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  1. Thanks for the share, am mid way through packing and getting excited.. Do hope for some Christmas decorations as it is getting close now. Did you board according to the schedule they mailed ? Am select and was planning on boarding at my discretion but it seems that for this cruise it is for suites and Zenith members only. Tks
  2. Hello all, Will be boarding Celebrity Equinox on Saturday in Miami, had been planning to get to the ship early as on a transatlantic flight on Friday and will have days post cruise to see Miami. Have just had an email notification and they are giving timings based on deck. They did this as well when on the Silhouette in April, but as a select member they advised that boarding was at customers discretion. For this cruise they are only offering this to suite and Zenith members. Do any of you know if they adhere strictly to this, or will they allow boarding if you present at the port, would like to get on board and settle in but at the same time don't want to be hanging around a port terminal for hours.. Advice kindly welcome and it looks like Celebrity goes from G terminal in Miami ? Tks in advance, S
  3. Thank you for your review and helpful insight. Sorry to miss Captain Kate as she is spoken about so highly on this board. Getting super excited now as boarding on the 15th Dec..
  4. Congrats Paul !! Read the recent 24 page Equinox review on one sitting and made me super excited as will be cruising her in Dec. Looking forward as well to your next live update in Nov
  5. Hi All, Am on the Western Caribbean (Equinox) 15th Dec 7 days. Day 3 and day 6 are sea days, will that correspond to the chic nights or would the 1st chic night be day 2 ?
  6. How can it show as points towards captains club as these are based on accomadation chosen and length of cruise, whilst flight is a monetary value ??
  7. I understand that gratuities are not included in the 3 dinner speciality dining package. Is that correct and if so what gratuity should a guest leave ?
  8. Hello, I had two breakfasts in my stateroom last week on early port days. They were ok, but nothing special. I can't make a decent omelette, but I think mine is nicer, lol.. Breakfast in Ocaen View was better but the main dining room is the best, imo. I didn't look at the menu options on the tv for dinner, can somebody share what is offered here ? Is it possible to odder from the main dining room menu to be delivered to the stateroom to have dinner on the balcony one evening ?
  9. London Bridge Hotel - Right by the Shard and the Borough Market which has lovely eateries. Close to the Thames for more restaurants, bars etc and London Bridge/Tower of London. Rooms not large by US standards, the team at the hotel are great.
  10. Quisine on Silly no Petit Chef
  11. Interested as well to see any replies to this as will be sailing her Dec 2018. Just of 'Silly' and didn't realise no quisne or Poarch on Equniox, not sure if there is a Lawn Club??
  12. EpochTraveller - How great to catch up with family and esp your grandmother, a special day that you will always treasure:) Enjoy the last leg of the cruise on the sail to Southampton.
  13. Hi, Have a daily routine grab a coffee and read your blog before I start work.:) Missed it this morning, hope all is good on the Atlantic wave. Surely it was that you are too busy having fun and not Celeb's wifi !! Making me super excited as board on the 30th..
  14. Just a question, what hot options are available currently on Silouhette for in room breakfast ?
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