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  1. And it hasn’t even been put to the true test yet will a full compliment of passengers. It’s a sad oversight that is for sure.
  2. Looks like a rather fun party on deck tonight!
  3. You might enjoy this pic taken today in Nassau for a little size perspective.
  4. That is good to hear. Maybe the ship looks better in person. To me most of what I see looks a little cheap, almost IKEA-like and not very comfortable. I don't see a lot of art (many bare walls) but I see a lot of Instagram posting opportunities. It's almost like the ship was designed as a giant Instagram set! LOL. I'm a big pool person and the pool is a major disappointment. Whether I like it or not I'm sure glad it exists. New competition and innovation are great for us consumers and for the industry as a whole. It keeps everyone on their toes and forces everyone to evolve and innovate. So bravo to VV for that!
  5. Just this particular davit design from the shipyard in Italy. I have to say I'm enjoying your posts. It's refreshing to read about VV from an actual paying passenger. The good and the not so good. As much as I want to love VV I'm not there yet. I love to try new ships and a brand new cruise line is even better, but somehow SCARLET LADY is missing the mark for me. I keep trying to like it though! LOL. The food options look fantastic and I love no kids, and I think the Spa and Nightclub look awesome ... but the rest leaves me a bit underwhelmed ... so far.
  6. Nope but then again the ship is hardly full, so it's probably not an accurate representation. Way too small for a ship this size.
  7. Thanks for the link. I’m sailing on the first BLISS post-Covid cruise on October 24. Jersey Boys has been removed from the entertainment line-up. Unfortunate. Guess they couldn’t pull it together in time.
  8. Myself in March … fingers crossed. I don’t count on anything anymore when it comes to travel. Especially cruise travel.
  9. Once again a proud lady! Queen of the oceans!!
  10. Could be, but sure beats a complete guessing game which is often the case with MarineTraffic unless you pay for a subscription. For my amateur purposes CruiseMapper works just fine.
  11. I like MarineTraffic for the level of detail but far too often the data is out of AIS range. For this reason I use CruuseMapper as it provides satellite mapping data when AIS is out of range. So I find it much more useful and there is no guessing game as to what ship you’re actually mapping.
  12. Another example. As I mentioned I don’t fully understand the 14 CDC quarantine requirement for ships entering the US market, but I know it exists. There must be loopholes.
  13. I don’t think the 7-day CDC rule is in force anymore, but there is another CDC rule that apparently requires ships entering the US market for the first time (after being overseas) to undertake a 14 day quarantine. I believe BLISS is meeting this requirement on her deadhead voyage to LA. I admit I don’t fully understand the requirement and if there are any loopholes. For instance CELEBRITY APEX will sail a transatlantic crossing next month, with only US pax onboard. She has been stationed in Europe for months now. I think she will be the first ship making the crossing to the US with paying pax since Covid. Anyway her schedule shows her arriving in the US and going right back out the same day with pax on a cruise. I don’t know how this is possible with the CDC quarantine requirement??
  14. The other issue besides weight is momentum. The amount of water in a full size ship pool can start to move around rapidly with even just a little movement of the ship. Quickly gaining momentum and splashing out of the pool boundaries. That is another reason for placing them on the center line of the ship. Having them on the sides (providing they are true pools and not shallow oversized hot tubs) could leave them more susceptible to momentum issues. The main pool on CELEBRITY EDGE is so large it actually has dampeners built in to prevent too much water momentum should the ship start to move a bit. The same is true of the Aqua Theater pool on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships. They remain the largest pools afloat based on water volume. Nearly 18 feet deep!
  15. The lower yes that is better, but having them cantilevered over the sides still creates stability issues. Of course they have it all figured out, but it’s generally not done for a reason. Smaller hot tubs are one thing. Full sized pools are quite another. We may still discover these are nothing more than oversized shallow hot tubs. We shall see.
  16. I was thinking this as well, just because of their positioning on the sides of the ship. Then I started looking closer and it appears there is a full deck hight of pool-well beneath them, so perhaps there will be some depth to them after all? Time will tell. It's very unusual to have pools on the sides like this, mainly for stability reasons. Usually pools are located on the centerline of the ship, whether they be forward, midship, or aft. All that water is a lot of weight to be hanging off the side. It will be interesting to see how they manage the stability with them. Extra ballast tanks perhaps, and likely they both need to be filled or emptied at the same time.
  17. Good find. What that actually entails would be interesting to find out. Next month CELEBRITY APEX repositions from Europe to the US and the crossing is with revenue passengers. I think this is the first crossing to the US with passengers since Covid. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I know they canceled all the non-US passengers from the manifest so all pax onboard will be US citizens.
  18. Yes I just saw those today on Twitter. The paint job looks awesome, and was solely needed. Hopefully the interior received some freshening up as well. I’m not expecting anything major but hopefully a good going over, and things replaced as needed.
  19. Probably crew cabins. A quick look at MSC SEASIDE's deck plan shows this. It's pretty detailed. Of course MSC SEASIDE and NORWEGIAN PRIMA are both based off Fincantieri's Project Mille design.
  20. I'm also on the first BLISS sailing out of LA. I'm fully vaccinated and about 10 days ago I got Covid. Go figure. I'm at the tail end of my isolation. Anyway per CDC recommendations and my employers recommendation, they don't want you to get retested for 90 days as I'm prone to a false positive test result. Of course for the cruise I'll have to get retested (and I'll do my own home antigen beforehand as well). I'm just a little concerned I may get a false positive even though I no longer have Covid. Has anyone been in this predicament? It has me a little concerned. I don't want to be denied boarding. I have saved my positive PCR test result and I'll bring it with me to prove that I did already have Covid. Not sure it will make any difference and maybe I won't even test with a false positive ... but I like to be prepared for the "what if's".
  21. Haven't seen any updates in a long time. I wonder how she is progressing and if there have been any updates on the work being done from a passenger perspective (bathrooms, spa, etc).
  22. I'm sure it was a HUGE sigh ... or we would be seeing a slew of new QM2 transatlantic cancelations. I'm still not sure how they are getting around the 14-day ship quarantine requirement for cruise ships entering the US market for the first time from a foreign market.
  23. NORWEGIAN BLISS in dry dock yesterday at Marseilles. Hopefully she is completed, crewed, and in Los Angeles for my sailing on October 24. CARNIVAL LEGEND is next to her.
  24. Great point about the RP class, although it’s not exclusive to Princess. P&O has the class as well, but yes you are quite right about it being a miracle it was designed and built at all. Even the XL-Class is a very evolved version of the Destiny/Dream Class ships. The general arrangement still shares many similarities. It’s rightfully its own class, but you can see where its roots are. I’m not sure the XL-Class is entirely a Meyer-Werft design. I think much of it was developed by Carnival Shipbuilding, Carnival’s own in-house ship development team. I do hope Sphere is something entirely new, like the RP class was. History tells us it’s unlikely, but the RP class shows us it can happen!
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