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  1. please people. read what you can do before you book. so sick of people complaining that NCL is gouging. all lines get you one way or another. people abuse privileges so it hurts everyone else. I remember a couple of years back loading onto to the Breakaway in n.y. and seeing so many cases of water being tagged and given to the porters to deliver to cabins.
  2. Thank you so much. I heard it is a small place for that show. oh well what ever happens, we will try that. I just have people going with us who have never cruised before and I want to tell them the right thing. We did do the dinner reservation all ready....so it looks like we are good to go. Thank everyone who answered my question. CRUISE CRITIC IS THE BEST place for info
  3. I know it is hard for 12 people to seat together. The thing that I was worried about was getting in to the Beatles and Comedians shows. I was under the impression you had to reserve those shows when you get on board. So they are just first come then? I do have reservations for Jersey Boys and Havana already.
  4. Going on Bliss in June. We are traveling with 5 other couples. I know you need to make reservations for comedy shows and Beatle shows (and you should do it as soon as you are on board). My question is: When I get on the ship and go to the Social to make reservations can I make them for other people in other cabins? or do I need their card? We are arriving at different times.
  5. THESE ARE THE EXCURSIONS WE ARE GOING ON: TRACY ARM FJORD & GLACIER EXPLORER - 6 HOUR BOAT RIDE TO THE GLACIERS, THEY SAY THIS ONE COULD BE COLD BUT NOT WALKING ON THE GLACIERS. I imagine it could be a little chilly White Pass Railway & Suspension Bridge – train ride and some walking around not really hiking, just was worried about rain. ALASKA LODGE ADVENTURE & SEAFEAST – BOAT RIDE, WALK THROUGH THE WOODS (BUT UNDER IMPRESSION THERE ARE TRAILS) AND LUNCH. So the only thing I possibly thought I would need some kind of waterproof shoe.
  6. Leaving on an Alaskan Cruise June 2, 2019, 7 days. Staying in Seattle 3 nights prior to cruise. Need help on what kind of shoes to bring for excursions. When you are getting to the port by plane seems like you need a lot a different kinds of shoes. Sneakers of course Waterproof or Boots (but they are so bulky) Maybe a sandal for dinner at night? Flip flops. I guess we won't be using the pool much What did you bring? Suggestions? Any help is appreciated
  7. Thank you all for your input. I think sometimes i read too much into what people say. I am not a seasoned cruiser but I have not been on a bad cruise, only one of the ships I was on I did not like but still had a good time. I do agree that if you know what is extra then don't go for it if you don want to pay. The only thing right now to me is that it does seem like NCL is making a lot of changes lately or is that becauseI have been researching a lot lately. Some of them I can live with and don't let it bother me like the $5 shrimp cocktail, if I want it I will pay for it. The increase in service charge....they work so hard on the ship the increase won't break me. I just hope it goes to to the workers and not management. Will we ever know where it goes? When they increased liquor prices but they went back on that increase on call brands. I guess it boils down to everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you are going on a cruise in a the future "Have a great time"
  8. Whenever I book a cruise I go on cruise critic and read reviews and posts, especially the cruise line I am going on. My next cruise is with NCL. To my dismay the NCL post are so negative. People feel they nickel and dime, change things constantly and have raised the price of the cruise considerably. So I started reading some of the other cruise lines post. People seem to not be so negative about the other cruise lines. They seem to ask questions more for information than knocking the cruise line they are sailing on. My first question is why do you still book NCL cruises if you are so unhappy? Are they really that terribly about their charges? Hasn’t cruising just changed in general? Haven’t times changed? Cost are crazy all over the place (just think when you go to the grocery store).
  9. We tend to tip an additional $25 - $50 for the week depending how friendly and if we ask them for a lot of little things. We have never had a bad steward in 10 cruises. I know it is what the steward is suppose to do is your room twice a day, but we feel this is a very special treat to be picked up after for seven days. They work very hard and very long hours.
  10. When you get on the ship do you make reservations to see both the Beatle shows in the Cavern and the comedy shows?
  11. We are going on an Alaskan cruise in June on the NCL Bliss. Has anyone been on the following excursions in Juneau: Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Explorer Whale Watching & Mendenhall Glacier Photo Safari Mendenhall Glacier & Evening Whale Quest If so what did you think?
  12. Do you look for a particular game to play or any of the slots would work?
  13. we have a small group going together on a cruise later this year, what are the least amount that a slot pull would work for? there are 12 of us
  14. Also do both guest in the cabin have to get the upgrade package if only one drinks liguor and the other is a beer drinker?
  15. In general what is the latest you can stay on the ship? We have a 3 pm flight out of airport. also what is the latest time they serve breakfast. Trying to plan a pick up time from cruise port to airport.
  16. I need some help final payment is due soon on my cruise for the BLISS i have a group booking with a travel agent. She said she can help me make reservations for dinner for my group, there are 12 of us 6 cabins. do I have to go thru her or can I call NCL and make it with them. Also for the shows. i have read that the ones on line fill up so quickly and you have to do it on the ship as soon as you get on we want to do them all together. Same nights. Finally payment is on a Saturday and if I wait till Monday to meet with her I afraid they will be gone. does anyone know if they fill up that quickly? I know when you use a travel agent all changes, payments and questions must go thru them.
  17. We are just back from the 9/16/2018 sailing to Alaska aboard the Pearl. This was our fifth NCL cruise and just about everything exceeded our expectations. We were treated SO wonderfully and with such friendliness by all crew members we interacted with. The only disappointment was how very bad the food was at La Cucina. And the weather was literally perfect, sunny the entire trip! we were on the Pearl last year for the Panama Canal. It was one of favorite cruises
  18. Thank you for all your great responses. Yes i was on the BA to Bermuda and really liked it. Also did the Allure and the Oasis. I do like the big ships. We usually go with the flow and are not hard to please. I am planning this Alaska cruise with 5 other couples. Some have cruised before, some have not. That is why i was getting worried. I also know you need to plan a little for dinning and shows. :):)
  19. We have an Alaska cruise booked for next June on the Bliss. Reviews are not to favourable . Should i not read too much into the reviews?
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