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  1. We have stayed many times in the midship "obstructed" cabins, and they are awesome. No obstructions. Quiet, except for the occasional "ding" from an elevator.
  2. We have sailed many times in the midship Emerald deck 400 cabins - great cabins, no obstructions. These are the views from E409 right next door to E411. No obstruction at all.
  3. Yes, he posted a very long and heart-wrenching explanation of his decision on FB. He was the best, and will be sorely missed. This is Princess' loss. And our loss. Best wishes to Matt O.
  4. I spoke with my contact person in their office in Norway just last week, and have emailed back and forth with him four times this week.
  5. Exact same situation here. Dec. TA on the Island. Paid deposit with $100 FCD pp, and then paid several thousand dollars for cruise fare, Princess Air, +++ with gift cards, but still had small balance due - with final payment due in late August. Don't know which FCC/refund scheme we fall into. Only getting $200 FCC pp or getting 125% of cruise fare as FCC and refund of the air, insurance, port fees? BUT --- our letter specifically states: "We hope you will stick with us by accepting this special higher value Future Cruise Credit offer: 100% value of cruise fare paid as a
  6. All European cruises for remainder of 2020 have been cancelled. Ours was for Dec 6th from Rome to FLL. Got the cancellation email overnight.
  7. That is simply not true. Princess Insurance can be removed without penalty and is fully refundable until final payment date. Also fully refundable if cruise gets cancelled by Princess.
  8. Anthony Fauci just said on MTP this morning if you are elderly (which they define as over 60) AND/OR have underlying medical conditions, whatever else you do, you should NOT go on a cruise ship!!!!
  9. I have 29 Princess cruises (most of them at least 14 days in length) under my belt and have only sailed with them since 2007. We have only one cruise on X to date: a 14 nt trans-Canal back in 2006 on the Infinity - and we loved it. But then Princess got us hooked in that it allows us to stack multiple OBC's (my veterans, our CCL shareholder, FCC's and more) while X doesn't. That said, I am about to go on a Caribbean cruise on X's Equinox in less than 2 weeks and am very excited about it. Have a Concierge veranda cabin with 4 perks included. Can't wait to see how I like the experience and compa
  10. I have some good friends who are entertainers on board and they do get coffees, including specialty coffees. So do the CD staff.
  11. I have seen it and have done it - for Crooners performers.
  12. And Discovery is sailing 3 weeks later. Having just done an 11/17 crossing on the Sky, and doing a 12/6 crossing on the Island next year, we were looking forward to the early Nov. sailing. And to the ports of Genoa and Tenerife. The Discovery TA is same old, same old - has nothing new to offer us. We are passing.
  13. She WAS coming to the US. We were booked on her Nov 4, 2021 16 nt. TA until just 2 weeks ago when Princess cancelled that sailing on us.
  14. They pulled and then cancelled the 16 nt TA that was originally scheduled for Nov 4th, 2021. We were booked on it, and then one day about 2 weeks ago, I got a strange error message on Cruise Personalizer. From our past experience with the same thing happening with our original 16 nt. Dec 2020 TA on the Island, I knew to expect a letter telling us the cruise had been cancelled. With the Island, they moved it back 2 days, shortening it to 14 nts. With the Enchanted, they have replaced it with the 11 and 7 day Med cruises, but then nothing after. No TA in Nov or Dec is shown. Wonder if they're ch
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