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  1. Not usually, especially since we have rims for each set. It used to be that only cop cars would go without wheel covers, now many of us don’t bother... 😏
  2. We are right smack in the highest contagion zone in Ontario (Ottawa). Our wastewater is tested and shows a six-fold increase since last week. Test results now take 3-5 days, so our numbers should be frighteningly high within a couple of days. Our critical care beds are already over capacity. It’s not pretty. Gatherings remain the major issue. My 20-something neighbours are still gathering with their friends to party in the wee hours. And meanwhile, Bill and I have been back to being total shut-ins for the foreseeable future. Ughhh!! 😡🤬 Had to tell my mom (who also lives i
  3. I agree, the Tasman Sea doesn’t care who is sailing on her at the time... 😉 I mentioned it because the OP seemed to put an emphasis on the ports-of-call, as being a significant criteria for his choice.
  4. One caveat, the weather may force the Captain to deviate from the itinerary, should a storm come up in the Tasman Sea (known to be wicked!) This happened to our Azamara cruise (Feb. 2020) so we entirely missed Hobart, Tasmania, as well as the fjord in NZ.
  5. Making the rounds on FB, so I cannot properly credit the author... it kinda reflects a bit the coming months, as the weather turns colder: I won’t arise and go now, and go to Innisfree I’ll sanitise the doorknob and make a cup of tea. I won’t go down to the sea again, I won’t go out at all, I’ll wander lonely as a cloud from the kitchen to the hall. There’s a green-eyed yellow monster to the north of Katmandu But I shan’t be seeing him just yet and nor, I think will you. While the dawn comes up like thunder on the road to Mandalay I’ll make my bit
  6. Regarding the Port of Safaga, if you’re a scuba diver, there are some really good dive sites accessible from there (both shallow and spectacular deep wall), where you can see some of the best of the Red Sea’s pelagics, soft corals, gorgonias, and the ubiquitous Napoleons who check you out. I was lucky enough to spend some extended time along that coast and got to dive Elphinstone. 🙂
  7. The way that French Polynesia is doing it is that the testing on the eve of boarding is the 3rd test. On this one topic, I agree with Jazzbeau, with one MAJOR caveat: This set of protocols may only work for French Polynesia, because of the particular set of advantages that comes with being more of a “niche market” type of travel destination. But it’s definitely one to watch... and any hopes may be completely dashed if this one passenger infected others, as we may see in the next 10 days or so.
  8. As for Azamara, I think that the brand would have much to learn from the Gauguin’s protocols and French Polynesia’s approach. However, it seems like this kind of corporate policy would be decided higher up by RCL, and likely limited to what can be rolled out across all the brands instead. Personally, I think that Azamara could shine in a cruising environment where COVID-19 remains a cyclical part of public health for a longish while to come. Can you imagine having a brand differentiation between Celebrity and Azamara which would include the same “Covid-free” small-ship marketing that
  9. That’s exactly correct about the viral load’s detectability and the reliability of testing before travel. The articles had not mentioned that, so I did not add it in. Also, the media keeps referring to the young person as being “asymptomatic”, rather than the likely more accurate pre- or mildly-symptomatic (like headache or tiredness attributed to jetlag.) I think that the most significant take-away right now from this incident is the absolute importance of 100% compliance, with the required sanitary protocols to minimize risk. With the Hurtigruten apology, combined wit
  10. An update on the Paul Gauguin: More detailed (and well balanced) info is now available in local media: https://www.radio1.pf/paul-gauguin-les-passagers-en-septaine-a-terre-le-protocole-sanitaire-renforce/ https://www.tahiti-infos.com/Les-passagers-du-Gauguin-debarques-et-confines_a193190.html None of the other passengers and crew tested positive from Sunday’s testing, and they have been allowed to start to disembark the Gauguin Monday night. Here, IMO, are the salient facts to note: The infected passenger is a 22-year-old travelling with her mother. The
  11. https://www.tahiti-infos.com/Test-Covid-positif-confirme-pour-la-touriste-americaine-sur-le-Paul-Gauguin_a193149.html It’s now been confirmed that the infected passenger is one of a few Americans who travelled earlier in the week to Papeete to board the cruise. She was tested negative 3 days before she left the U.S.. She was probably infected 0-5 days before leaving home. She could have been in contact with an infected person at a grocery store, or doing last minute running around as we all do before a trip. She could have been infected at LAX. Who knows... with the U.S
  12. And another one... one COVID case amongst the passengers of the Gauguin. https://www.rfi.fr/fr/asie-pacifique/20200803-cas-coronavirus-confirmé-à-bord-dun-bateau-croisière-en-polynésie-française https://www.pgcruises.com/travel-advisory The Paul Gauguin (Ponant) restarted with international passengers on July 29, with a 10-day out of Papeete that left last Thursday. French Polynesia reopened to tourists on flights from Europe and the U.S. on July 15th, without a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Required was a negative COVID test done 3 days before departure, followed by a self-ad
  13. Regarding the upcoming South Africa / South America 2020-21 cruising season: it’s not going to happen. The WHO and John Hopkins Center this week included this assessment in their reports: “The pandemic has been ongoing for more than 6 months and continues to accelerate”, and “After several weeks of maintaining low levels of transmission, several countries around the world are facing legitimate second waves of COVID-19.” Meanwhile, a significant enough segment of American society refuses to accept measures to prevent community transmission and protect their neighbou
  14. I don’t think that new itineraries for 2022 will be published any time soon.
  15. A point will come when any money to be refunded, including deposits, will not be able to paid back in cash. While you are still able to, I’d suggest that you cut your losses - esp. regarding the South Africa / South America sailings. Add the early 2021 South America sailing season as well to the “not gonna happen” list.
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