruises from San Pedro over the years, but for now Holland Am has a more appealing itinerary. What differences should I expect in dining and entertainment? We think Princess and Celebrity are similar, is this in the same category? I know food is subjective ... how are the specialty restaurants? Are there production shows? Lounge shows? Activities on sea days? Thanks! Lynn
  15. Prior to corona: A surprising number of restaurants were open on the holidays. I’d start internet— searching after Thanksgiving. For the past few years our celebration has occurred on Christmas Eve due our kids splitting time with in-laws. So my husband and I go to Mr. A‘s for Christmas lunch. It’s a splurge but we enjoy the view and the service. As for other activities, you might not have as much luck; but there are plenty of places to stroll: Embarcadero, Seaport Village, Balboa Park, Little Italy, Coronado (there’s a ferry.). All should be prettily decorated. The zoo should be open. Of course all this is based on past experiences. I’m enjoying my memories! Good luck - who knows what will be happening in December. Lynn
  16. Does anyone know what time boarding begins, specifically on the Wonder? Our assigned time is 1:00; can we go aboard earlier? Thanks.
  17. We just booked a short cruise in San Diego. The Bibbity Boo makeovers are only available after 7 pm, too late for our kiddos. I’ll keep checking on line, but I’m wondering if it will be possible to book a better time once we’re on board? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Lynda
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