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  1. I tried that along with my travel insurance. Both refused due to the cancellation email I received from the cruiseline. Three ships were cancelled the night before sailing. I was scheduled for one of them. Holland sent an email to me on the 13th informing me I would get a FCC and a refund. Because there was no "choice" and the company said in the email, they would refund my money, the bank and insurance both said they had no obligation to contest anything.
  2. I received my refund today. It took 127 days. But I finally got it. Thank you for allowing me the occasional vent over the last 2 months.
  3. Still waiting for refund on March 14th cruise, cancelled by the cruise line, on March 13th.
  4. That's my morning cruise drink! I always ask the bartender if they have Clamato and they smile at me and ask me where I'm from in Canada. And I say I'm not Canadian, but I know a good drink when I taste one!
  5. My next correspondence with HAL is going to include a request for a free drink package for "pain and suffering".😎😏🤣🍹
  6. I think that was me and I haven't heard back since the email telling me they were contacting accounting. But it has only been 2 days.....🤣🤣🤣 See! I still have a sense of humor because I'm 2 days away from 4 months on waiting for my refund and I found a way to laugh about the circumstances.
  7. So yesterday, on HAL's twitter, I had a lengthy discussion about being "patient" with another person about the HAL refund process. Within 1 hour, HAL's social media team responded and asked for my booking number. This morning, less than 24 hours later, I received an apology through email for all the misinformation, for the length of time and because my refund has been ready, but they've been waiting on accounting to "trigger" it. Per the email, they have notified accounting to get on it, as it was processed on June 3rd and I should have received it by now.
  8. At this point, I firmly believe HAL is just saying anything whether it is true or not. I did not cancel my March 14th cruise. HAL cancelled it on March 13th at 5 PM, P.S.T. 24 hours before we left. I am now at 3 months and 23 days since the cruise line cancelled. No refund. No sign of a refund. I'm in a "queue", but they dont know where I am in the "queue". They are sorry, but they just don't know when but hey! "We thank you for your patience"! No one at HAL knows anything or they are just lying or incredibly disorganized and flying by the seat of the
  9. I sympathize. Still waiting for my refund for March 14th cruise. I am beginning to believe that while I was on the first cruises cancelled, I will be one of the last to receive my refund.
  10. I think I'm on Day 106. March 14th cruise was cancelled on March 13th, by HAL, not me. Still waiting for my refund......not so patiently.....but recognize there's not much I can do but continue to wait. Happy for those of you who have received refunds. Not so happy with HAL who has refunded cruises well past March and still "thanks" me for my "patience".
  11. 96 days. Still waiting for my refund for March 14th cruise HAL cancelled. It was supposed to be my first HAL cruise. At this point, I'm not sure if there will ever be a HAL cruise in my future. I really wish I understood how they prioritized the refunds. It is very frustrating to see people have received refunds for cruises after March while some of us are still waiting.
  12. I didnt requote your post because I think you're full of it. I believe you. And I believe the person you spoke to told you that. I do! I requoted it, because it is an example of HAL not having any organization or consistency over how they are doing refunds. If they would just send a email every so often--"Hey. We know we still owe you money. Working on it". But they arent saying anything. And they have different answers for everyone. I am sincerely sorry that my post did not make that clear and as a result, I inadvertently insulted you. I
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