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  1. eroller

    New Holland America mobile apps

    I’m sailing Sunday and tried to register as well. I also received the “invalid credentials” error message. I then realized it never asked for the ship or sailing date, just the cabin number so no way you coujd register in advance with just that information . Once onboard and connected to the ship’s WiFi network, it will automatically recognize the ship and sailing date and permit you to register. Makes sense.
  2. eroller

    Navigator of the seas drydock

    I booked it 3rd party, but the description was very precise “adult only spring break party cruise”. That pretty much says it all! Lol.
  3. eroller

    Navigator of the seas drydock

    Technically I haven’t received it yet, but the booking appeared about a week ago under my account on the Royal Caribbean website. So I’ve been able to access everything like a regular cruise, enter my check-in info, print my boarding pass, book spa/restaurants/drink packages, etc.
  4. eroller

    Navigator of the seas drydock

    We shall see. I’ll be with a whole group of friends. Looking forward to it!
  5. eroller

    HAL Ship Parade

    It’s Norwegian Epic and yes it’s ugly. The big problem though is that the decks above the bridge are not tapered back. Instead they slope forward making them very pronounced. Unfortunately HAL has done the same thing, and K-Dam and NS have just as many decks above the bridge making them very forward heavy and ungainly looking. At least they are sloped and tiered back so not as pronounced as Epic thank goodness.
  6. eroller

    Nieuw Statendam

    I don't think I can say the website, but it includes "cruise" and "timetables".
  7. eroller

    Koningsdam - Get your flu shots!

    So true. I try not to ever touch my face with my hands, as hard as that may be sometimes. I'm a flight attendant so obviously I'm in contact with a ton of people, many of them sick with something plus I'm picking up their trash. Many many germs. I don't get sick very often because I'm sure my immune system is built up, but also because I'm very conscious of not touching my face. If a passenger wants to shake my hands after a flight I do it, but then I'm right in the bathroom washing my hands. We flight attendants are washing our hands constantly. They get so dried out. This is probably not good for my own health, but when I'm in a public confined space and find myself having to sneeze, I usually hold it in.
  8. eroller

    Nieuw Statendam

    I look forward to hearing them. Back in 2010 I was on NA and we shared with MAASDAM. It wasn't even noticeable. But with NS and K-Dam a different story I think.
  9. eroller

    Nieuw Statendam

    I'm sailing on NS on Sunday. On Monday we are at HMC. I think KONINGSDAM is there with us. That should be interesting with the tendering, and I'm sure the island will feel very crowded. All our ports will be loaded with other ships, but is to be expected this time of year. I love it for the ship spotting which is a hobby of mine.
  10. eroller

    Quick Thoughts on Our 02/10 NS Cruise

    Great suggestions thank you! We do have anytime dining so will check out tables 22 and 16 for sure. Question. Where is the anytime dining? Upper or lower level of the dining room?
  11. eroller

    HAL Ship Parade

    Great catch! I hadn’t noticed that either. I definitely prefer the dark hull a deck higher. I think it provides a more proportioned and sleeker look. Of course Z-dam is the sleekest looking anyway. Not so overbuilt.
  12. eroller

    Underwhelmed by HAL

    Thank you for your insight. Funny enough I'm a huge fan of Cunard which is embedded in tradition. I sail on them all the time but I've found it quite different than HAL. Much more interesting in every respect, and a much better onboard experience (for me at least). I know the HAL traditionalists probably don't like a lot of these changes at HAL (and I would feel the same way about Cunard), but they have attracted me back to the line for another test drive and I hope it's a successful one!
  13. eroller

    HAL Ship Parade

    I'm sailing on NS next Sunday, so to get in the mood did a little ship spotting today. It was an HAL ship parade as ZUIDERDAM, NIEUW AMSTERDAM, and NIEUW STATENDAM were all in port. I enjoyed watching them all sail out along with HARMONY OF THE SEAS and MAJESTY OF THE SEAS. I have to say with each evolution the design has gotten more boxy and top heavy above the Bridge. ZUIDERDAM is definitely the best looking of the 3, from the exterior anyway.
  14. eroller

    Quick Thoughts on Our 02/10 NS Cruise

    Enjoyed your review! I'm sailing on NS next Sunday. Looking forward to it! The one thing I think I will like is the decor. I prefer it over the old HAL which was never to my taste.