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  1. Oh yeah, definitely no alcoholic drinks on the cruise ship but we very carefully introduced her to fruity adult beverages on the island. It was fun, they are good kids and although the adults males raised a few eyebrows, it was all in fun. It was really cool that she could go dance in the nightclub with us and my mom -grandma helped her play the slots. She still can’t do that at home either. She will be 21 next year.
  2. My niece turned 18 right before our cruise and we took her to the casino. She also went with us to the nightclub. It was fun for her. She definitely knows the difference between the cruise and home, none of those things can happen at home. She was also quite pleased to get her first fruity adult beverage in Mexico.
  3. Sorry, I meant the door hanger is what we used for breakfast items and that was free. Now, we did get free cake and cookies when we ordered room service, in addition to the shrimp and chicken that we paid for. And juice, like apple juice, was free too.
  4. Awesome and well worth the 38.00. We are always stuffed beyond belief and really enjoy the atmosphere and food at the steakhouse. And I used to wonder why people went to the restaurants outside of the MdR. I am now a believer.
  5. Looking forward to reading the rest. Your son is adorable. We took my son on his first cruise at 3 years old and he is now platinum, which speaks to how much he enjoys it and how great of a value it is compared to other vacations.
  6. I would get carnival gift cards and have them loaded to your sign and sail Account. That way, if you buy too much, you do not lose it. Cruise cash, IMO, is for someone to gift you with, and is useful for amounts that you are guaranteed to spend. Example, you know your tips will be 100, unless you prepay them. So a 100 cruise cash would not go unused. Anything over what you know for sure you would spend, would be tricky. I love the thought of either gift cards or cruise cash, so the expenses can be taken care or beforehand, and eliminate any surprise balances at the end. There is nothing like coming home with a small balance, which I have never personally experienced, well maybe once or twice.
  7. Room service has a charge at certain times, and is free other times. We got free bagels, cereal, yogurt, before porting a couple of times last cruise. We also ordered chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, shrimp basket, etc for about 13.00 total. The items that are not free are really reasonable but I like the fact that if you don’t want to pay, you could just walk up to the deli or get pizza. We planned our eating around the closing times of the eating venues so we knew when we wanted to pay extra for food. We have a couple of lazy days where we just order from room service, to avoid walking to the food. Super lazy sometimes on our part, but it’s vacay, so it’s what we do.
  8. This process and the quick pass through of having your passport picture show up on the iPad are ingenious and have made check in a total breeze. We have literally gone from the car to the cabin in 45 minutes thanks to these changes. Once, we went from the terminal to our cabin in about 20 mins. This has been in Galveston and during busy peak times and other times that were off peak. Most recently, spring break, my son and I spent about 30 minutes after being dropped off and we were in our cabin.
  9. So happy to see another review from you! I swear I am laughing so hard and I think I snorted a couple of times too. Omg, you are an October baby, so this oct I will be 49.95. In 2020 I will be 50 so I think I must plan a cruise (I have already been invited and booked on 2 in 2020) . I am in the planning phase of my 50th raunch-o-Rama . Can’t wait to finish your review, but don’t want to finish it but i do.....ok carry on 🤪🤪🤪
  10. Yes, birth certificate is all he needs. We sailed that cruise years ago, from San Juan on the Victory. We took my son, he was a little younger, but it was very nice. Have an awesome time.
  11. I would choose horizon because it’s newer. I have not sailed on that class of ship before. I also like the ports that the horizon is going to, specifically Grand Cayman and never been to Ocho Rios, I would probably make grand Cayman or Cozumel a day to enjoy the ship.
  12. This is a great idea. Maybe if the date night fell on a non-elegant night, port day, it would be more likely to have extra tables. My sister and I did this one of our cruises but we went to the steakhouse. We also had YTD and were forced to eat together because our teens did other things on some nights. ‘I think they will easily be able to accommodate this. Let us know how it goes.
  13. No, I think it’s a trap to separate us from our skinny jeans. Lol. I get so Upset when I “forget” about a certain food item or place on the cruise. My last cruise, I decided to get Mongolian wok, and I kicked myself for not going earlier in the cruise. It’s a hard life I tell ya.
  14. Agree, living in houston all my life, the last few years have been horrible traffic with construction on every major highway. Even when we sail from Galveston, we build in a huge buffer. We have stayed the night a time or two and have had to take alternates but again, we are very familiar with houston/Galveston area. Still debating on our November cruise, will prob just go up the day before. Driving through Louisiana has become like driving in houston, especially I-10.
  15. My daughter lives in Baton Rouge and we drove to Florida twice from houston last year. Last time we were that way was in July for her wedding. We are traveling in November, but will possibly stay in Baton Rouge instead of driving up from houston.
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