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  1. Is Oceania requiring masking onboard now? I naively assumed that with all onboard vaccinated that perhaps was not being implemented. I also confess that I have not been following the cruising business very closely because I did not book any cruises after our 3/11/20 return from our lovely Riviera Caribbean cruise. However, I hope to cruise again on Riviera in the Caribbean in mid-January and while I would be fine to mask in the corridors, elevators and entertainment venues I would not enjoy doing so while lounging in the shade of the pool deck.
  2. Sure hope your plane tickets purchase means that my January 14 Caribbean cruise indeed will be RT Miami! 😉
  3. Just received today! Lots of lovely (new at least to me!) Vista information.
  4. Itinerary is my priority for a Norway cruise. Oceania is my favorite cruise line but next year’s Norwegian itinerary does not travel far enough north to satisfy in any way my Norwegian travel goals, of which fjords is major one. i was on the same Azamara cruise as Host Jazzbeau, every port in Norway (RT Amsterdam only non- Norway stop) all the way up to Northkapp and back, and it was an incomparable experience. (At that time the Oceania Norwegian itinerary included ports in Putinland so political traveler spouse would not even consider it.)
  5. Following up on ORV’s comment above in post 2, the artwork is far superior on Riviera. Note that I speak from my vast expertise acquired as an unpaid docent for more than a dozen years at the Cincinnati Art Museum only 35 years after my excellent three university art history courses.😉 For those interested in exploring the art collection further, one can take a DIY tour of the art onboard using an electronic device you can borrow from Guest Services with an accompanying numbered map. I cannot recall if more recently this information can be downloaded onto your smartphone. Hopefully so. Unfortunately, both Marina and Riviera share lovely but “too-low-to-the-floor” seating in the major common areas of Horizons and Martinis! 😁
  6. Me, too, KatieBelle. Jim was such a cruise ship enthusiast who had so much cruising history from childhood as well as such love of Oceania.
  7. As you can see in my signature, I only have sailed on Oceania and Azamara, and since the 2011 debut of the first “O” ship, only have booked the fabulous Riviera and Marina (spouse loves the two extra specialty restaurants and bigger bathrooms) when taking Oceania cruises. We have met many interesting fellow passengers and delighted in many trivia contests with them on our team or against them! However, our three Azamara cruises all have had fabulous port-intensive unusual itineraries, and the falloff in food quality was more than compensated for by these unique itineraries (plus our enjoyment of the White Nights deck party and Azamazing evening entertainment.) Our first Azamara cruise only came about because we had to cancel an Oceania cruise when our only daughter chose to marry in late September so an early September Oceania cruise was inconceivable. So looking for October pickings to recuperate from all the planning we ended up cruising Barcelona to Rome with four stops in Sicily, Valletta and even Salerno (so we easily visited Paestum for the day.) And our most recent Azamara cruise RT Amsterdam with all Norwegian ports from an overnight in Bergen all the way to Nordkapp without any stops in “Putinland” (which political traveler husband has added to his no-travel list) was incredible, as fellow cruiser and fabulous tour organizer Host Jazzbeau can attest. I too have no idea what the effects of new ownership will have on Azamara but because I only began cruising in 2008, I still am very itinerary-driven. Hopefully you will enjoy either cruise so basically IMO you are balancing a superior shipboard experience with a better itinerary. Whatever you decide to do, I know you will enjoy your cruise!
  8. We have had both from the wine list onboard and enjoyed both immensely! 🍷
  9. You would have enjoyed my very first Azamara cruise in 2012, booked when I had to cancel an Oceania cruise because our only daughter decided to get married at the end of September, and no way I could cruise a few weeks prior to this auspicious occasion. Our post-wedding October Barcelona to Rome cruise had FOUR stops in Sicily (Palermo, Trapani, Agrigento, and Catania) plus Valletta and Salerno (so easy train to Paestum) then disembarking in Rome. (We previously had an Oceania port day in Naxos for Taormina.) I found out later that this fabulous itinerary partially was due to Azamara’s cancellation before we booked of two stops in North Africa.
  10. OK, my mother was born in the Bronx, not Brooklyn. Translator clearly required! Midnight here so goodnight, peace and keep enjoyin’.
  11. My smartphone shows a lovely photo of a fly, not the decal! 😇
  12. “Objection, Your Honor: non-responsive.”
  13. Correction: Just saw that my “upsold” mysteriously appears as “unsold” in post #9 above. My keyboarding truly has deteriorated since my detached retina two years ago, suffered BTW without any warning on Marina off the western coast of Italy.
  14. Remembering Dick Tracy.😉
  15. Included as part of the annual fee. I usually am looking diligently over the included car rental coverage because we often rent cars for a day from a cruise ship port or most recently for a three - week DIY trip in France, Germany and Belgium. (I think I still am recuperating from the speeds of cars, albeit gorgeous ones, in Germany.)
  16. We booked a guarantee cabin on our first Oceania cruise and our blue book arrived with luggage tags without the cabin number included. On several subsequent cruises we have been unsold after our tags arrived and simply inked out the old cabin number and put in the new one.
  17. If you enjoy reading seven pages of legalese, just do an internet search for AMEX trip cancellation insurance and read the specifics for your particular AMEX card. It appears that AMEX Platinum has a $10,000 limit per trip plus no PEC coverage.
  18. Now you got me going. Suffice it to say that many of the regulars on this board read my posts about the “gentleman” who sat next to me at the first seating of the evening at specialty restaurant Jacques in his baseball cap, telling me immediately that he had to wear it because he had PTS from Vietnam that required he always wear it. I soon discovered that his attire was the least of my concerns when it became clear he was thoroughly soused that early in the evening. He disappeared often to tipple some more between courses (I kid you not!) and was gone so much the meal took forever. Gerry and I should have left as soon as we realized but first I was so amazed and appalled that I could not react and then I felt so bad for his wife. Every time I dine at Jacques I relive that memory, which has gone from anger that the Jacques manager actually seated him at all to determination never to accept that situation again and speak to management immediately to make him their problem rather than my problem.
  19. I am not very concerned about what folks choose to wear to breakfast but prefer that my fellow cruisers make some effort at dinner (unless dining at the casual venue), particularly when dining at the wonderful specialty restaurants. The vast majority do so.
  20. Is that a photo of the War Rooms in Valletta?
  21. Rough seas concerns are the reason I happily pass on any and all TA’s.
  22. All coffees (including cappuccinos, lattes, etc., best ordered at Baristas coffee bar above the pool deck), hot tea, hot chocolate, milk, soda/soft drinks, basically all non-alcoholic beverages. Your cabin fridge includes cans of soda/soft drinks and large bottles of water. Your cabin attendant will stock it with your preferred soda. Bottles of water (perhaps in reusable v plastic bottles, although not yet on our cruise in March 2019) available also placed out on tables when debarking at ports. The cocktail list at the bars include (free) virgin pina coladas. The bartenders will make you any fruit drinks you want without alcohol gratis. The iced tea onboard is excellent, brewed not from teabags. There are some slushy machines on the pool deck bar. No free alcohol except at the Captain’s party, usually held on the second night out.
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