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  1. Roy, what a shame. When we get back to cruising, we will miss this thread! stay well. HappyThanksgiving!
  2. This deserves the ❤️ button, but I’ll have to settle for the 👍 button. 😉🤓🥳🥂🙃
  3. I’m actually very happy at home. I think your personality plays a big part. I go out to the post office, about every ten days, where everybody does know how to wear a mask. I meet two friends for lunch once a week, outside at a place with four picnic tables. We each sit at our own. I have no trouble entertaining myself; and on most days, I could use a few extra hours. I am not caught up on my phone calls nor my book-reading. YMMV.
  4. Bummer! But in the summer, you could drive to Seattle, if Vancouver doesn’t open.
  5. We’d drive to Miami for Crystal. Would that help? I think SusieQft is right. We’d settle for a Celebrity, out of Tampa; but we’d spend the whole cruise reminding each other how Crystal would be doing it. Still, we’d know what to expect, and we like reminding each other of things, so I think it would satisfy the urge.
  6. Mr. B and I are hoping for a cruise to nowhere, out in the Gulf of Mexico! March or April is probably the earliest it can be arranged, but we’d do it in January or February, if it were offered.
  7. Nice, Claudia! Enjoyed the article, great reminder of my own great visit to the Falklands.
  8. I will add my two cents, both about Regent. If you choose to arrange your own air, you’ll get a modest reduction in cruise fare (perhaps $800 per person, but don’t quote me, plus it’s probably not always the same). Also, if you really want to have a 2023 to be anticipating and planning, I don’t think RSS will have those itineraries out for perhaps six months from now, or more.
  9. Chester was one of the absolute best posters to Cruise Critic. I believe I read every word he ever wrote. As you can see from what jam19872016 found for us, Chester was a very accomplished writer. I distinctly remember his love of family and life in general. When he died, I thought it was a true case of “only the good die young.” I sincerely hope his family luxuriates in all their memories of him. Thank you, haras, for bringing this thread back. And thank you, homosassa, for finding the book details.
  10. Roy, it doesn’t go all the way around, so you can get there by going east and return home going west, to avoid a true circumnavigation!
  11. Hi deec! My husband just now told me that his most recent email from Spain Day Tours regarding our refund for Nov. informed him our refund cannot go back to our credit card b/c it was charged over six months ago. They cited a law in Spain. Now we’ll try their suggestion to use PayPal. While I do often pay things with PayPal, I’ve never received funds, but I suppose it’s worth a try. We liked that offer for the 25%/100%, but there’s no guarantee we’ll ever be back to Spain, sadly enough. If we do return, we definitely plan to use them.
  12. May B


    You’ve just reminded me that the way I found Cruise Critic, in 2008 was by googling something! Thank you for all this help, Peregrina.
  13. May B


    Deec, I was more successful this time! Thank you, and I don’t know why I didn’t find them before. Perhaps I looked in the wrong place.
  14. May B


    Thx deec. I believe I checked there, too, before starting this thread, but I’ll try again.
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