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  1. Bridge groups generally offer all categories.
  2. If you remember the Eastern Airlines at the Magic Kingdom, you might recall the trained flamingoes. We went to see them at Arastra Gardens. Hokey, I agree, but not something you see every day! We also went to the Queen’s Staircase, and to the distillery that’s there. The Gardens and the Staircase are just nice places to be outside. I remember nothing if the distillery!
  3. I wish I were going! You have places planned that I’ve been to already and I’d enjoy comparing notes on past cruises, as well.
  4. Bon voyage! And I looked at the menu at etcetera. Looks yummy!
  5. You know who’s on yours, right? https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/new-york-roundtrip-ocs211022-07?content=%2Ftour%2Fentertainment%2Focs211022-07%3Fvoyageid%3Docs211022-07%26backto%3DVoyage&scrollto=onboard#onboard
  6. I agree that Day Two’s Waterside is often the most ramped-up menu. And if you book your specialties early in the cruise, then see a Waterside item you’d like that conflicts with your specialty, make a special order for the item(s) at Waterside, later in the cruise.
  7. I think you’ll be docked right at the Hilton? If so, just walk through the casino and exit the big doors. The shuttle was there to go to the beach, and the place to rent a golf cart was perhaps another 100 yards away. This is from two years ago, before the ship was able to dock, so we had tendered into the Hilton’s dock. I expect the golf carts to be nearby, even if the dock is in a different place. If nobody else chimes in to reconfirm my expectations, you could start a very specific thread.
  8. Hi Bobs! So I didn’t even get the year right? Yikes. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Bayeux Tapestry, in 2011, on a private tour to Normandy from … um … now I can’t remember the port! Great tour. Beach, bunkers, cemetery, church with the parachuted troops landing on the roof, delicious lunch, plus the tapestry. Long and wonderful. Cherbourg!
  9. And here I was, thinking 1067 was the Battle of Hastings! You should certainly not count your Yankees out yet; but better than Yanks/Bosox/Blue Jays/Rays, with poor Baltimore left in the dust, why can’t somebody redesign the divisions?
  10. Oh, duh, of course it is! Gosh, I’d love to take Symphony eastbound, find a Crystal river for tulips, then take Serenity westbound.
  11. Deck 7 aft, while part of the Promenade Deck, also is a great space for all to enjoy.
  12. We visited Bimini on our last Crystal cruise, Nov. of ‘19, and the only option was the tender. We did the same as you, golf cart and the entire length of the island. Enjoyed it very much. So sad about a cruiser who can’t follow directions nor appreciate the wonderful Crystal crew.
  13. It shows up in Reflections. I’ve never gone but I don’t think there’s always enough of a turnout for a game. You can also sign up at the library, which might help assure having four players. I recall that there’s a set of current cards, which I think they secure in quite a timely fashion every year.
  14. And we recognize your gorgeous scarf! Bummer about the food not living up to our hype. We’ll await further developments. Meantime, have a great time!
  15. Monte Carlo to Miami probably not April.
  16. I believe Milestone OBC can also be used as Milestone credit to your cruise fare. Of course this is arranged before final payment, and I have no idea if it works for the second half of a B2B. But I think it’s a nice option, in general. I also don’t know what happens to it if either the guest or Crystal cancels the cruise.
  17. I believe it’s refundable only to the original form of payment.
  18. Yikes. Excellent point. Ugh. To see who will be onboard various cruises, go to the info page for the cruise and click on Onboard, near the top (after it gives first the Overview and then the Suites and Fares info). Then if there’s specific info posted, it’ll be listed from the View Entertainment Programs button. Sometimes the bridge people get listed closer to the sail date than things like the Captain, the Hotel Director, the CD, the two pianists, the actual entertainment, the magician, the golf pro, and the enrichment speakers.
  19. It was actually his brother, Mike’s, convention. May he rest in peace.
  20. Xlnt!!! Cruise Critic and Captain’s Club (a Celebrity “thing”) don’t have a corner on the market, do they? Close Captioned, too. Thanks for a Clever Complement of Comments.
  21. Mariner did graciously offer an email. Along with being able to PM on CC, I’d also like a Sad button. I guess this will have to suffice: 🥴
  22. There’s herring every day at Marketplace, maybe even more than one kind; alas, it’s at lunch.
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