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  1. I think with three promising vaccines on the near horizon, some cruise lines have changed their strategy. Instead of spending a fortune and ton of resources trying to meet current CDC requirements, which will be short lived, take a step back and wait for the vaccines. Perhaps when they do start they will require every passenger to have a vaccine certification and will be able to forgo some of the harsh restrictions. This of course means a full year without a revenue cruise. Who would have thought that last March?
  2. Carnival Corp has already stated that its Carnival Cruise Lines brand will be the first to start up. This is why you are seeing the other brands cancel through March. Carnival Cruise Lines will test the waters first, and then the other brands will ramp-up. Of the NCLH portfolio of brands, I see NCL being the first to start-up, with short cruises to GSC and possibly other private destinations. Hopefully before April. It might take Oceania and Regent a bit longer if they follow the Carnival Corp. model.
  3. And BPCL adamantly denied the ship was sold for scrap. They don't have a lot of integrity. I don't see them lasting.
  4. I answered my own question after a little research. I did a google map search of Bimini. There is actually a long extension of the pier you can't see in the pic, that runs along the port side of the ship. Mystery solved.
  5. VV posted this lovely pic of SCARLET LADY at Bimini a couple days ago (obviously taken earlier in the year). What struck me is that SCARLET LADY has backed her stern pier side like a ferry would. In fact I believe this is how BIMINI SUPERFAST disembarked passengers when she was on the Miami-Bimini run. That ship was a ferry, and of course SCARLET LADY is not ... but is it possible SL has a stern door?
  6. General statement regarding the crews that had been stuck on various ships for an extended period of time. APEX is a one-off situation having recently been completed and handed over from the shipyard.
  7. Possibly. Or possibly most are already onboard. Seems unknown at this point.
  8. I honestly have no idea, but I do know a big challenge for cruise lines will be the logistics of getting crew to ships when the start up begins. There simply isn’t the airlift added with the complexities of all the various country restrictions. If Celebrity felt fairly confident that cruising from North America may resume in November, then fully staffing the ship from Europe might have been the way to go. I guess we will find out soon enough.
  9. Sounds like Tom is jumping off a sinking ship. Crystal doesn’t seem too stable these days, even when compared to other industry players who are obviously all suffering right now.
  10. She is on her way across the pond for sure. I wonder if she has a full crew compliment? If so I’m guessing she will be one of the very first ships to start cruising *if* the CDC no-sail order is not extended beyond October.
  11. November is out. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23571-virgin-cancels-november-sailings.html
  12. Perhaps for you. I cruise and travel a lot. To various countries, on various ships, at all times of the year. The Cunard Cough is quite unique to Cunard, for me at least. I’m speaking solely from my own experience. Yours may differ. Respect that.
  13. I've gotten the "Cunard Cough" more than once, after winter transatlantic crossings where the majority of time is spent indoors. As much as I love the crossings, I always worry a little afterward and I get home if the dreaded Cunard Cough will rear its ugly head. It doesn't always, and I take every precaution, but none the less it happens and it's very real. Sometimes it's mild and other times its been a severe cold/cough that lasts a while (flu-like).
  14. So damn shady. Not that MSC had much credibility and integrity before, but now this. String you along while hanging on to your $$. If there is one more "extension" before you can even request a refund I will be filing a dispute. That sad part is that I like sailing on MSC and I want them to succeed, but they make it so damn difficult to support them.
  15. You literally missed my entire point of why I found the original comment offensive. I'm actually on the same page as what you just wrote, but instead to decided to preach some sermon to me. No not enough KenzSailing. You are way out of line.
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