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  1. You couldn't have said it better! I chose to dress and I "chose" those who also dress. It's not a question of snobbery, it's just how I enjoy my life and I share my pleasures with those who enjoy the same interests. I'll be on the Soujourn in Feb. wish you would join us.
  2. No, but we are traveling on the same cruise. You can't change your mind at this point so enjoy what comes and assume it will be perfect! Joyce and Al Sommer
  3. See you soon. We're in cabin 223 right next door Joyce and Al Sommer
  4. Not so. We are flying from LAX to Dubai and are saving about $2000 for business class booking through Seabourn. Emirites, non stop.
  5. We're off tomorrow. Have a good flight and we'll see you on Wed. If you find any people wandering in the airport, bring them on board! Joyce
  6. I wish this cruise was as popular as this thread!:rolleyes:
  7. Hi Barry, I just answered so you wouldn't feel so alone! We are taking off for Switzerland on Saturday and will see you on the ship a week from Wednesday. Anything exciting happens let me know at joycesommer@cox.net Till then, Joyce;)
  8. I'm glad someone had the nerve to say what I was thinking. Save your money, stay home, and cruise when money isn't quite so tight!Having to watch every penny can't make for a good vacation.
  9. At least you're breathing! Thanks for the response. In my heart I know there have to be others on board, but it's so much fun to make "friends" before you sail. Wish you were joining us.
  10. With 539 hits on this message, I can't believe I've only have one (thank you, Barry) person who has responded. Surely, we can't be sailing alone, or should I say, sailing with just 2 couples. Come on people, who's out there that is on this cruise with us! We're going to have a fabulous time and although 4 is fine....40 is better and 200 would be ideal!:rolleyes:
  11. When are you going? Are you talking about the Star Clipper, the Royal Clipper or the Star Flyer?:confused:
  12. If I had known I would have booked a cat. 6 and moved up. Now I want both owner's suites. One for my husband and 1 of me. This way, I can dress in peace and make believe I'm sneaking into a stranger's room when I want his :pcompany!
  13. Wonderful review. We are leaving on the 19th of August on the same ship and hit some of the same ports. You make it so interesting and inviting that I can hardly wait out the month! Thank you.
  14. The Royal Clipper does have 24 hr room service in the 1st Cat and the Owners cabin.
  15. Welcome to Cruise Critics. Join us on this cruise and the:rolleyes:n there will be three of us!
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