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  1. Our March cruise that was cancelled was on the free offer. At that time we upgraded to a verandah. Just got the new one with free casino play and free drinks in the casino. We will have to pass, just not comfortable with to book again yet. I do play the slots. Hit 2 good jackpots last Nov so played more than usual. Maybe that triggered both of the free offers. Hope they offer it again next year, may we will be ready. For the record I hate not cruising!!!!!
  2. Got or refund in for cancelled March cruise. Also got a free cruise offer.
  3. We got this offer in January and booked our 11 day March Caribbean cruise with it. We did upgrade to a nice Veranda. It cost 3 of us $1800 total. It would of been a great cruise. Of course, it was cancelled. I hope we get another offer.
  4. I hope they ban perfume. That is my sneeze trigger.
  5. I contacted our travel insurance after cancelling the cruise. As long as HAL refunded all of my money and I was out nothing, they refunded 100% of the cost of the trip insurance.
  6. I should be getting off the Rotterdam today after an 11 day Caribbean cruise and driving from Florida to Nashville. Hope I didn't get to much sun or drink to much!
  7. I hate it that I am going to have to cancel my dads 88th birthday cruise. But I can not take the chance or the guilt if he or mom were to catch it. I have not pulled the trigger but with 2 weeks out I will have to do it soon. If it were just me I would go. He catches the cruise crude on 14 day cruises sometimes, so can not chance it. What make this one bitter is that we finally got the free cruise casino offer and had a fantastic rate. Looking at 2 week fall cruises to move it to - this whole two week cruise will not cover one person in the fall! Drats!
  8. I normally book thru TA but booked through HA this time. Where do I look to see OBC on account?
  9. Got through to Holland. The poor ladies try so hard to answer the questions. Very nice and patient and was I. I thought that under the compassion policy you got the regular 4 year FCC. The compassion policy is there if you are outside the May 31 window and want to cancel with a doctors note. All FCC need to be booked prior to 12/31/2020. She has to go one a chat forum to ask questions to the next level to get answers. I did find out FCC is cruise fare and Port taxes and fees are credited back to credit card.
  10. I have been trying to chat or call about the 'Compassion Policy'. They are not answering either they are so busy. Does anyone happen to know what is needed for Compassion Policy to kick in. My dad is 88 and seeing his doctor on Monday. I know we are cancelling the 3/27 birthday cruise.
  11. We are on the same 10 Rotterdam. Thankful we are driving to Florida and can avoid the airport madness. Looking forward to the cruise. Being cautious and packing extra medicine.
  12. i do like the casino. Not a drinker but enjoy the slots. Last cruise I hit two nice bonuses on the machines. I did play more than normal but I came home ahead. I got on email for with a casino promotion of about 20 to 30 cruises. Half started with free inside cabins and the others started at $99 or $199. Then you could upgrade to whatever level you wanted up to neptune suites. They had no Neptunes for our sailing available. Had no plans to take a spring cruise but we head out in a month!
  13. We got the casino free email about a month ago. I called HAL and could get a 'free' inside cabin. You had to pay the $200 each for taxes and fees. We upgraded to balcony. For the 11 day Rotterdam we ended up paying about $55 per day per person. So we took it. Neither the welcome back ZPM nor stock credit will apply. This is first cruise with no OBC.
  14. Wonder if they eliminated the Comment Card?
  15. When I went through special services for my dads large print menu due to his macular degeneration I did ask if I could get him a printed paper. The Rotterdam said no. They don't care. I will try again on the ship. Comment card every day.
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