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  1. We also have a tour booked with Solo Expediciones on our upcoming Zaandam cruise. Were you able to pay for the tour with a credit card? I was under the impression that there was a shuttle that runs from the ship into town. Will have to inquired about this.
  2. Thanks again. Would you say one side of the bus is any better than the other for views? (Sorry for so many questions!)
  3. Thanks! This is reassuring!! πŸ™‚ Did you purchase tickets in advance or at the bus station? I was planning to just wait until we got to the station. What time did your bus leave Santiago and how did that work out for embarkation?
  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We will be boarding the Zaandam next week and seeing your photos are just adding to the excitement! Do you happen to have a photo of the first page of the When & Where for the first sea day that shows the morning activities? The one posted only has afternoon and evening. Also...will you (or do you) have all of the When & Where available on your Photobucket site for viewing?
  5. AryMay

    San Francisco cruise

    Best case scenario...find a cruise that starts or finishes in San Francisco OR one that has a late night stay so that you could do the NIGHT tour at Alcatraz. Not sure if you can find something that would work on Princess, but you should be able to find some cruise if you are flexible. Besides the coastal cruises, we have done a repositioning cruise through the Panama Canal with a SF visit until 11 pm. We have also done Hawaii and Alaska cruises that begin in San Francisco. Anyway...the night time tour is less crowded and includes more activities and things to see. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome (and spooky) it was to be wandering around the prison after dark! Here is a link that gives a comparison of the different tours and what they feature. As mentioned...this tour sells out quickly. I made sure to book our tickets on the first day available. https://www.alcatrazcruises.com/tour-options/ Here is also a link to a blog post I did after our night tour at Alcatraz to give you an idea of what the tour was like. My husband still talks about how he got to experience the darkness of solitary confinement and also lay in Robert Stroud's bunk (the Birdman of Alcatraz.) Night Tour at Alcatraz
  6. I have struggled trying to get an accurate answer to this question on more than just Princess. When I called my personal cruise consultant at HAL he couldn't come up with an answer and it took him over a week to finally track down the information. I wanted the information in WRITING...not just a verbal response over the phone. I did finally get an email stating that the fees would be refunded.
  7. OK...here it goes. 1. How was the internet service on the long stretch of sea days from Ushuaia to the Falklands? I will have cell service in the ports, but thinking about getting connected for our 7 straight sea days. I think there would be 14 days left in the cruise at that point. Do you know what it would cost to sign up for the middle tier of service for just the remaining days? 2. How are tender tickets handled? Thinking in particular of Puerto Montt and the Falklands. Curious to hear how this cruise compares with your previous one (which looks fantastic from your review!)
  8. Let me be the first to say that I have been waiting (and not so patiently) for your review! We are boarding the Zaandam on January 30th for this same itinerary! I may may just have a question or two or ten as you proceed! (And I don’t want to start out complaining, but perhaps you could choose another font? Your text is very difficult to read on mobile devices.) Anxiously awaiting more!!! 😁
  9. AryMay

    Puerto Madryn penguins or dolphins/seals

    As someone who will be doing this itinerary in a couple of weeks I'm curious which tour was cancelled and why. Was it a tour you had booked through the ship or independently?
  10. Any reviews from someone who has done the reverse trip from Santiago to San Antonio by bus in the last month or so? Is there any difference or preference between the two companies...Tur Bus & Pullman? I understand there is a shuttle bus that runs from the bus station in San Antonio to the cruise port...what time does it begin service?
  11. AryMay

    Power strips

    Could you recommend any particular USB hub from Amazon?
  12. AryMay

    Power strips

    chengkp75...would you be willing to check and see if this power strip is OK for cruising? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BF788FF/ref=sxbs_sxwds-deals_1?pf_rd_p=a0894c97-3184-4615-912f-722ec74e380a&pd_rd_wg=QmvBV&pf_rd_r=JPWZ4ANE94DC2K7FMPRY&pd_rd_i=B07BF788FF&pd_rd_w=aJi8i&pd_rd_r=f9ac8bff-2158-428c-9bae-8a4e4c55c1d4&ie=UTF8&qid=1546961644&sr=1 Here is a photo of the details on the back:
  13. We took advantage of the guarantee once and got a response within a couple of hours.
  14. AryMay

    Ushuaia - Must See Destinations with Local Tour Guides

    Thanks for sharing your experience! We will be on the SA/Antarctica itinerary on the Zaandam next month and I was hoping you could elaborate on your experience with tendering. Did you actually tender in Punta Arenas? I would prefer to tender nearer the city, but I am under the impression that we will be docking outside of town. What was the tendering process like for other ports...especially Stanley in the Falklands? Were tender tickets distributed the morning of or the day before? Could one person get multiple tickets or did the whole group have to be present? We have private tours booked in almost every port and will want to get off the ship early if possible. We were on the Zaandam last spring and in visiting with the cruise director it sounded like the tendering process was a total mess last season. I was hoping they had learned from experience and things would be better this year.
  15. AryMay

    Watchout for Delta via Flight Ease

    Because of this thread I logged on to check our Delta flights TO South America and American Airline flights FROM South America for our upcoming cruise. Both were booked on Flight Ease. I think both airlines must have changed planes for the domestic legs because our seat assignments had been changed. On the Delta flight we had been assigned seats that didn't recline so I was able to make a change. I have been a little hesitant to do too much checking because last spring my reservations got totally cancelled (without me knowing it) when I was checking prices on Flight Ease. HAL admitted it was a problem with their new website and helped me get things straightened out. By the time I discovered what had happened the price of the flights had gone up considerably but they honored my original price.