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  1. We are also booked on this cruise including the 3-day pre cruise wine tasting and game drive. I finally found the web site for the group and now know what the situation will be. No problem for us to join with them. Not an option for us to switch to another cruise as we are booked on the Azamara Journey for their Christmas cruise which starts in Cape Town the day the Voyager finishes their cruise. John182 & Johnthesailor - please post on the roll call for this 8th December 2020 cruise so we can keep in touch. We can make our own 'small' group. lol Jeanette
  2. When I was on the Azamara Journey last year (102 day World Journey) I needed a hair cut mid way. I had not heard very good comments about hair cutting on board so I decided to try a hairdresser in Cannes, France. A great experience and a super hair cut. I think you will find on land hairdressers better qualified in all aspects of hair management than onboard. Use google to find a hairdresser near one the ports on your cruise and take some 'me' time to get your hair cut. I actually managed to book an appointment online so did not have to wait when I arrived at the salon. By the way, my hair is very short too. Good luck. Jeanette
  3. No I am sure solo bookings are treated differently to double bookings. We were very surprised when the Upgrade dept told us that we both had to be opted in. An additional complication appeared to be about our email addresses. Very difficult to fully understand what is really happening with this upgrade process. Comments about LCV mulipliers also amazes me although I have not seen anything from Azamara that actually implies they adjust a bid for LCV members based on LCV levels. Of course nothing really would surprise me.
  4. Hi Phil, We have been unhappy with the Azamara onshore processes for some time but love the onboard environment. With Azamara moving more to country intensive cruises we are finding it harder to get back to back cruises that suit us and our timetable. We like to be onboard for a reasonable length of time, like 3 to 4 weeks or more. Once we started looking at some of the other luxury lines we found their itineraries more suitable to us and were surprised to find their costs similar to Azamara. We will see how this year goes and won't be cancelling our future Azamara cruises just yet. Jeanette
  5. After phone calls with the Azamara Upgrade department we have finally got through to the upgrade process and can see the bidding options for our April 27th Quest cruise. The reason we were always 'not eligible' was because both members of a couple must be 'opted-in' for emails. No one has mentioned this requirement before. I was opted-in and DH was not according to the Upgrade department. It turns out they had the wrong email address for DH. In the 'My Account' settings DH was opted-in under a different email address. Once this was sorted out we were able to see the upgrade options for our cruise. The costs to upgrade from Balcony to CC were beyond the original $398 per cabin cost so with the inability to accept or decline an offered cabin and the strangeness of having to bid different prices, we have decided not to bother bidding on any upgrades. We have 9 cruises booked with Azamara thru to Dec 2020 but have already started to book other cruise lines (additional 8 cruises thru to Dec 2020 on Seabourn, Celebrity and Regent Seven Seas).
  6. We have just been in touch with our travel agent and they did not know anything about the new upgrade program. Now waiting for them to contact Azamara to find out what they have to do to opt in so we can bid, if we want to. They said they know their customers can bid on upgrades for Celebrity. The upgrade program is still telling us we are ineligible for our 27th April cruise.
  7. Hi Ann, Our next 3 cruises are 27th April, 12th May & 25th May on Quest, all of which have been fully paid and are within the 90 days. They were booked onboard. We will contact our travel agent to see if there is a problem there. Sounds bizare that the Travel Agent is involved in a bidding process between the customer and Azamara directly. Just checked the link again and still get the same "not eligible" message. Jeanette
  8. We also are having difficulty trying to access the upgrade process. DH got an email from Azamara but I have not received one about the upgrade even though I receive lots of marketing emails from them. We are both now Discoverer Platinum and have 9 future cruises booked with Azamara - 4 for this year and 5 for 2020. DH has got the same "Not Eligible" message every time he tries the process. On 12th March, DH sent an email to the upgrade email address and copied it to Sandra Penaranda (LCV Ambassador) but have had no reply from either one. Very disappointed with the whole process.
  9. I think you mean The Den. A very nice feature on the Pursuit.
  10. So sad to hear this news. We will miss you dear Captain Jose. You were always the gentleman looking after us all and making our voyages on the Quest a real pleasure. Ken and I wish you all the very best in your new direction and hope to hear about them from time to time. We also are delighted to see Azamara promote one of the excellent Staff Captains to Master and look forward to sailing with Captain Pelle in the future.
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