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  1. We enjoy Blu - we’ve almost always been greeted by name (which now on Princess with the medallion they can do too!), and because of this we too made it a game to remember their names and greet them each morning and evening. I think the food is similar to the MDR it’s just so much more personal. They remember you like beef medium rare, and extra vegetables. They remember you always have fresh squeezed at breakfast plus a latte. And, if you’re a wine drinker (we’ve always had the drink package), and like more than a glass, usually, you don’t have to beg for the sommelier to come to your table - they remember what you like and like a good host, make sure you have as much as you like. When we’ve had lunch in the MDR and decided on wine with lunch, you have to flag the bar server down, then you get the standard small bar pour, then you’re unlikely to get a 2nd glass, unlike Blu where you just get more poured if they see you want more. They walk around with multiple bottles in their hand! It’s like going to a nice restaurant every day for breakfast & dinner. You sit only with your travel mate so if there’s just 2 of you, sometimes you strike up a convo with your neighbours and sometimes not. We do use the heated beds a bit. I also like the spa waiting area chaises longues right at the front of the ship. Quiet, calm, great view, and a great place to read a book and snooze, repeat. And occasionally folks come in before or after their treatment and that’s fun to be a fly on the wall imagining about that $200 massage or couples mud treatment etc. You also get preferential boarding but as we’re both elite that’s less of a feature but until we were elite, it scooted us on to the ship a bit quicker.
  2. Including warm saki in Sushi on 5! Yummy! And, sushi on 5 is very good. Try it for lunch!
  3. I’ve had my coupon book show up 2nd or 3rd day. Has anyone been able to get the BOGO first night dinner after when this has happened?
  4. We’ve done vallartafoodtours three times, most recently New Years Day! And we stopped along the Malecon and the last “food” was tuba. I’ve had it twice on the food tour now and it’s interesting and a good cultural experience. Chunks of apple and walnuts too! I highly recommend the food tour which takes you to about a dozen food carts and vendors and explains a lot of culture and history of the area. Yummy too.
  5. I was there over New Years and twice walked the blue line to the large indoor market in old town near the church- there and back, and walked to the water shuttle to Stone island. The terrain seemed very unfriendly to a scooter. The blue line does go down the middle of the Street and the many expat volunteers advised walking on the street not the sidewalk as the sidewalk was extremely uneven. There were times however with traffic that I had to hop up on the sidewalk and then back down onto the road. There were also large potholes in the road. As you get close to the market/church there are street vendors selling food and a variety of items with buyers gathered around that would make it very difficult to either be on the sidewalk or going around roadside. Plus lots of traffic once you get closer to the market and church. A bit of fun mayhem. The market is narrow between aisles and crowded but awesome! Going to stone island involves an uneven surface sidewalk followed by gravel driveway with potholes and then getting into the boat - not for the faint of heart. Not crazy, but I did accept the hands offered me. The beach is rocky and a teensy downhill then a stunning soft sandy beach that goes on forever. Stone island is actually a peninsula I believe so you can get a cab or Pulmonia to there. Lots of restaurants and beach vendors and places to rent horses, quads, banana boat rides, etc. There is a little market right where the ship docks with shops, and a little bar and music and place to sit under a lovely shade tree. When you go out onto the street side, there are lots of ex-pat volunteers. One of them will be able to advise you maybe better than me - maybe there’s an alternate path to the market & church that is more scooter friendly. The Pulmonia’s are quite fun and can give you a good affordable tour around.
  6. Have you noticed when you’re at the international café that you never smell coffee? You know when you walk into a yummy Coffee shop the smell is divine. Are they using real beans to make a latte/cappuccino? I know it tastes fine but curious why it doesn’t have that divine fragrance.
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