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  1. You're probably right. None of it will happen. Seabourn will continue to be its own brand and cater to the luxury market. That isn't changing, as much as some HAL regulars would like it to. The two brands are night and day.
  2. The changes have already started, with almost half the workforce of Carnival Corp either laid off or furloughed. We also have the chiefs of two Carnival Corp brands exiting. Now is probably the perfect time to make some drastic changes, especially considering that no one predicts a rebound of cruising any time soon. I don't think taking a wait and see approach is the way to go in this situation. I agree they are in survival mode, and part of that survival for long term viability probably involves some substantial restructuring.
  3. To be honest I'm not even sure his performance came into play with this announcement. Carnival Corp may actually be very pleased with his performance, but when a restructuring is in play, even good people are let go. I think there is more to come for sure.
  4. I think you are spot on. It can be pretty bad for those staying on, in some cases worse than if you were laid off or furloughed and just collect unemployment.
  5. You know back then, the 70's, was such a different time. I'm not even sure Cunard knew what it was doing or had much direction in those days. Personally I never thought CUNARD PRINCESS or COUNTESS fit the brand, but back then there wasn't much of a brand to begin with. QE2 and that was about it. So those two ships actually did ok, but I think it was because of the times and also due to the fact there was very little new tonnage back then. I remember in the late 70's it was all doom and gloom for the cruise industry, and speculation that no new ships would ever be built again. Then low and behold TROPICALE was ordered and that changed everything.
  6. Interesting perspective. The problem is that creating a sub-brand within an existing brand generally creates confusion in the marketplace. It can also be very expensive from a marketing perspective. The two brands are so different and with a completely different customer base, that is makes sense to operate them as separate brands and market specifically to their demographics. Sharing synergies such as office space, a reservation platform, some crewing, and procurement already provides a great savings. They get the best of both worlds as it is, and Carnival gets a dedicated luxury brand which is needed in its portfolio. I’ll add you may see Celebrity’s expedition ships rebranded under newly acquired Silversea, where they are more appropriate from a marketing perspective.
  7. Me too. People think that just because the two brands share the same head office, it makes them suitable to be combined into one brand. One has nothing to do with the other and the two brands are night and day. Not compatible in any way.
  8. My friend at Princess in LA has over 20 years with the company. He wasn't laid off but placed on a 6 month furlough. This workforce reduction hit people even with lots of tenure with the company. So sad.
  9. I agree this could absolutely happen. I've been saying Princess might go because they might be tarnished beyond repair, but they are still more well known than HAL. The have the Love Boat history and all that. That might work in their favor for survival. Plus a large modern fleet that probably earns more than HAL. I so think it's quite probable that either Princess or HAL will get the chopping block. They are the most similar brands in the Carnival portfolio with a very similar demographic. Plus lots of overlap. It Carnival Corp is looking to reduce expenses and simplify, one of these brands seems like the obvious choice.
  10. Regardless of how you feel about the business climate in Seattle, Carnival Corp felt it was worthwhile to build a brand new headquarters complex there for the HAL group. As for Princess, I'm not even certain they have 900 total shoreside employees let alone that many in Seattle. The Princess headquarters is in Santa Clarita, CA, and that is where the vast majority of their shoreside employees work. There were massive layoffs at the Princess headquarters in CA and the Carnival head offices in Miami. Seattle was not alone or unique in this regard.
  11. I think you are probably right. Carnival Corp. just built a state of the art office in Seattle for the HAL Group, so it would absolutely make sense to move Princess there and consolidate. I hate the idea of people losing their jobs which always happens in these situations, but right now it's survival mode for the cruise lines.
  12. The status match was a masterful piece of marketing by MSC. I'm also Diamond level on MSC thanks to the status match, and so far have sailed on them 4 times. They got my business!
  13. Lots of job furloughs and layoffs in Miami as well, and at Princess in LA. Sad day for Carnival Corp. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242735236.html I expect some consolidation moving forward. Perhaps the Princess LA office closing and consolidated with either HAL in Seattle or Carnival in Miami. Hopefully the Princess brand will survive, but I'm doubtful its stand-alone office will.
  14. Oh yes, more to come. A restructuring is in the works from the corporate level. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/carnival-corp-signals-layoffs-furloughs-salary-cuts-include-senior-management
  15. This is one reason I prefer to sail on the Royal Caribbean family of brands. While the loyalty programs are not combined, benefit levels are equally provided across all brands. For instance, if you reach Diamond level on Royal Caribbean, you will automatically be at that same loyalty level on sister brands Celebrity and Azamara ... and vice versa.
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