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  1. It will be interesting to see how the three Viking England cruises turn out due to sail late May early June. However on past experience with Viking I would be extremely surprised if they turn out to be "booze cruises".
  2. Good Plan. Really dont see why you cannot get off the ship and do your own thing since two people walking together is surely preferable to a large group.
  3. Both Split and Dubrovnik are of course regular cruise destinations but a very long way from Venice. Trieste is closer. I would bet that some compromise is reached. As you know the industrial port of Venice ,Marghera, may be a possibility.
  4. Can't see any UK originating cruise in August showing on the UK website
  5. Love the California State Map but very sad that I cannot see the Pirate or even Pyrate enclave.
  6. i have been fortunate enough to sail past St Marks on several occasions including on Viking. Last time on Azamara in 2019 we were due to dock at St Basilio, which is much nicer than the cruise terminal. Sadly we did not as an incident a few days before with an MSC ship hitting another boat meant we went to the regular terminal. However we have had two sailings on Royal Clipper and Star Clipper, both in the Western Med, but I think the ultimate would be to sail out of Venice past all those wonderful sights on one of those beautiful ships. Also a much better experience for those on land,
  7. There are many of us that have loved and visited Venice over many years and I would always recommend that one should stay in Venice for several days. My point was that the option of Marghera has been talked about by the powers that be in Venice for many years. Cruise ships have been a bone of contention for years with many options discussed but not actually chosen. However for those who are planning a longer visit to Venice both of the other options would provide an interesting visit.
  8. We visited Coullioure when Azamara had Port Vendres on its itinerary. Lovely lovely place and we hoped to go back but or course the cruise was cancelled. Definitely on our list.
  9. Difference is that both Ravenna and Trieste are interesting destinations in themselves. A couple of years ago our Taxi Driver from Venice to the Airport was saying that Marghera had been mooted as an alternative but he thought it would cost an enormous amount of money to make it suitable and the visitors would probably hate it as it very very industrial.
  10. It is dreadful that so many crew and many others in the workplace have been put out of work. It is also dreadful that nearly 3 million people have died. There is no way back for them.
  11. The email announcing these cruises was only sent to previous Viking cruisers. We have been on 3 previous Viking ocean cruises and have another booked, my friend has been on 4 and has 3 more booked. Several others have been on Viking river cruises. On each of our cruises we have met many other people from the UK. The round England cruises are not being advertised currently on the Viking UK website. By the way the British Menu seems a rather lazy stab at popular dishes. I assume a US menu would include Burgers, Grits and Black Eyed Peas.
  12. We have all had a difficult year. We lost one of our cruising friends to Covid and have heard of several others. However it is true that we are the lucky ones who have the finances and time to discuss our various thoughts on a return to cruising. Many others over the world do not have that luxury. We have had the lowest daily death toll in the UK today and thankfully more than half of our adult population have had at least one vaccination.
  13. I am from the UK and had never heard about Rand Paul. I have now educated myself a little. Thank you rbslos 18 for restoring my faith in the good sense and good will of many in the US.
  14. The host on the Azamara board is reporting that Viking picked up 80 crew members from Bodrum on its recent stop there.
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