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  1. The same with us d9704011. We had a Family Disney cruise cancelled last April taking the grandchildren ages 5 and 7 , 6 of us in total. Now it's scheduled for Late Feb. and My wife is hoping it will be cancelled. She isn't looking forward to going to the states if our Airline flies their at that time.
  2. Is it really? From Canada Florida is a no fly zone for us. The covid virus isn't slowing down and I would hate to be caught on a ship with the virus also what ports would be available to get off at if you did cruise the Caribbean.
  3. Does this mean all passengers have to be guarantine 14 days before cruise
  4. We rebooked our Disney cancelled cruise Apr 2 2020 and rescheduled Feb. 2021 but with what's happening in Florida State with the Covid virus I have a feeling we won't be cruising in Feb. 2021
  5. Hi I just received my refund back on my Credit Card applied in March. I'm happy I have put down a deposit on a Great Alaskan 14 Day Explorer Cruise summer of 2021
  6. Thanks Shmoo here but try telling that to other family members. I think they will understand but it does take something away when everyone wearing masks but it is also something for them to tell later on in life about the pandemic. My worry is if they don't get the virus under control in Florida will the planes fly in or will the cruise ships be allowed to sail. Fingers crossed
  7. The number of case are increasing. We have a Disney Cruise in Feb. 2021. I'm worried that they could shutdown airline flying into Florida and stop Cruise ships from sailing. I realize its still over 1/2 yr away but its still worrying already had to cancel our last trip in Apr. Fingers crossed. Family is frowning about wearing face-masks sort of takes a Disney Cruise away.
  8. I have book a 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer cruise in July 2021 I just wonder what entire requirements Alaska will require if the Pandemic is still about Covid-19
  9. Hi We booked 14 Day Great Alaskan Explorer July 12-26 2021 on the Maasdam. We also have a family cruise for the grand children in Feb. 2021 0n a disney cruise linec
  10. Our daughter and son in law grandchildren age 5 and 6 at sailing have never cruised before. They are just a bit worried about the cruise we were to have gone in April but of course it was cancelled
  11. Thank-you 1025cruise we are going with our two grandchildren 5 and 7, our daughter and son in law we will have to just wait and see.
  12. We are scheduled for a Fantasy Cruise Feb. 27th 2021 will we have to wear masks
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