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  1. bjd2

    Havana cabins on Horizon

    We had a Havana Cabana on the Vista 2 years ago. Loved the Havana area! We really didn't use the cabana much at all though. We are going on the Horizon in a few weeks and we have a Havana interior. It was a huge difference in price. I think we will be able to decide which way to book in the future as we typically like a Lido deck balcony near the main pool on ships that don't have Havana.
  2. Thank you! I got 2 of them.
  3. bjd2

    Carnival Sunshine ?

    We were on the Sunshine in April and they did have the Cuban goodies outside the Havana bar.
  4. bjd2

    Talk to me about Blue Iguana...

    Shrimp burritos are my favorite! I have a few each cruise.
  5. My husband had it fall on his head and had stitches, but it was on the Vista a year and a half ago. I would have to think that perhaps others were injured causing them to be pulled now, or they are just really slow at the investigation. :D
  6. bjd2

    Swings on Havana Cabanas on Horizon?

    Our swing chair un-threaded from the ceiling on the Vista when hubby twisted it up with hopes of spinning around. It fell with him in it and the upper hardware landed on top of his head. We spent sail-away getting stitches in the infirmary. We didn't use it again the rest of the cruise. He probably shouldn't have done that, but he also said that shouldn't have happened.
  7. Check the funtimes for a Steakhouse cooking demonstration at noon on the first sea day. I can't believe our 10th cruise was the first time we went. You get samples of the dishes, so that's a fantastic lunch, for free!
  8. We were in a Havana Cabana on the Vista last year and didn't really use the patio very much. I booked us one of the wrap Havana balconies for our Horizon cruise in March of next year. Last week I changed that to a Havana interior and saved $2120! That will be Cheers and our airfare cost. I just couldn't see spending so much when we know we love the Havana area and will want to hang out there most days when we're not off of the ship.
  9. On our Sunshine cruise recently, it was explained during check in that we should go through the closed doors and our cabins would be ready.
  10. bjd2

    Earlier and earlier ?

    We have our Panorama March 2020 booked too. I wanted a port side Lido balcony for 2 people and there were none! I took starboard. There is one left. Craziness. I also booked our Horizon March 2019 well over a year ago and got a Havana Vista balcony on deck 6. There is only one interior Havana room left for 2 on that sailing.
  11. We were just on the Sunshine in a Lido balcony and the walls and door were not metal. Our magnetic hooks only stuck to the ceiling.
  12. bjd2

    Steakhouse and El Capitano Question

    We were on the Sunshine recently. We made reservations in advance online, we dined the first night and were told they no longer do the free bottle of wine, and make sure spaghetti with Captain's sauce is one of your sides! We love that stuff :D
  13. bjd2

    Back to Back

    We just did our first B2B. I surprised my husband with the 2nd leg. I book really far out and when I decided to book the 2nd leg, our cabin was still available. I would say the only con is having to do the muster drill twice. Our 2nd one seemed so long. On turn around morning, we laid in bed until nearly 9:30 while there was commotion everywhere else. We had told our steward not to worry about our cabin that morning. It was so relaxing to saunter down to the meeting place at 9:45 and wait to be escorted through customs and right back on.
  14. I did the "all of our prints" package for $199. For $249 I could have gotten them all on a flash drive.
  15. Yes, you can purchase it on the 2nd day. It does not go back and cover drinks purchased on day 1. We always get the program and enjoy not worrying about how much we're spending.