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  1. AryMay

    Question about Airline Tickets

    You should be able to see your flights when you go to "Already Booked" and pull up your itinerary. At the top it shows your flight to the cruise and at the bottom of the itinerary you can see the flight home afterwards. One word of caution...be careful searching on the Flight Ease page once you have your flights booked. I decided to just "look" and see the prices of flights from a different airport after I had already booked our flights. Just searching from a different airport caused my original flights to be cancelled without any notice. It was a few weeks later that I accidently discovered this. I called HAL but was just told I must have somehow cancelled the flights myself. No help from my TA either. 😠 Luckily I was able to rebook the same flights although the price had gone up in the meantime. I wrote a letter to HAL explaining what happened and received a phone call from a manager in the HAL travel department apologizing to me for the situation. He said they knew it was a glitch in the new website that caused my flight to get cancelled when I did a new search. He adjusted the price of my flights and actually gave me a rate cheaper than what I had originally. He also gave me his direct number in case I had any other issues or questions. Things are OK now and I am happy with how HAL handled the situation. The outcome could have been much worse if my original flights wouldn't have been available to rebook (we are traveling with other friends.)
  2. AryMay

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    Yes...I did use different logins. I even switched browsers and tried it on my ipad but same results each time. Our next cruise is still a very long time away so with any luck the offer will show up again before we have to make final payment.
  3. AryMay

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    This is different than before. On a past offer I was able to add it to our three different cards (with 2 cards per account) for a total of 6 offers.
  4. AryMay

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    Just curious if anyone has been able to add it to more than one card? I was able to add the offer to both (mine and my husband's) Blue Cash cards. When I tried to use the link above to add it to our Delta AMEX it looked like it was going to work but then I got a message saying "sorry you have already added this to one of your cards."
  5. The American Express offer is back...spend $500 for any Carnival Corporation branded cruise and get a $100 statement credit. Offer is good until March 31, 2019. You have to go to your online account and add the offer. So far the offer is only showing up on our Blue Cash Everyday card but I will keep checking in case it is offered on either our Delta or Hilton AMEX cards. This offer (or one similar) seems to show up a couple of times a year. We were able to save $900 on our upcoming South America cruise by making payments with different cards.
  6. I was just checking the HAL website to see if there was any mention of a Black Friday deal. As I scrolled down the home page (on Chrome) this is what I saw..."This is My Test Heading." 🙄 Really? Does HAL have to test their webpage live? Out of curiosity, I pulled up the site on IE and the "test" text was not there. I just found this interesting. What I didn't find was a Black Friday deal. 😕
  7. Wow!!! It is like having a fairy godmother granting my wishes!! 😃
  8. Thanks. This works, but not quite as quick since I have to wait for the page with the list of all of the boards to load which wasn't necessary before. I also liked having the drop down menu at the bottom of the page because I usually switch boards after scrolling down through all of the new posts which would put me at the bottom of the page. My other gripe (which is totally unrelated)... I have book marked the page to see all of the new posts from threads I have posted in or decided to follow. That part I like and is quicker and easier than before. But...now instead of just seeing the thread title (if there are new posts) I see the thread listed separately for each and every new post which can make for a very long list if the thread is popular or I don't check as often. I liked it better when any thread with a new post would be listed once and clicking on the title would take me to the first unread post. Oh well...in time this too will be the "old boards".
  9. I am slowly learning how to navigate the new boards but still haven't quite figured out everything. (And sorry if this question has been addressed before. I scrolled through several pages and didn't see anything.) On the old boards there was a drop down menu at the bottom of each page where you could scroll down and click on the name of a different board and it would automatically load. Is there a similar feature now? So far to switch from one board to another I have to return to the main forum page and find the name of the board I am looking for.
  10. In 89 days we will be boarding the Zaandam and visiting many of the same ports you have written about. Thanks for giving us a preview. After anticipating our cruise for so long your blog has made the trip start to feel real! I have enjoyed getting to know you and Roger and will miss spending time with you each day! One of the best reviews ever!!
  11. AryMay

    Puerto Chiapas, Huatulco, Manzanillo

    These were 3 of the stops on our Holland America Panama Canal cruise this past spring...all new ports to us. Normally we arrange our own tours but on this cruise we had a lot of OBC so ended up doing tours that we booked through the ship. The tours were all done on coach buses but were surprisingly good. I'm not sure if similar excursions are offered on Princess, but I have blog posts from each of these ports if you care to read and see photos from our tours. The blog posts also have links at the top to YouTube videos I did of each port. (Not professional by any means!) 😉 Puerto Chiapas Huatulco Manzanillo
  12. AryMay

    HAL - South America & Antarctica

    If you want to get a great idea of what the South America/Antarctica cruise is like, check out Mike Priesman's blog...lots and lots of photos and great information. He did the Buenos Aires to San Antonio itinerary in January 2018. Here is the link: http://www.thepreismans.com/antarctic_p1.htm
  13. Did the shuttle start running right away in the morning? Any other details? How often? How late? We are on the Zaandam in January and have a private tour booked in Punta Arenas and will need to get downtown. It would be nice to have a shuttle instead of getting a taxi. (BTW...did you notice if there were taxis available when you left the dock?) Did you talk to anyone that did the tour to Magdalena Island?
  14. AryMay

    Shore excursion cancellation policy

    I may be one of those "disappointed" people on our next cruise. We have quite a bit of OBC so to use it up we will have to wait to book a tour once we get on the ship. Too bad HAL won't let you use the OBC to book in advance. (I believe Princess does let you.)