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  1. Pretty much what I would expect.
  2. Well now we have the first floating roller coaster on MARDI GRAS. I’ve read many comments from Carnival diehards over the years about how they refuse to sail Royal Caribbean because it’s a “floating amusement park”. Well a roller coaster is about as floating amusement park as you get. Will they put their noses up at this or decide it’s somehow different because it’s Carnival? Personally a roller coaster at sea is not enough to get me to book a particular ship, but I do applaud Carnival for trying something different and playing a little catch up with NCL and Royal Caribbean. Personally I think these “attractions” from all the cruise lines are getting a bit out of hand, but apparently they sell cruises so what do I know. I still look forward to sailing on MARDI GRAS, but not because of the roller coaster.
  3. I think we are on the same page. One thing is for certain though, the burgers will be far superior on the new Carnival ship. I just love those Guy's Burgers, but unfortunately they alone are not reason enough for me to sail Carnival. I'll sail on MARDI GRAS for sure. I love the name, and it will be a ship worth trying at least once. It will be refreshing just to have a Carnival ship not based off the 22 year old Carnival Destiny.
  4. eroller

    SCARLET LADY - New Renderings and a Concern

    Unfortunately still nothing about additional swimming pools. So far only that tiny spa pool has been revealed. I'm guessing next we will see what the cabins look like. I assume these will have to be revealed before bookings open in February. Also deck plans will have to be released, at least showing where the cabins are if nothing else.
  5. eroller

    How fast is the WiFi on Queen Mary 2?

    Cunard had the perfect opportunity to dramatically upgrade the internet on QM2 two years ago during her major refit, then QV a year or so later, and most recently QE during her two week refit. They have chosen not to spend the $$. I think it's a big mistake.
  6. eroller

    How fast is the WiFi on Queen Mary 2?

    Celebrity and Royal Caribbean have super fast internet, almost as good as a home connection. I could FaceTime my husband at home from my cabin on HARMONY OF THE SEAS. It was awesome, just like being at home. The other great thing is they have reasonably priced unlimited packages, so you stay connected all the time. Not this constant logging on and off like on Cunard where half the time it doesn't even work. Carnival Cruise Lines, MSC, and Princess Cruises have also invested in high speed internet. More and more cruise lines are following as unlimited fast internet at reasonable pricing is becoming an expected norm, not a one-off rarity. Cunard really needs to get with the program. They are coming out with a new ship and if they want to attract new cruisers and increase market share they will have to appeal to a broader demographic. I'm sure the rationale today is that the typical Cunard passenger is too old or not tech savvy enough to care about fast internet. There may be some truth to that but times are changing along with expectations.
  7. I agree completely. I’ve sailed OASIS, ALLURE, and HARMONY. They all felt less crowded than most ships half their size and are superbly designed. Certainly less crowded feeling than any Carnival ship I’ve sailed. Royal Caribbean in general seems to put more thought into their ship designs and a better balance between space and revenue. Carnival is more about revenue and adding as many cabins as possible, but then again they are the price leader for a reason. You can’t have it all I guess. I do have high hopes for MARDI GRAS though. I’ve pretty much outgrown Carnival but I’ll go back to experience this new ship.
  8. Hopefully they will drop the "Carnival" from these names. Based on the rendering it's not on the bow or the signage on top of the ship. If we follow tradition, CARNIVALE would be the next ship followed by FESTIVALE.
  9. Yup as much as I love the name, this is going to be a very high density ship. Smaller than Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class but more pax. You can get an idea of the layout by looking at deck plans for Costa Smeralda, AidaNova, or P&O's Iona. They are all sister ships built off the same platform. Each is customized for the brand as Mardi Gras will be for Carnival. I've looked over the deck plans for all three, and P&O's Iona seems to be the nicest. It has the most swimming pools and also a forward facing observation lounge. Unfortunately I already know Mardi Gras won't offer the observation lounge. It will be cabins like the Costa and Aida versions. I am interested to see how Carnival customizes this ship platform for its brand. I would love to see some retro lounge names from the original Mardi Gras and perhaps even a retro lounge recreated from the original ship. That would be kind of cool.
  10. That is an extremely unlikely proposition. Of course the ship will be loaded with new and innovative features. It's a clean slate for Carnival. Finally a ship not modeled after the Destiny Class. Mind you Costa, Aida, and P&O will have versions of this same design, but each customized to the brand as MARDI GRAS will be for Carnival. That fact it will be the first LNG powered cruise ship in North America already makes it an innovative ship. Carnival is coming up on its 50th anniversary, and I think they decided in honor of that they would pay tribute to the original ship that started an empire. In that past they did not want to reuse the original ship names because they were old ocean liners converted to cruising. Carnival didn't want their new state of the art ships associated with something old. Enough time has passed that most Carnival cruises have never sailed on the original MARDI GRAS and perhaps never even heard of it. The time was right to resurrect the name. The question remains if this is a one-off, or will #2 and #3 of the XL Class be named CARNIVALE and FESTIVALE. Time will tell.
  11. There is nothing I don't love about this announcement! MARDI GRAS is synonymous with Carnival Cruise Lines. She was a great ship name the first time, and will be again. I also love they are using the original font style for the name of the ship. I'm hoping there will be some throwbacks to the original ship, perhaps some original lounge names or even a retro lounge based off the original ship. She will have a nice new terminal to sail from in Port Canaveral, as outlined in this article. http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/canaveral-board-approves-bond-financing-for-new-carnival-terminal.html
  12. eroller

    How fast is the WiFi on Queen Mary 2?

    Just off QM2 a couple weeks ago. Yes internet is available and unfortunately it’s as lousy as ever.
  13. eroller

    Cruise critic boards issue?

    Thank you for that. Initially I only had the problem on Safari, but now it's happening with Chrome as well. For me it's a relatively new problem, within the last few days. Everything seemed to work fine prior to that.
  14. eroller

    Cruise critic boards issue?

    Really some people have too much time on their hands.
  15. The CC message board using the link https://boards.cruisecritic.com just continues to reload again and again when using the Safari browser. This happened several days ago, and appeared to have been fixed, and now it's doing it again.