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  1. We had such wonderful care from the team at the infirmary on the Vista in the spring of 2017. Penny was the nurse practitioner. My hubby had one of the Havana swing chairs fall with him in it (twisted himself up to spin out) and cut his head open. We spent sail away at the infirmary and she took the stitches out on the last day (8 night cruise). We couldn't have felt more cared for.
  2. This is how it worked for us. The bartender asked, "so you want to buy one for a friend", while nodding his head up and down. It wasn't like we were begging them to break the rules.
  3. We were able to "buy one for a friend" on the Horizon in March. We would typically do that if we were at 13 and still wanted to play in the casino.
  4. I surprised my hubby with a B2B last year on the Sunshine. It was on the Sunshine and the surprise was a 5 night in the same cabin after our 8 night. I kept the secret for about a year and blew it while we were onboard the first day. He was so shocked, it was wonderful. I hope you get to do one sometime.
  5. I miss the spicy tomato soup. On the Horizon recently, they were pretty relentless pushing the juices. At least 3-4 people would suggest/offer them and some pressed further when we said, "no thank you". Other than these things we enjoyed the new menu.
  6. I believe they change up the colors as it was rumored that some were being sold on ebay. I have 2 of 2 different colors from my cruises in the Havana area. Crowded or not, it is cheating to give wristbands to non Havana guests.
  7. We had a Havana Cabana on the Vista and then tried a Havana interior on the Horizon. The interior was great! Maybe we slept a little longer than we wanted to since it was so dark, but I would do that in a heartbeat to save the extra cost of the cabana. We never used it except to get to the pool area.
  8. I agree with you! We've done 12 Carnival cruises and have 2 more upcoming. We enjoy the familiarity, we know where most things are and how things work. We've been happy with the product that we've always gotten for the price we paid. These things are worth something to us. We've had a great cruise every time. We look at other lines now and then but nothing has been worth trying the unknown rather than sticking with what we know has given us years of enjoyment.
  9. Yes! They are awesome! I only wish (and suggested) that they be available during the day instead of after 5:30. We would have shared one in the afternoons while enjoying their fantastic beverage menu.
  10. We ate dinner twice at the Pig & Anchor on the Horizon last month. It was awesome! We had Trash Can Nachos, Apricot Jalopeno glazed Salmon, Prime Rib, Mashed Potatoes, the cornbread is amazing too. We will definitely eat dinner there again on ships that offer it.
  11. We sailed on 3/9, 8 night southern. We were in a Havana interior and had a fantastic cruise!
  12. We heard no noise at all in that room. It was great!
  13. We were just on the Horizon and we know how to use the elevators. There was much frustration as many people did not. Nowhere did we see outside the elevators any instruction to tell them to press the button for each person.
  14. The cruise that I don't have to pack/unpack and move would be my pick! Plus one muster is nice too. No question for me, especially as I wasn't thrilled with the Conquest at all. Horizon is very nice and hopefully you can make that one work in the future.
  15. bjd2

    Bermuda Private Tour

    Thanks for this info! I researched Byways and we are booked for our first of two days in Bermuda in October.
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