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  1. I have some good friends who are entertainers on board and they do get coffees, including specialty coffees. So do the CD staff.
  2. I have seen it and have done it - for Crooners performers.
  3. And Discovery is sailing 3 weeks later. Having just done an 11/17 crossing on the Sky, and doing a 12/6 crossing on the Island next year, we were looking forward to the early Nov. sailing. And to the ports of Genoa and Tenerife. The Discovery TA is same old, same old - has nothing new to offer us. We are passing.
  4. She WAS coming to the US. We were booked on her Nov 4, 2021 16 nt. TA until just 2 weeks ago when Princess cancelled that sailing on us.
  5. They pulled and then cancelled the 16 nt TA that was originally scheduled for Nov 4th, 2021. We were booked on it, and then one day about 2 weeks ago, I got a strange error message on Cruise Personalizer. From our past experience with the same thing happening with our original 16 nt. Dec 2020 TA on the Island, I knew to expect a letter telling us the cruise had been cancelled. With the Island, they moved it back 2 days, shortening it to 14 nts. With the Enchanted, they have replaced it with the 11 and 7 day Med cruises, but then nothing after. No TA in Nov or Dec is shown. Wonder if they're chartering it as they did with the Majestic or taking her to Asia instead of Caribbean...
  6. They only play it on Royal class ships, and they were having a problem tuning it on the SKy, so didn't play it at all on our TA. Capt. said they would re-tune in FLL.
  7. No - we just did the Sky TA and there is NO more bar soap available at all, even on request. We bought a large bottle of hand soap and some bath bars in a grocery store in Valencia, and more bath bars at a supermarket in Funchal. Upside: they were large, inexpensive bars of lavender and olive oil soaps, and were better than Princess's soaps (both bar and liquids).
  8. Hi there, dear friend Geoherb! When I sent you birthday wishes on FB the other day, I had no idea you were sailing (much less solo). Your FB posts gave no indication. I haven't been on CC much of late, so logging on today to find your cruise blog was a pleasant surprise. But please know that whenever your DH can't go with you, I'm always willing to sail along as your roomie. I'm serious. Easy for me living down here. And I think each of our DH's would be fine with the arrangement. LOL. PS If you should ever find yourself stuck down here with flight issues, you're welcome to stay with us. We're only 35-40 minutes from the port/airport. Happy Holidays!
  9. Not a bad October. A typical October. It's still height of hurricane season. And with climate change, each hurricane season gets longer and more intense. If missed ports are going to cause anyone major upset, they should not cruise anywhere in the Atlantic Ocean in September or October.
  10. Wrong. Yes, it is. In the auto gratuities and in the $29 you pay for the restaurant. Everyone needs to stop this American thing of overtipping.
  11. Please do not put such things in writing. P reads these posts. Not smart. Then we all lose.
  12. Captain is Heikki Laakkonen and he will be on board for the TA.
  13. They were, and people talked about it on Cruise Critic, which Princess monitors, and hence...
  14. Regarding the sun, the website that others have posted can give you the exact sunrise/sunset times and hours of daylight for each day and each port. We already charted it out for our Nov 22, 2020 sailing. Yes, for the northern parts of the voyage, you'll be in Polar Night (which is what gives you the better chances of seeing Northern Lights). It's not total darkness, though. There are many pics I have found online of the beautiful midnight blue color the sky will be. We're very excited about experiencing Polar Night on our cruise. Regarding booking the Oslo-Bergen train, It's probably just too early to book the train. Check back 60-90 days out.
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