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  1. Two weeks ago I felt like I won the lottery here in rural Minnesota when I scored vaccine appointments for my husband and myself (both just barely over 65) even though we had to drive 30 miles. Now this week I could have picked from 4 different locations with immediate openings, one just 2 minutes from our house. Right now our state is working at finishing up those 65 and older and educators. Once 70% of the 65+ group is done they will move on to the next priority groups.
  2. We had a private tour booked with Ruben two years ago. Based on the excellent correspondence I'm sure Ruben would have given us a great tour but at the last minute he had car trouble and couldn't make it. Rather than cancelling on us at the last minute he arranged for Federico from Anan Tourismo to take his place (ananturismo@gmail.com). Click here to see the Anan Tourismo Facebook page. I was a little hesitant to spend the day with someone I knew nothing about, but our day with Federico in Ushuaia was possibly one of the best tours we have EVER done! Also Federico now has a handic
  3. Not sure what your interests are, but I can tell you what we did at the ports we visited in 2019 with Holland America. Most of our tours were booked independently. Puerto Montt - This was to have been our first port, but it was skipped due to it being too windy to operate the tenders. Puerto Chacabuco - Took a ship sponsored tour to the city of Coyhaique. This was a bit of a let-down because we were there on a Sunday and little was open. The tour also included a lunch and a brief stop at the Rio Simpson National Reserve. Probably our least favorite tour of the whole cr
  4. Since no one has responded, I will reply even though it has been two years since we did a similar cruise. I would recommend that you stay in Santiago. It is a charming city with a lot of history and much to see. We stayed at the Hotel Plaza San Francisco which was within walking distance of the Plaza de Armas and the old part of the city. A nice hotel at a reasonable price. The staff there spoke English and were very helpful. Besides just exploring the area on our own, we also did a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour, a walking tour of the public markets, watched the changing of t
  5. We have had some fantastic sunsets here in our part of Minnesota this week. These photos were taken on Tuesday (12/8) and Wednesday (12/9) respectively...both on my iPhone 8+ with no editing or filters. The lake is partially frozen but a narrow strip of open water reflected the bright clouds along the shoreline .
  6. I like the idea of doing two different cruise lines with a land tour sandwiched in between! Finding itineraries with different ports would be great and it would eliminate a longer flight to or from Alaska. For the OP, I can suggest a couple of excursion ideas that we did in Skagway on our last Alaskan cruise. If you have only done the White Pass Railroad, consider renting a car and driving instead. As you know, the scenery is amazing and having the car lets you stop along the way. As a bonus...we had multiple bear sightings! Another option would be to do a short flight
  7. I would love to see your comparison photos as well! Before our first Alaskan cruise, I came across an old photo of Skagway on the internet and decided I would try and replicate it while we were there. Surprising how similar the photos were with nearly 100 years between them!
  8. As a junior high math teacher I taught my students the following poem to help with metric temps: 30 is hot 20 is nice 10 is cool 0 is ice Not very exact, but it gives you somewhat of an idea of the "feel" of a temp.
  9. After cancelling our cable TV a couple of years ago, my go-to entertainment has been travel vlogs on YouTube. The choices are pretty lean during this pandemic, but my favorite is still Kara and Nate. They are currently traveling the U.S. in a campervan, but in the past have done some pretty exotic travels around the world. They were voted the best travel vloggers on YouTube and for good reason...they are always upbeat, are great storytellers and they do a fantastic job on the video editing. Most of their travels are land-based, but they have done multiple cruises as well. The other
  10. I'm not 100% sure, but from looking at photos of the exterior of the hotel I think the rooms that had the outdoor space were all on the same level as ours facing the front of the hotel. Here is a photo I found online and I've drawn an arrow pointing to where our room was located. Our sitting area was behind the bushes and the flags. And this is one of my photos showing what the outdoor space looked like from inside our room. As inviting as this photo may look, it was in full sun and the weather was way too hot to make use of this space when we were there.
  11. I can't remember the exact distance, but the walk from the van to the beach was fairly long. I would estimate maybe a mile and a half round trip? The path was covered in gravel and level. It was extremely hot the day we were there (upper 90's) and being in the hot sun maybe just made the walk seem longer! On the other hand, there were penguins the entire length of the trail so we walked slow taking lots of photos. Most were huddled under the small bushes seeking shade. Once we reached the beach we had plenty of time to just sit and watch the penguins lined up along the shoreline.
  12. Our cruise went in the opposite direction...from Santiago to Buenos Aires and included Antarctica. Not sure which ship you are on or what your specific itinerary is, but for the most part, I don't think it would matter which side you have a cabin. We did not have a balcony so spent a lot of time out on deck and would go from side to side. This was especially true in Antarctica where the scenery was 360º! When the ship is sailing through the smaller channels, there will be scenery on both sides. Otherwise you will probably be too far from shore to see anything anyway.
  13. Glad you were able to get things worked out. We had a wonderful day at El Pedral in February 2019...one of our favorite tours!
  14. Not sure if they are open or not, but I follow them on Instagram and they have daily posts. Perhaps you could inquire through social media?
  15. I had requested refunds on several FCD's at the end of March and just received the money today. I'm feeling a mixture of happiness and sadness all rolled together.
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