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  1. A lighthearted thread is very welcome. Some posters appear to want to dismiss any form of joy or happiness. Times are hard, and I for one, need a reason to smile from time to time.
  2. Ann, if you do get an answer eventually about the June 4 cruise I would be very interested in the port taxes etc. Azamara still owe us £517 - for that cruise and June 11th. However I have booked a B2B next April and my TA has not asked me for the £500 deposit but is currently offsetting that against the missing £517.
  3. What I do not understand is why Azamara cannot tell me what refunds have been made to my TA and on what date ? Why is this a secret? The phone message I have heard on their telephone line says if you are enquiring about refunds, please send us an email. I have done this several times but the only response has been a referral back to "your travel agent to go over the payments". My TA has tried to get the complete refund information, but cannot get details. I am still waiting for £517. I would add that I waited for more than 30 minutes on the Azamara line to enquire about a new booking so goodness knows how long the wait is if the enquiry was about refunds.
  4. Gave up after waiting 30 minutes. Tried again an hour later and spoke with Kacey from Kansas whom I had previously spoken to last week. Obviously there are very few staff working. She tried to be helpful but could not answer all my questions. Fairly complicated as I have 4 free nights. Nevertheless I have asked my T A to take over my reservation. Really wanted something to look forward to.
  5. Still holding on 15 minutes later. Was answered by someone who only could answer questions about Royal Caribbean. Waiting for transfer to someone who knows about Azamara.
  6. Thanks Phil, It may be worth booking (reduced deposit for B2B) even though I know I might lose the money. Friends are off to their caravan near Port Vendres next week. It will be interesting to see how things are in that area of the Med. Just blame a mutual friend for making me even look at possible 2021 itineraries. !
  7. Cruise Critic is like a drug. Its always the first thing I took at in the morning and of course there are far fewer posts nowadays. Always rather disappointed if there is nothing much new. I rather like a controversy (argument). I am also bemused by the refund process but we are unlikely to get a definitive answer on here. I am actually thinking of booking an April cruise - but many on here, whose opinion I respect, are saying no, not until a vaccine etc. A vaccine may never happen. I would really like to have a cruise to look forward to. I may book the cruise in the knowledge that I may never actually go. I am old and running out of years to do things !
  8. I wonder why we are all still reading cruise critic if cruising is out of the question ?
  9. Interesting reading these posts. I have now had a quote from Azamara direct for a B2B next year. I had tasked my TA with getting a price for this as well since it involves 4 free nights. However I have not heard from her for 3 days. I know from their regular newsletter that the reduced staff are spending a lot of time trying to get refunds from everyone. This is a quote" Most Celebrity and Azamara bookings are being handled by staff working from home in the USA. They work 8 hour shifts across twenty four hours and there can't be many of them because we now know most of the staff by name! We have also learnt about their home life in Michigan, Kansas City, Missouri and other towns plus their dogs names! We are still owed a portion of our refund for our cancelled June cruises. Azamara just refer me back to the TA about this refund. It is a small family run cruise TA and we have had excellent service and discounts of 5% in the past. My inclination is to book direct with Azamara this time. However I feel guilty since I believe in supporting our local business especially during this awful time for them.
  10. I am still owed £517 refund for my B2B cruises in June. Azamara email just refer me back to my TA. My question is, could this amount actually represent port taxes etc. In the UK I have never seen them shown separately so I have no idea what the remaining refund amount actually represents. Could £517 for 16 days in the Western Med be a possible amount for taxes ?
  11. Mrs Miggins


    We cancelled a River Cruise due to DH health, It was fully paid. Two weeks later the cruise was cancelled due to Covid. I claimed from our health insurance and was reimbursed fully. Did you have insurance ? By the way still waiting for a complete refund from Azamara for our cancelled June cruise.
  12. May be slightly mad bearing in mind problems getting refunds for our cancelled cruises. However a dear friend is interested in cruising next April. Thought I would phone Azamara on the number given on the UK website to get a quote for a B2B. Yesterday afternoon was told by the prerecorded voice the office was closed for a National Holiday and today they are just closed. "Please phone back during normal office hours" Friday afternoon and Saturday morning would be normal office hours in the UK.
  13. Lovely to see some lighthearted banter on this board again x
  14. One of the benefits of going through the tunnel in Greenwich is to see the wonderful view of The Old Naval College and the Queens House and Observatory. Famous Canaletto painting attached. It doesnt always rain ! We have had the driest and sunniest spring weather - useful for sitting in the garden and going nowhere due to lockdown.
  15. It was meant in jest of course. Its just that we all want the places we love to be 'just right'. Sadly mass tourism has spoiled many of those lovely places that I visited 40, 30 and even 20 years ago. However I would say that somewhere like Venice is packed around St Mark's but if you just walk for 15 minutes you will find some lovely and still relatively empty churches and squares and shops so its not entirely a lost cause. There are less visited treasures everywhere but research needs to be done - and some only want to see the 'highlights"' My son had his honeymoon in Santorini following our recommendation when we were the only ship in town - blissful to stay for several days I am sure. Of course we are now in uncharted territory and goodness knows what will happen. However I look forward to finding some new hidden treasures in the future.
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