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  1. Certainly reads rather definitive to me. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/duffy-indicates-no-plan-vaccine-mandate-carnival-cruise-line
  2. I'm not surprised either. I just think it was silly and premature for the head of the line to proclaim that Carnival would not require vaccinations. Obviously she was superseded by the head of Carnival Corporation, and it should be amusing to see her backpedal. More PR spin I'm sure.
  3. The President of Carnival Cruise Line made a big deal about proclaiming CCL would not require vaccinations because no other industry requires them, and Carnival carries so many children. Looks like she is eating those words with these Alaska cruises. Honestly I don't think any of the lines know what is up or down right now. It's not entirely their fault of course because much is out of their control, but they may want to refrain from making broad statements that they will regret later. They end up losing credibility.
  4. One BIG word left out of this headline. “May”. Nothing decided yet. Still it didn’t take long for “America’s Cruise Line” to change its tune.
  5. I quite enjoyed the interview but couldn't help think the interviewer was protecting his friend. None the less I think Jack Anderson overcame that protectionism and was as candid as he absolutely could be. I am one that has doubted the survival of Crystal, but I think there is hope for them yet.
  6. In other Crystal news, the original riverboat CRYSTAL MOZART is returning to the Crystal river fleet. That experiment by Genting didn’t last long. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/europe/crystal-brings-back-mozart-38-suites-solo-travelers
  7. An announcement tomorrow from both Crystal and the Bahamas regarding the resumption of cruises in the America’s. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ports-destinations/stay-tuned-news-crystal-cruises-and-bahamas
  8. Crystal is hiring reservation agents. I think this is a good sign.
  9. Not exactly promising news surrounding the Werften shipyard today. From Seatrade Insider: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/shipbuilding-refurb-equipment/mounting-concerns-about-mv-werftens-future
  10. i appreciate your point of view. Great points for sure. I hope you’re correct on all accounts. I also wonder if they acquired Pacific Princess. That would actually build my confidence if they did. Putting actions and $$ where their mouth is.
  11. Back peddle all you want, the US Maritime Commission does have some involvement where deposits are concerned as I stated. I wouldn't put too much faith in your "doubts". LOL. As for the CDC and US Coast Guard are concerned, the Coast Guard is responsible for enforcing the CDC requirements including any no sail orders.
  12. Seriously doubt all you want, doesn't mean it isn't true. The CDC is a US Federal Agency and they have a lot of control over these non-US companies and their foreign flagged ships. The ships sail from US ports and carry an abundance of US passengers, so they fall under the CDC. The same is probably true of the Federal Maritime Commission concerning passenger ships that sail from the US, and cruise companies that operate out of the US.
  13. All cash deal for $201 million according to Travel Weekly. It's a really small amount to acquire an established brand and three ships (provided they are paid off). What I don't know is if those 3 ships were owned outright by RCG, and if not does Sycamore take over the exiting debt agreement?
  14. Azamara is operating at a loss, as are all cruise lines right now. Any previous loans were secured by the parent RCG to use as needed for their various brands. They don't disclose exactly how the capital is distributed between brands. The sale of Azamara won't be coming with any of RCG loan guarantees. Sycamore will have to fund Azamara from day one to keep operations afloat. As for escrow accounts, I believe they are required by the Federal Maritime Commission, at least for cruise lines operating ships from US ports. While every exact future deposit is not placed into the esc
  15. Read the rest which I’m sure you did.
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