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  1. Linda, I am so thoroughly enjoying your trip report! I hope you’ve come to an agreement on the hand that was so problematic. What if it comes up again some time soon? 🙃😉
  2. Thank you, Preston, and I definitely hope the home office figures out how to do it. That US law about a foreign port, and a distant foreign port, could that be why they proposed to charge you for the entire seven day cruise, even though you wished to stay on for only two?
  3. Gary, you are odds on to enjoy your cruise experience on Serenity sooooo much, b/c of your extensive research. I am in total awe! And I’m guessing your wife will appreciate your research, every step of the way, too. I’m so glad I never found those negative comments about Crystal cruisers, before my first Crystal cruise six years ago. Or perhaps I did, but those three comments are off my radar range for what I care about when I cruise. My favorite ways to spend my time are #1-by myself #2-with Mr B Sometimes I don’t even look at the other cruisers! And yet we often talk to other cruisers and we enjoy it very much. It just isn’t necessary for my cruise experience to be superb. I personally love the dimension you’ve added to the Crystal boards! And I expect future Crystal cruisers will benefit.
  4. The cruise I definitely saw had two guests who tested positive. It was a cruise where everybody was self-testing … every day!
  5. Bon voyage, and here’s hoping there will be no more drama!
  6. I think I missed something! Heck, I didn’t even know there was an “ignore user” list. And just to change the subject, that whole tomahawk steak thing is a puzzlement to the cook at my house. Is it just the aesthetics of it, or is it actually better-tasting?
  7. They could’ve also caught it in one of the airports on the day they flew to Nassau. Or, I suppose, even in the Uber to the airport. The drivers are all masked but we don’t know about any previous, non-compliant passengers.
  8. You and I have distinctly different candy palates.
  9. It is my distinct pleasure to be able to quote this post. Both b/c I’m relieved that the policy hasn’t changed, and b/c I absolutely adore these chocolates.
  10. We have the same way of doing things. So happy to be celebrating every year with our son (who turned 50 this year!). I haven’t seen any data about sense of taste and smell. Are they often restored after four weeks? I don’t think there’s a medicine for that!
  11. If I wanted to go on a tour, I’d double mask. I’ve done it before. What they’ve done with the deck five isolation corridor sounds incredible to me! And the medical supplies. I am impressed.
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