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  1. So, will they have a well-know specialty dish for the next cruise if they let you stay on - Sum Yun Guy?
  2. Oh yeah... well aware. It sounds like her kids are like our two grandsons - not big on soda pop. This soda machine will be a novelty treat for them, and since we limit their sugary drink consumption anyway, this solution for us is practical. Blast away. Edited to add: the younger one will likely lose the cup anyway, and since people on this forum made it very clear in another soda package thread that it would not be returned if found (even with a ID sticker on it), then when it’s gone it’s gone.
  3. I bought one package for the few times that the young grandkids will want a soda from the ‘novelty’ machine. They’re already used to sharing a cup (they steal each other’s all the time), so they’ll be sharing this one too!
  4. Don’t sweat it... I too understood what you meant - it wasn’t stupid at all, just the wrong word used but the intended meaning was very clear.
  5. Yes. The paved walkway will take you to the area, but it’s all packed sand in that area (straw market, snorkel shack.)
  6. I don’t dispute that you have heard advance info about the re-categorization of cabins. However, either the person you spoke with or yourself misunderstood its implementation - *especially* in the 4 to 3 occupancy scenario that we are discussing here. Bed config in these cabins being only one of the conditions that would make these moves difficult to enforce.
  7. How about parking elsewhere, like at the airport instead? The train really is quite pleasant, and I don’t know a child that wouldn’t like the train. it would be a shame to miss out on the itinerary that appeals to you the most.
  8. This. Going from a 4 occupancy to a 2 may force a move - this has been the odd case before. Going from a 4 to a 3 is a different circumstance, with different conditions (bed config being one factor.) What you are saying is an erroneous extrapolation and pure conjecture on your part. Your assertion is just plain wrong and would cause undue worry.
  9. Did not miss this, but you gave the clear impression that this is how it’s going to be regardless of the booking conditions, when cabins for 3 come into play. The OP is not affected, and others later in a similar situation would be not either - that is my point.
  10. Not accurate. Under the conditions outlined, there will not be a ‘forced’ change of cabin.
  11. Am curious... is this for a last-minute cruise?
  12. OMG! My eyes... my brain... what have you done to me??!!!!!😱 {cough} umm, does anyone else have similar “wear your best” pics to share? 😁
  13. Could you Amtrak it from/to home, not taking the car at all?
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