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  1. CruisingCarolina

    Playa Uvas vs Mr Sanchos (whats the difference?)

    Isnt Playa Uvas the rocky beach ? I think that if you are interested in snorkeling that might be better if you are interested in swimming and sandy beach ... you might like Mr Sanchos better
  2. CruisingCarolina

    Playa Mia vs Mr. Sanchos

    I loved Mr Sanchos Beach club when I was there last year I am hoping to go back there on my cruise next week:D Really loved the food and the drinks ...all yummy :p Nice pool & very clean place I liked the fact it wasnt over crowded and they do have an all inclusive thru one of the tour companies under different names Cooking class, Tequila tasting , and Atv something I do believe not sure what is all included exactly as I did a la carte myself and found the prices very reasonable
  3. CruisingCarolina

    Carnival Triumph Past, Present, and Future!!!

    Here is a nice Link for the Triumph you may want to check it out for lots more info [URL]https://www.bookccl.com/irman/fleet/triumph/triumph.htm[/URL]
  4. CruisingCarolina

    Liberty IS CONVERTING Spa cabins!!!

    [quote=Riley's Mom;16507845]I just went on the Carnival site...as I do everyday to check for a price drop for my April 09 cruise and lo and behold the spa cabins are now classified as cat 8f. I looked up the deck plans also and they are showing all the Spa cabins as balconies.. WOOOOO HOOOO>> AM I HAPPY!!!!! I booked a spa cabin at the OV rate and also got the past gueat rate.. I saved alot of money.. I am one happy camper folks!!!! Carla[/quote] I had the same thing happen to me with my upcoming cruise on the Triumph I am so happy Happy Happy Happy !!! dancing right along with you ;)
  5. CruisingCarolina

    Triumph Dry Dock Finished Successfully!

    Yay !!! I cant wait :D It does appear that the spa cabins are now balcony says so right on my documents now I am so happy !! Oh yeah !!
  6. CruisingCarolina

    Carnival Triumph Past, Present, and Future!!!

    [quote name='cjar855']When I checked the carnival site, they are now showing the Spa deck all balcony's:)[/quote] [B] I noticed that all the deck plans are changed[/B] [B]pretty interesting set up[/B] you know , The picture for the spa cabins shows balcony but when you click on the cabin ...it takes you to oceanview still and it is showing as a family oceanview cabin I wonder if they are having a few bugs with the system
  7. CruisingCarolina

    Carnival Triumph Past, Present, and Future!!!

    Bummer then ... looks like no Balconies for the Spa cabins then Only upgrade that will be [B] noticeable will be a Seaside Theatre .[/B] Oh well, it is still a cruise and those spa cabins still have the floor to ceiling windows , so that is a plus ;)
  8. CruisingCarolina

    Carnival Triumph Past, Present, and Future!!!

    [quote name='neverpar']Are they going to put the New Water works and such on the Triumph?? I thought that was only the Fantasy class ships...I'm asking because someone had mentioned that the Triumph was getting the waterworks and such...[/quote] OOH !!! wouldnt that be nice !!:D
  9. CruisingCarolina

    Halloween question??

    I havent seen anything officially announced yet ... so that is strange However they do usually celebrate every year ...
  10. CruisingCarolina

    Carnival Triumph Past, Present, and Future!!!

    [quote name='boiler babe']Carolina, Did you see the picture of the spa deck with balconies on it?? not sure if was future plans or present but definitely showed balconies on our rooms:confused: we can hope if not I am just happy to be moved up!!![/quote] It is still showing oceanview spa over on the Carnival Website. I know my daughter is excited either way. SO floor to ceiling windows and more space , will work as well Plus , she will be close to all the kids activities , :) so perhaps she will participate this year , and I can worry less . Wouldnt that be a nice Birthday Present :D
  11. CruisingCarolina

    Carnival Triumph Past, Present, and Future!!!

    [quote name='david08']Drydock is schedules from NOW until Oct. 4th, 2008...(however, Im hearing that MAY have changed) here is what John Heald told me what would be done! [COLOR=blue]1.When the ship enters dry dock the Carnival triumph will receive upgraded furniture, new carpeting and new shows ! The Seaside Theatre will also be very special and will add so much to the ship, especially at night with movies and concerts under the stars.[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][COLOR=black]Hope that helps![/COLOR]:) [/COLOR][/quote] do you know , if they are doing the SPA cabins as well? or was that just a little rumor that got out of control...LOL:o
  12. CruisingCarolina

    Bar credits - are they worth it?

    They do save you money especially if you are refilling the DOD souvenir cup with the DOD They coupon value is $5.25 but is also good for DOD refills in the souvenir cup which actually cost more then the $5.25 so if you are buying refills of the DOD in the souvenir cup YOU ARE SAVING $$ , [B]like 70 cents each time [I][SIZE=3]plus[/SIZE][/I] the tip[/B] :D I am a BIG DOD buyer ...LOL so very worth it to me !!
  13. CruisingCarolina

    Bar credits - are they worth it?

    I use them all the time I love them !! I will be buying for my 2009 cruise pretty soon:D
  14. CruisingCarolina

    oceanview rooms-Spa Deck or Riviera Deck

    so do we know yet ? are the spa cabins geting remodeled into balcony cabins ? or are they staying Family oceanview cabins? anyone know the official scoop yet ?
  15. CruisingCarolina

    Carnival Triumph Past, Present, and Future!!!

    There was an itinerary change notice for the Triumph these next few months I am going to try to attach the notice. [IMG]http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a276/carolinamamasita/TRGST105081-1.jpg[/IMG]