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  1. Thanks for the responses & great information. We also found another acquaintence that just returned from their Alaskan cruise on the NCL with 2/5yr olds. They also enjoyed the ship/trip very much. So, we have booked our cruise as well on the NCL, Star. Very excited about it. Now, onto reading the Forums reg preparation/packing etc :-)
  2. Hi, Thanks to all you posters, I got lot of good tips on traveling with toddlers. But, I'm still very confused. We're planning our first cruise with 2yr 11mo old. We're attracted to the Alaskan cruise. - Is cruise to Alaska advisable with a toddler? How many other families with toddlers or young children to expect onboard? - Which cruiseline would be best? I think I read that Carnival has a 2-5yr group for kids activities. Is that true? Which others do? - We're considering a Seattle round-trip cruise (economical flights for us). But, Carnival doesnt have a roundtrip. Royal Carribean & Holland America seem to (although limited availability). Do these have dedicated toddler group activities? - What offshore excursions are recommended with a toddler? In general, is there any site that has good summary of Alaskan excursions & prices (want to see how much to budget for excursions)? - Does it matter which of the Alaskan cruise routes we took (i.e is one SIGNIFICANTLY better than other etc)? - We're planning to go last wk of july. How cold/rainy is it at that time? Or is it totally unpredictable. - Which cruiselines charge the least for the <3yr old? I read some comments that some may not charge for <3yr olds and that others give good discount. Thanks a lot in advance!