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  1. Emerald Princess. According to the web page, it says it has it's own entrance but I've never seen that either?
  2. Hi Everyone, our entire group (all 5 cabins) were upgraded to Club Class Mini Suites yesterday. We have cruised many times but I have never noticed a Club Class Dining room any where? Where is it? Also, any information you have regarding Club Class is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you, I couldn't remember. We're sailing on the Emerald and it dry docked in 2015. I wonder if it has the lamps with the usb plug in? I'll buy a converter just in case. I like having my phone by the bed because I often wake up at night and read, play games etc.
  4. Hi All, I can't remember if there's a power outlet by the bed in a balcony cabin. I like to have my cell phone by the bed so I can see the time and I use it as a flash light. I know someone will know where the outlets are. Thanks!
  5. Yes, it's the sandals I posted above. They are A M A Z I N G! I honestly cleaned house in them today. I thought needed to wear them a while to break them in but they didn't need breaking in. They are just comfortable!!
  6. Ladies, my Amazon package arrived yesterday and let me tell you. These are the BEST sandals I have ever worn! Not only are the cute but they are VERY comfortable!! I highly recommend this shoe to wear with dresses or even jeans. They made me feel like I was wearing tennis shoes!
  7. Thanks everyone!! I bought the shoes, Amazon should have them here by tomorrow. I'll give you all a review when I get them.
  8. I refuse to wear shoes that hurt my feet! It's just NOT worth the pain and suffering and I doubt anyone is looking at whether or not my heels are cute or not!!
  9. Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H8XT116/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I ordered these on Amazon. They were only $37.50 and I have another pair almost like these and they are very, very comfortable!! You would think you're wearing some tennis shoes they are so comfortable!!
  11. Thank you everyone! I am all about comfort but I promised my husband I'd wear a heal. In trade he has to wear a bow tie!
  12. I would do that BUT I promised my husband I would get something with a heel. He is 6'4" and I am 5'2" and he loves it when I wear heels.
  13. Hi Ladies, I'm in my 50's and just want a comfortable shoe to wear on formal night. Not something that has a high heel and hard to walk in. Something cute but comfortable with a heel". I've been looking on line at shoes but can't find anything I like. I was wondering what you all thought of wearing a wedge heel with my cocktail dress? The shoe I'm interested in buy is a basic strappy black sandal. Advice please...
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