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  1. View from our room at the Hilton today
  2. Surely they would have known about this days ago so why therefore wait until one hour ago to inform passengers? The message stated something about emergency notification: "..Further to our Emergency Notification, Queen Elizabeth will now depart from berth 106 at the Mayflower Terminal. The terminal can be accessed via dock gate 10. Please ensure that you arrive at the time stated on your e-ticket. We look forward to welcoming you on board...."
  3. Just been advised by Cunard QE will be departing from Mayflower Terminal NOT Ocean Terminal as stated on boarding passes. All passengers to arrive to Mayflower and follow instructions there.
  4. Thanks. Urgent info for all passengers embarking today QE will be berthed in Mayflower Terminal NOT Ocean as previously notified. Everyone is now required to arrive at Mayflower. Please pass on.
  5. Think I just saw QE arrive in Southampton, I can also see QM2 berthed from our bedroom window in the Hilton! Great start to our trip
  6. Yes it is disappointing, only five stops now over 12 days. Really wanted to visit Anglesey and this could have been a good opportunity.
  7. Just been notified the trip to Holyhead will not happen on the 1st October 2021 trip. They have changed it to "cruising the Cornwall coast!!
  8. The cruise between 1st - 13th October on QE is only for double jabbed people who are UK citizens and is only visiting the UK. The UK have been free of restrictions since 19th July over two months yet we cannog get off the ship in our own country. Yes, these protocols were in place when most of us booked but Cunard did state "....however as the world evolves so may our policies and procedures. Rest assured we will continue to work with the government and scientific advisors to continually review our protocols so you can have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday...."
  9. New response from Cunard! Good Afternoon,"...Thank you for your email.I note your concerns around the Shore Excursions and not being able to go ashore independently.I am pleased to advise that Cunard has today announced that guests travelling on voyages from 13th October, will be able to go ashore independently but must adhere to the specific COVID-19 protocols in each destination. However, as restrictions in each destination are changeable, and some destinations may only allow cruise line organised experiences ashore, we highly recommend you do look to purchase Cunard shore experiences prior to travel ensuring you always have the option to explore each destination.Testing that may be required to go ashore in various destinations on your itinerary. These tests will be available to purchase on board.I am sure you will agree this is fantastic news and we look forward to seeing you onboard soon....."
  10. Further to my original posting, I have just seen the following post on the P&O CC Board and, considering Cunard, P&O and Princess lines are all owned by Carnival, it seems strange that they are placing different restrictions on passengers depending on which ship they are sailing on: "...Will I be able to go ashore? In accordance with health authority guidelines, fully vaccinated guests may choose to explore destinations independently, and should comply with all local guidance relating to social distancing and face masks. Guests aged 17 years or younger who are unvaccinated sailing on Regal Princess from 30 September to 3 November and Sky Princess 5 October to 5 November on 2021, will only be permitted to go ashore through shore excursions sold by or through Princess using tour operators who comply with our COVID-19 controls. Self-exploration or participation in shore excursions not sold through or operated by Princess will not be permitted....." This seems a far more sensible requirement to the one being placed on Cunard cruises, do you think this will be rolled out to all their lines anytime soon? By the way contrary to what people may think regarding my post, we have actually booked 4 excursions out of the six ports we are visiting, so I'm not pointing this out just to go ashore independently, just for information.
  11. Surely if all passengers on board have been double jabbed they have all been "socially responsible|". As we learned this week even if you are double jabbed you can still pass on Covid viral load and infect others at the same level as those who have not been jabbed, and you can still catch Covid, albeit with a hopefully less serious outcome. It will be very interesting to see if any of those on Cunard Excursions have any problems avoiding the virus, particularly as many will be sitting together for a couple of hours on a bus. Let's hope they open all the windows!!
  12. This comment sounded very "Mrs Bouquet" - are you trying to imply Liverpool, Glasgow or any other city on this trip are "dens of iniquity"? You are correct re the earlier voyages, but as I mentioned Cunard did state their policies and protocols would evolve in line with current UK guidance, they haven't!
  13. Just had an email from Cunard pertinent to our trip on 1st October around the UK: "..Important information. For your voyage, shore exploration will only be possible via one of our curated shore experiences. To ensure your well-being, each of our shore experiences will be delivered by one of our vetted shore partners, with enhanced hygiene measures and reduced group sizes to allow for social distancing..." This trip is two and a half months after the UK was opened up! Surely it is not necessary to still treat us like children. It has recently been established double jabbers can catch and can pass on Covid - so having the jab really only protects yourself from serious illness not from catching Covid but it does not protect others from catching it from you. With the best will in the world taking groups of passengers on a coach to an excursion will not guarantee a Covid free experience. Cunard announced earlier in the year they would be changing their protocols in line with the current UK Governments as they evolve - so why haven't they?
  14. There is always something to do on board, but maybe it will be reduced to compensate for those going on the Cunard excursions. We will just have to wait and see how their policies evolve and if they change them after 2nd August to fall in line with Government advice.
  15. Maybe they do but I am sure the price of those excursions, may stop a good many passengers opting to use them. Don't forget this is a UK cruise for UK passengers, and many of those passengers will have already visited many of the ports/towns in the past.
  16. I cannot find this stipulation, can you give me a link? This is all I have found: "There are no restrictions on travel within England. Most legal restrictions to control COVID-19 have been lifted at step 4. This means that: You do not need to stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with. There are also no limits on the number of people you can meet. The requirement to wear face coverings in law has been lifted. However, the Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport. There are no longer limits on the number of people who can attend weddings, civil partnerships, funerals and other life events (including receptions and celebrations). There is no requirement for table service at life events, or restrictions on singing or dancing..."
  17. Now that the UK is allowing double jabbed visitors to enter the country from EU or USA without quarantine from Monday next (2nd August), surely it is time for Cunard to now allow UK double jabbed passengers to get on and off the ship during their Staycation cruises within the UK without having to book a Cunard excursion, otherwise it is farcical.
  18. Now that the UK is allowing double jabbed visitors to enter the country from EU or USA without quarantine from Monday next (2nd August), surely it is time for Cunard to now allow UK double jabbed passengers to get on and off the ship during their Staycation cruises within the UK without having to book a Cunard excursion.
  19. Just for info I posed the question to Cunard on their Fb page and got this response: "Hi there, in line with the approved health protocols all shore experiences will be on organised excursions only using vetted operators who will be subject to regular COVID-19 testing and ongoing guidance. Additional guest health screening may be required prior to boarding the ship after time on shore. organised excursion. We are currently working on a new programme that will be available including options at a lower price and available to purchase via My Cunard up to eight weeks prior to departure. The new programme will ensure that we have options available for all guests to travel ashore. We are constantly monitoring guidance on this and will update guests if any changes are necessary.." Note it says "The new programme will ensure that we have options available for all guests to travel ashore.." It remains to be seen if their options include allowing all passengers to go ashore alone if they so wish!
  20. Hattie yes, they were part of the Confience portocols but I was told by the Cunar rep they are NOT changing until the end of the year. This is what Cunard's website also says about Summer Staycation voyages in the UK : "....From uninterrupted sea days to unwind against the backdrop of ever changing scenery, to time ashore in some of the UK’s best loved cities, a British Isles voyage will give you the freedom to relax and indulge in the things you most enjoy....." Note it states "TIME ASHORE" not time ashore on an excursion"
  21. You are so right. Who would want to pay $100 to go to Cheshire Oaks! It is truly madness. I will not go on any excursion if this is the case. I have already done this cruise in 2019 on QV so have visited all towns we are stopping at, both on that cruise or whist travelling independently at other times. As I said, who wants to sit on a bus with groups of other travelling miles to visit a particular "place of interest", when you are far more safe taking yourself off for a walk in the fresh air, using your own judgement on risks and safety.
  22. Our voyage is the last one, leaving Southampton 1st October. All passengers have to be double jabbed, UK citizens only and pass a Covid test prior to embarkation at the port. We have just been told whilst talking to a Cunard rep that we cannot get off the ship at the Ports visited unless we are on a Cunard Excursion. This cruise is over 2 months after all restrictions in the UK have ended. Cunard stated originally they would change their policies as Covid restrictions evolved. Why then are they continuing placing this restriction? We can travel anywhere in the UK without problems, why would Cunard think keeping us on board if we don't pay for their excursions will stop Covid from being brought on board when they will be taking bus loads of folk off the ship themselves and bringing them back too! Covid does not differentiate between those on Cunard excursions and those who want to walk around in the fresh air themselves away from a crowded Cunard bus!
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