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  1. eroller

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    Currently with the Excellence Class we have P&O'S IONA, Costa's COSTA SMERALDA, Aida's AIDAnova, and yet unnamed vessel for Carnival Cruise Lines. There is an order for Princess as well, but it's unknown if it will be an Excellence Class ship, or perhaps a hybrid of one. It's being touted as only partial LNG and sounds a little different than the current Excellence Class, so I guess time will tell on that one. I've studied the deck plans of the three versions of the Excellence Class (P&O, Costa, Aida), the the P&O version to me at least, looks to be the superior layout with the most public spaces and swimming pools. At some point I would like to sail on one, but they are very high density ships. More passengers than the Oasis Class on smaller ships. It will be interesting to see if they handle all the passengers as well as the Oasis Class.
  2. eroller

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    You could be on to something there. Personally I would be happy if they moved away from calling every ship “Queen” something or another. Most Cunard ships were not named a Queen. The naming doesn’t hold true though with the LNG ships. They have it shown as the XL-Class. It’s commonly known as the Excellence Class which I guess XL could stand for. The first ship is named AidaNova so to be consistent with the others it should be the Nova Class.
  3. eroller

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    More interesting than the so-called Halifax Class, which is nothing more than a Koningsdam on steroids, is what they are showing as the Vista Class. They show a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, but that is not what I have seen referred to as the Vista Class in the past. It’s a Dream Class ship, and Carnival Cruise Lines doesn’t operate any Vistas. It’s quite probable that internally Carnival Shipbuilding uses different class names then what is released to the public.
  4. eroller

    Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Will Have Tattoo Studio

    Yes I requested the refund the same way. I laughed as charging my card was immediate, but somehow processing a refund can take 3 weeks and is a "manual process" according to them.
  5. eroller

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    Halifax Class huh? First I've heard that one. Anyway whatever it's called, it's essentially a K-Dam with perhaps more cabins and a slightly altered layout. I don't really justify that as a new class of ship, but I know cruise lines love to tout "all new class of ship" even when it really isn't. Just a tweaked version of an existing design, which usually translates into they found ways to add more cabins and create a higher density ship. I agree K-Dam definitely looks inspired by CELEBRITY SOLSTICE. I know Tihany designed many spaces on the Solstice Class as well. I'm sure the dining room. They are very similar on the two classes.
  6. eroller

    Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Will Have Tattoo Studio

    I actually canceled my deposit. I think I'll sail on Virgin at some point, but so far nothing has appealed to me. Everything I've seen with the ship so far has left me meh. I'm much more impressed by CELEBRITY EDGE. I know I'll eventually sail on SCARLET LADY as the concept of an adult only ship that is not a floating nursing home really appeals to me. On the other side of the coin, do I really want to spend a week sailing with a bunch of Millennials? Probably not. That is not my cup of tea either. I'm somewhere in between I suppose. So I'll wait it out and see how things evolve, and not pay top dollar to be one of the first. I think I can live with that.
  7. eroller

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    Interestingly enough, Adam Tihany was also the lead design firm for HAL's KONINGSDAM, which is the same platform of the new Cunard ship. "Cunard K-Dam" as its been affectionately nicknamed. I wonder how much cross-over we will see with the interior design? K-Dam was quite a departure for HAL in regards to interior design. Much more modern and contemporary compared to prior vessels. Some have said it's more Celebrity than HAL in terms of decor. For me that is a plus as I love Celebrity interior designs. The new CELEBRITY EDGE looks stunning. I just don't want the new Cunard ship to be too similar. Cunard needs its own identity and is more traditional, but I'm glad they are getting away from the ocean liner "theme-like" interiors we saw with QE and QV. I think it's time to move on from that, and there are more modern and contemporary ways to capture tradition and history in design. The recent refit of QM2 a few years ago was carried out by design firm SMC. I haven't been able to determine the design firm or firms responsible for QV's refit, or the upcoming QE refit. It might give us a clue as to how the new Cunarder will look if Adam Tihany had any responsibility in those refurbishments.
  8. A big larger and more high density than newbuilds we have recently seen from Silversea, Seabourn, and Regent, but none the less new competition in this segment. I found the Yacht Club on SEASIDE to be an overall great experience, at a great value. It will be interesting to see how it translates to a full ship experience, especially in regards to pricing. Hopefully they add some focus on cuisine which I felt wasn’t to the standards of a luxury line.
  9. eroller

    Test Post

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