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  1. Hello, Tks for all your posts.😊 Following along after reading one of your earlier reviews this year. From that link, I also read a wonderful review you dedicated to Trainman whom I used to follow when we were regular RCI cruisers. Keep enjoying and I hope you will do a review on the revitalized Oasis, I think boarding when you will be disembarking in Dec... One ques have the 3 day dining package and thanks for the post on 150 as am considering that as one of the 3 for Oasis. The menu seems more limited than previous, your thoughts is is still as good ? I sometimes struggle with too much food and then wish I had been able to eat it when am home and cooking. Do you think the specialties would allow a take away desert for a midnight feast on the balcony ?
  2. Hello Thanks all for the replies. Am considering a day pass at resort pass website/day room at hotel or RCI excursion with luggage storage and airport drop off. Direct flights only go Wed, Fri and Sunday so coming in two days early and hope late the day of disembarkation. Anyone have the new 150 Central Park menu and thoughts on the experience. Normally book a spa treatment and wait for the onboard specials, are these still offered ?
  3. Cheers Bob, is what i hoped for re room setup, your hints and tips are great. Like the suggestion re a day hotel will take a check on this. I just don't want to be booted out at 7am as long day and long flight home. So, better I cancel this when I pay the balance ? I just don't know how flexible they can be with such a larger number of guests on their options to the airport, how can I request a latest departure ? My initial thoughts were leave the luggage at MIA and then train back in and go to Bayside and the park and Birkell where we stayed last year and maybe a hoho that we didn't do Have found a wonderful Peruvian restaurant but after a a week of over eating will decide on the day
  4. Tks Bob and Clarea, Am sure we can forgo the last mimosa after a week on board. I did follow your guide when booking a balcony room. Did I get it right 8616, bed by balcony or wardrobe .. Lol..
  5. Hello all, Am getting excited now, 1st time back with RCI since 2013 and two with Celebrity in the meantime. Have sailed Splendour (twice) our 1st and no longer in the fleet, Vision, Navigator, Adventure, Voyager and our favs Brilliance and Serenade. Now going on one of the big ladies Oasis after her 165 million drydock on 8th Dec. Excited to see the changes but can’t compare as haven’t sailed her before. A little disappointed no Wonderland and champagne bar going to be replaced by bionic bar and rooms may or not be redone, but going with an open mind and heart. A few question to all my helpful cc’ers ( have been taking notes on all the posts so I don’t forget). Got a deal on the 3 night package so it will be Chops, 150 and Giovanni’s I think ( love sushi but don’t think it is a good deal..). I understand that the Celeb chef is mo longer linked to 150, have searched for new menus and reviews but no hit. Would appreciate if someone could share experiences and menu and how it compares from last year. Lowly Emerald and will be one point away from Diamond after this cruise. I seem to recall a Captains champagne reception 1st formal night and two parties one for repeat cruiser and one for Emerald, Platinum etc. Does that still happen? On last day is there still a service breakfast menu in the MDR and does the drink package cover a final mimosa, they brought this out on our Dec cruise with Celebrity a nice little farewell but could probably do without if they cut the beverage package off. When is it terminated do you know ? We have a late flight back to Europe from Miami eve of 15th think 10 pm or thereabouts. Booked the RCI xfer 14 euros, plan is to leave luggage at the airport and head in to Miami and leave again at 5/6ish. I don’t want it to be a v v long day, do you know when the bus shuttles go ? Would I be better trying to get a late disembarkation (and how can I assure this) and taxi/Uber to airport ? Reading the revised plans it seems like new staterooms on deck 14 I think .. Does this mean that the tubs over the edge will be gone and will there be some place on that deck for non-suite guests to enjoy a sea view. Our itinerary has been revised due to propulsion problems with Allure, same ports just different days and times. Looking at San Juan, the excursion says 10am, but we don’t get there till 1. I had a webchat with RCI but not much help, should we just book and assume the time will be updated to reflect docking or just wait??? Tks in advance and any other hints and tips most appreciated
  6. Tks Biker19, I have never checked this before, can see the 3 day package in my planner but can't see how to check for price changing so want to make sure if I book the beverage package that I can check on prices going forward to hopefully avail of sales.
  7. Hello, I have just been checking the drinks package (nobody to blame but myself !!). I saw it between 43 and 46 euros per day, I was planning to put it on my credit card this month. Now I see it is 51 euros (ouch..). Am considering purchasing as know can cancel should a sale happen. My ques is how do I check the price going forward. I got the 3 day dining package on a sale and can't figure out on cruise planner how to see the current price.... Can some of you friendly cc folk point me in the right direction. Tks
  8. Thanks Merrion_Mum you are always so helpful on these boards, All booked with OBC.👍
  9. Hi all, I have some OBC for an upcoming cruise and today the 3 day dining package is down in price. Two questions if I may;- If for some reason this was to go lower can I cancel as it is OBC and rebook with OBC or is that too complicated ? In the unlikely event, I decide against the dining package will RCI recredit the OBC ? Tks in advance.😎
  10. Thanks all for your replies. Spoke with a very helpful RCI agent today and am all booked with oceanview balcony stateroom. Got a good deal, OBC and Voom. Am a happy bunny. I may have more questions as I go along as CC folk know so much and are super helpful,,,
  11. Hello, It has been 6 years since I have cruised with RCI May 2013 (Emerald status), and laterally have completed two Celebrity Cruises. Expecting some changes and a different line from back then, maybe not upwards, but 1st world problems and we should all be happy that we are able to cruise… I am looking at an option for RCI on Oasis which following the boards seems to be back for her cruise on the 5th May after her repairs. Am looking at the 8th Dec out of Miami. Have cruised Vision, Radiance (my fav ) and Voyager Class am excited by this, but maybe a little trepidation as Oasis class is huge – will either love it or not, but won’t know until I try it… Have researched the boards and know for the most part she docks starboard, the ports will be Labedee (hopefully given the Haiti alert, any view on whether RCI would substitute this last minute if not safe of have us floating for another day ?), San Juan, St Marteen. I don’t mind port activity once it is a beautiful port. I have options on all decks (can go 7 and 9 as well at the same price and slightly cheaper on higher decks) but from reading through deck 8 seems to be a big hit with Cruise Critic folk - thoights ?? Does anybody have experience of my shortlist, want it to be quiet, but close to being able to walk as understand elevators can be crowded. Here is my shortlist on Deck 8 :- (based on reading through CC and hope I have done this correctly, these rooms have bed by the balcony and will all have a sofa ??) Starboard : 8854 by Vintages 8616 ,8620,8624 (white area suspect it is kitchen of Giovanni’s ??) Port 8210 (by central park) 8190 (Picture this), 8180 ( by Tiffany and Coach) Tks in advance and appreciate any tips and hints S
  12. Thanks for the share, am mid way through packing and getting excited.. Do hope for some Christmas decorations as it is getting close now. Did you board according to the schedule they mailed ? Am select and was planning on boarding at my discretion but it seems that for this cruise it is for suites and Zenith members only. Tks
  13. Hello all, Will be boarding Celebrity Equinox on Saturday in Miami, had been planning to get to the ship early as on a transatlantic flight on Friday and will have days post cruise to see Miami. Have just had an email notification and they are giving timings based on deck. They did this as well when on the Silhouette in April, but as a select member they advised that boarding was at customers discretion. For this cruise they are only offering this to suite and Zenith members. Do any of you know if they adhere strictly to this, or will they allow boarding if you present at the port, would like to get on board and settle in but at the same time don't want to be hanging around a port terminal for hours.. Advice kindly welcome and it looks like Celebrity goes from G terminal in Miami ? Tks in advance, S
  14. Thank you for your review and helpful insight. Sorry to miss Captain Kate as she is spoken about so highly on this board. Getting super excited now as boarding on the 15th Dec..
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