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  1. I was under the impression that accepted move-up offers do not result in the increased credits. Did I dream that?
  2. Yes, really. And I only discovered it on my SIXTH Crystal Cruise! I guess I never walked by that way before.
  3. I think besides the chocolate fountain in the Bistro at night, there are other divine chocolate options. One merely need stop by on the way to one’s cabin before retiring for the evening to snag a chocolate tidbit “to go”. The story I heard about the pillow chocolates and their elimination was this one: a cruiser who had been onboard for quite some time evidently stashed them all away in a drawer and then forgot to pack them before disembarking. The cabin stewardess did find them, though, and I believe mgmt. chose to eliminate them after that was reported.
  4. They could use a lane of the sidewalk for the SERIOUS walkers!
  5. I do agree that trivia can be a ton of fun ... with a large dose of frustration thrown in! One couple we cruise with are super duper music trivia experts. That’s when it’s most fun of all!
  6. Thx, Rob! I actually like that age, and will miss it when I have a birthday. The one that bothered me the most was when I turned 26. 😁
  7. How long does five miles usually take you, Roy? Heck, how long does it take you on NYC avenues?
  8. I’m 72, and have enjoyed playing bridge since learning at age 22. Ordinarily, however, we don’t opt to play bridge on a cruise ship, as we can do that at home. Other cruisers are delighted to spend two hours enjoying one of the best mental exercise games ever invented. We DO really enjoy the lecturers/enrichment on Crystal, including the very special ones we do NOT have at home. Here are just a few examples: *astronaut (fascinating talks plus a lovely star-gazing session) *Medal of Honor winner (gave two great talks — do you know how the prisoners survived solitary confinement at the Hanoi Hilton?) *Luke Zamperini (interviewed by Scott Peterson back when Scott was a CD) *experts on Broadway shows and entertainers, plus a Broadway producer *expert on nuclear war and terrorism But that’s us (Mr. B and me). A whole ship full of the same type of people as we are would be boring and would result in some venues/offerings never being used at all! E.g., there wouldn’t be anybody to do needlepoint or take the art classes. Choice is good! Thank you to the OP for this great report and awesome photos.
  9. Hi, you oh so helpful Cruise Critic members. Cabins 2094 and 2594 seem to face a wall, NOT the entrance to the elevator/stairs lobby. Am I correct? I know there's a wonderful compilation of cabin info, but I tried using it and got a bit lost. I even found a source for photos, but didn't know how to find what I'm looking for there, either. --May B
  10. Bon voyage, all! Happy to report I have enjoyed meeting several of you. Embarrassed to report that I learned YMMV from one of you! I've not managed to check into these threads lately and I clearly missed Roy’s great comments. Thank you, Roy!
  11. I expect the Embarkation Day Reflections will list the muster drill time.
  12. Actually, I was looking at all the Boards.
  13. I’m using Safari, too. I guess I didn’t figure out the Need help u.. was where I needed to look. That’s about a half inch down from the top. From Essiemom’s first response, I realize that I was not seeing Account Settings, which was what I needed. I guess the answer is I was way too impatient and didn’t scout around anywhere near enough! I’ll try to do better next time. The one one thing I was 100% sure of is that some CCers are always willing to help, and I really appreciate that.
  14. Thx! I’m on iPad and I don’t see pinned topics.
  15. I tried searching about this, but couldn’t find anything. I'm guessing somebody knows the answer!
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