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  1. Bonnie, yes I confirm that the site does now work. However I have booked a Minivan for our party of 3 each with one cabin bag and one large suitcase with Rome-Airport Net which is the company accessed from the official Civitavecchia Port website. The cost is 140 Euros. The AlloschiBros transfer via the Azamara site does indeed now say 170 Euros for a taxi, but it would not accommodate luggage for 3 people. Their Van transfer (admittedly bigger than the one we will get) is 289 Euros.
  2. We will be on Azamara Pursuit arriving at San Basilio Dock at the end of our cruise in early June. Does anyone have any taxi recommendations for the trip to the airport. I have looked online and the choices seem somewhat limited from this particular location.
  3. Has anyone booked a private transfer from San Basilio to the airport. Any recommendations ?
  4. I looked at this site for our Pursuit cruise from Civitaveccia to Venice. The price quoted for a taxi for up to 3 people was 238 Euros from the airport to the port on arrival. This is 100 euros more than their competitors. The page then asks for ship details from a drop down menu. This does not work and when I type in Azamara Pursuit the ship is not recognised. It does give a list of dates on the next drop down, none of which coincide with May 28th. Perhaps Azamara would like to re-visit their association with this company.
  5. Amazing are you saying that the bid has been accepted and you have the suite - or that they have received your bid and will let you know if you are successful at a later date ?
  6. Now received a further email telling me I can request an upgrade. On clicking through the only upgrade offered is from an outside to a balcony cabin. There is a slider on which you can bid between £150 per person up to £760 per person. There is also a grading of the offer strength. £150 per person is graded as weak (more or less equivalent to the old USD398 per cabin). £520 per person is graded in the middle and surprise surprise £760 per person is graded as strong. Not sure why anyone would bid this amount. Surely they would have booked a balcony in the first place.
  7. Hi Lottie,, Yes apparently I am not eligible to bid for an unknown cabin, in an area I may not like, for an unspecified amount.
  8. What a retrograde step. This appears to be a very down market way of doing business for a supposedly Upmarket operation. The only upside is that at last I have received an email from Azamara. It tells me to apply for the upgrade as my cruise departs before June 30th (May 28th) however typically when I put my details in, like others on this board, I am not eligible. I would think that the lovely Richard Twynam in the UK is tearing his hair out.
  9. Hi Phil, Well I am not holding my breath. Do you have new information or have you just filled in the same forms again ? Pam
  10. Thanks very much. That looks like a plan! Looking forward to our visit in June.
  11. We will be in Sibenik in early June. Looks like a great port. Any advice? We are normally 'get off the ship and wander' as really don't like ships tours. Is this a good idea in this port or any recommendations for private tours (certainly not the Krka falls). thank you.
  12. We are on the Pursuit ending in Venice on June 7th and everyone seems to think it is San Basilio. Have you joined the roll call for your cruise yet ?
  13. Thanks, I made the mistake of looking at the details of the cruise which says 'docked' as opposed to "tendered" as in Amalfi, Sorrento, Giardina Naxos and Kotor. I did try to look after logging onto my cruise but could only find the above details on the Itinerary section of the booking page. It will be great to be tendered in ! Have seen cruise ships in the bay before when we were docked up the coast. One time it was so difficult to get a taxi back to our ship due to the long lines, that I had to try a little bribery by going into the cafe where the taxi drivers were taking their break. We did make it in time, but the driver had to cut through a couple of car parks and took a very unconventional route altogether. Exciting but not for the faint hearted.
  14. On our May 28th Pursuit cruise, we are shown as Docked in Dubrovnik. However I assume there will be a shuttle ? Would like to take one of the boat trips from the old harbour.
  15. I hear from a certain lovely lady in Wales, that there are some new solo deals going ! May 28th on Pursuit looks good.
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