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  1. I just bought 100 shares at 8.36, and I am pretty sure that in a few years it will be a great investment.
  2. We tried it on the Vista and Horizon, spent quite a lot for crab legs and lobster and it honestly wasn't very good.
  3. B12 is one of the only things she supplements. Just don't assume everyone looking for a vegan option is by choice that is difficult to make.
  4. I purchased a discounted Carnival gift card and used it to buy cruise cash online so the funds are on my account already when I board.
  5. I also have this type of insurance, my policy is through Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Choice Cruise.
  6. I'm not able to load the allstaterewards.com page today via the app or a web browser. Not sure what's up.
  7. On the Horizon last March the clock turned ahead an hour at 2am on the normal daylight savings end date. There were many joking about being robbed of an hour 😂.
  8. Thanks so much! I got the ones above entered! I will watch for more.
  9. Hi, I'm new to the Drivewise app/rewards. I saw that I got a bunch just for signing up so ordered a $1000 card for $900.59 this morning. I see reference to many other promo codes to get points. How/where can these be entered so the points can be accumulated, or do you only use them when you're actually purchasing a card? On 2/6/2020 at 6:20 AM, oldjetdriver said: Found these on Facebook along with some others that were already known 20startearly 2020startearly startearly20 Startearly2020 20sunglasses
  10. We've been on both ships. We enjoyed the Magic and will always remember it as it was our 30th anniversary cruise to Bermuda. Months before that we were on the Horizon. We loved that ship! Can't wait to be on the Panorama in March. We love the elevator system and had no issues on the Horizon. We did see many others not tapping the deck for the number of people needing to go, so often there were elevators that would open but were already full or people getting in and looking for a floor button to select.
  11. Lol, yes, we got 4 of the headphones that cruise 🤣
  12. We did a back to back a couple of years ago. It was great! We had our same cabin and so the last night of the first leg when everyone else was packing was really cool to just be having fun. We let our Steward know he didn't need to service our room on turn around morning and we stayed in there until it was time to go down and get our new cards. We were escorted through customs and right back on for a group picture with some of the staff and complimentary beverage. We were recognized by many of the crew on the 2nd leg and they kind of made us feel like stars. It was great to get the
  13. We have done a Havana Cabana on the Vista, and a Havana Interior on the Horizon. We would do the interior again anytime! The Havana area was our balcony as we had access to loungers anytime. We're doing a Lido balcony on the Panorama in March as we have friends/family who aren't in the Havana area. We look forward to seeing what this class of ship is like without being in the Havana.
  14. I was able to select time slots in the Hub app. I received confirmation within an hour for JiJi's yesterday for our 3/28 cruise. The web browser appears to have no openings for any of the specialty dining and the Hub app does.
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