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    Rum runner flasks

    Two reasons why I think these are just not needed. 1. Just buy a bottle, wrap it in your clothes and put it in your luggage. They will not do anything about it. I repeat, they will not do anything about it. 2. Just call ahead to the Bon Voyage department and buy a bottle and it will be waiting for you in your cabin. I cruised last week on the Miracle and bought a 1 litter bottle of Dewars. It cost $38. At my local liquor store, that bottle costs $32. Factor in whatever you are paying for the Rum Runners and it is actually cheaper to just buy the bottle, plus no hassle of pouring out into the plastic flasks and packing them in your luggage. On the last cruise I bought the Dewars and snuck on a bottle of vodka in my luggage. No problems. I just think the transferring liquor into Rum Runners, water bottles, plastic containers, etc is so unnecessary. Carnival doesn't really care, imho...
  2. Jleo77

    Miracle 7/12-7/20

    2 things I find funny about all of this. #1 - How people can share the same experience and come away with such different opinions. I loved this cruise. It was my first Carnival and second overall. I would go back in a second. I read the critical reviews and can't believe we were on the same boat. But often times its just a little personal experience that sours the whole trip for people. #2 - The need some people have to defend the experience. Who cares if somebody didn't like the trip and would never return. That's their choice. It seems like, if you read between the lines, some people take it as a personal insult that somebody is criticizing their choice of ships or lines. To each his own.;)
  3. Jleo77

    Miracle 7/12-7/20

    I wouldn't worry about it. I just came off this sailing and thought it was absolutely great. I was with a large family/friends group and we had one of the best vacations of my life. We ranged in age from 1 1/2 to 80, and there was something for everyone. Sure I have a few nitpicky things, but I don't care what kind of trip you take, you can always find something not so great. Vacations are what you make of them. Personally, I thought the ship was beautiful and spotless. Yes the dining room is over-the-top, but so what? And there are so many little lounges and hideaways you can go somewhere new each day. The staff was great. The pools were great. The food was good. The casino was a lot of fun. Enjoyed the shows. Etc etc etc. I would go back in a heartbeat. Only other cruise I ever took was RCCL 5 years ago on the smaller and older Nordic Empress. No comparison, the was so much better.
  4. Just got back today from the 7/12 sailing. It was excellent. Won't go into details but as far as Grand Turk I would put it like this. Imagine you are at Disney World and you enter the new Disney Caribbean venue at Epcot. That is what Grand Turk is. It seems so totally artificial. Like they found deserted little island in the middle of the ocean and through down a Margaritaville and 500 fake Palm Trees. It is a cash cow. You walk off a little dock and into a gift shop. Then there are about 25-30 perfect little caribbean themed shops with all the island merchandise you could want. Margarittaville is huge and the pool is also. Don't get me wrong, my family had a great time but it just seemed like we walked off the Carnival ship and into a Carnival theme park. It seemed like spring break was going on. DJ, conga lines, everyone getting drunk, etc. Again...I don't want to sound too negative, because my kids had a grat tie (flow rider) and me and my wife and my extended family partied it up. But it is NOT and normal island experience.
  5. Jleo77

    Wine and Liquor in your carry on.

    I am leaving this Saturday on the Miracle out of NY. I just called the Bon Voyage deprtment and ordered a bottle of Dewars. 1 liter = $38. To not have to go through the hassle of smuggling and worrying about it being confiscated or broken or having to buy plastic rum runners, etc, $38 sounds like a pretty fair deal. It is about $10 more than I would pay in a liquor store. This way its sitting in my room when we get there. Of course, I will still smuggle a little more on, but at least I have this as a fall back.;)
  6. Jleo77

    All Things Miracle!!!!

    I am on the 7/12 Miracle sailing out of NY. I just got an email that we are no longer going to Tortola. The ship is having a problem with its propulsion system and can't reach maximum speed. So we are now going to Grand Turk. I have not been to either so I don't really care. Anyone have an opinion on the differences? I hear Grand Turk is nice.
  7. Uh Oh...we have a Wendy Whiner in the house. You sound like a blast to cruise with! Hope we can party some time...