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  1. We have always hung a Dollar store item (monkey, bunny, etc) from the mail slot. We have never had HAL remove it but have had it stolen many times. I like something there so my parents can locate the room easier. When we do our 14 day in Nov/Dec over Thanksgiving I have 3 ready to go. Hopefully they all come home! (I may put a GPS locator in it so I can track the movement on the ship!!!)
  2. We had aft cabin on NA. Loved it. Elevator was not far. The balcony was so worth it. Really quiet. Only heard one neighbor in port when we was a business call.
  3. We just hit 5 star and have a Nov 14 day cruise booked. I know that we each get Pinnacle dinner free. Trying to figure out if it is better to pre book so we get the time we want. Guess I will need to talk to person in Pinnacle to get 100% back and not the 50%. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks
  4. Finally home from 7 day Rotterdam 3/24 - 3/31. Celebrated dad 87th birthday and all 3 of us hitting 500 days. Aft cabin 6236. Embarkation - Fast and easy. We valet parked at port about 10:30, security and check in a breeze. No lines. In room by 11:30. Cabin was smaller than we usually get but the balcony was big. We easily had 3 chairs, small side table and the lead table from the cabin out there. We spent alot of time out there. Dad had all of this breakfasts out there. We ordered dinner first formal night to eat on balcony. Worked out great. Breakfast for mom and I in lido. Omelettes and raisin buns. Loved those raisin buns. Lunch in Lido or off ship. The pizza was some of the best. Good selection of sandwiches and had a made to order sandwich station. As always, the salads were wonderful, made to order. DInner was in Lido and main dining room. We normally only do main dining room. With 4 port days we got pretty lazy once we got back on the ship. We really enjoyed dinner in the Lido. The carved beef tenderloin was as tender and flavorful as could be. They had a 'kids' station which mom loved since she could get baked mac and cheese anytime! Great 'guest flavors' of ice cream. We got butter pecan, pistachio , rocky road, rum raisin, black walnut and cookies and cream. Dinner in the Pinnacle one night. Loved the new menu. The cheesecake lollipops were fantastic. Steak was perfect, charred outside and medium rare center. Love the addition of the beets. Laundry service was quick. Got most of it folded. In our basket was a very nice hand written note by the person who folded it. It was nice because I could mention them on the comment card and on the survey. Did not do any of the main shows. A singing group (twice) and magician and comics. We hit the casino. It paid out during our week. I came home ahead and got another casino offer last day. The gentleman next to on the buffalos hit a $3,200 bonus payout on a 90 cent bet I think. Machines hit lots of bonuses and the casino host gave out alot of free drinks. You could find us at 8:45 each evening at the Piano Bar. Barry from Boston is the best. We had such a good time. Even the trivia was fun. I am not much on trivia but dad and I came in second place. Such a good crowd and we all had fun. If you get the chance to sail with him, spend some time in the piano bar. Nice and loud so you can sing your heart out! Never saw the Captain, Hotel Mgr, or many of the kids on board. Probably because they did not hang out on our balcony, casino or piano bar!! Ports were fun. Key West - parked at Mallory Square. Mahogany Bay - Nice area to walk and take magic carpet ride to beach. Guatamala - It rained. We left ship and went to shopping building. They had a nice bazaar set up. We bought a couple things there and had a beer. Bought some huge bottles of water there for $2. Some for us and some for cabin steward. Costa Maya Mexico was a beautiful port and great weather. Long pier but luckily the free trolley was running. We wandered about, bought vanilla and had some of the best mexican food. Our last fomal night was Costa Maya day. So full from lunch, dad gave up his lobster and we ate in the lido. (He loves his lobster). No lobster in lido but they did have shrimp cocktails so he got his fill of seafood. The last sea day we ate in the Pinnacle for lunch. It was so so good. Their hamburger is wonderful as was the brownie with caramel corn. The chocolate surprise on the last formal night was very good. They had a nice selection of goodies and came through the piano bar. It was a quick 7 day cruise. I prefer to be on longer. Seems like we just unpack and it is time to pack back up. Next cruise we get our 5 star benefits. The crew were all great from the cabin steward to the dining room stewards to lido staff. Housekeeping staff supervisors checking often to make sure all needs were met. We had one room steward, not the team. He was always around to open the door for me when my hands were full. Once thing I almost forgot, I went down to the front desk to ask where I could pick up the morning NY Times paper. (On our last cruise, they were not at the front desk in a holder) She asked if I would like it delivered each morning. I asked for 2 copies and they were in our mailbox each morning with our name and room number on it. It was a nice touch. Disembarkation was quick and easy. We were through customs so fast and in car before 9 am. Missed the Tamarind on the larger ships but loved the Rotterdam. It is one of my favorite ships. Hate that she is leaving Tampa. Bought our FCC's, so looking for a nice Oct/Nov cruise to book.
  5. I have a rolling duffel bag that all my liquids are brought on ship in. Usually a 12 pack of soda and water. I do bring my own water to drink during the day and in my cabin. It is heavy but I only have to lift it once to get it on the security belt.
  6. We were on the rotterdam the week of the 24th and they had lots of pastries in the Lido. They had a special pastry of the day that were different and good. I know at lunch asked for the breadbasket and butter. When talking to others, they said you had to ask for a pastry basket in the morning and you would get an assortment. The raisin buns are still the best. .
  7. Lunch menu was the same. We did not have it but people were raving about the salmon pastrami.
  8. Bacon clothesline was an appetizer. Did not take a picture. Three strips of thick bacon hanging from small meat hooks. The bacon is a bit candied. Has rosemary hanging with it. Comes with a lemon and dill pickle to cut the sweetness. It was so good.
  9. Just of Rotterdam with new Pinnacle menu and loved it. Bacon Clothesline - We got one just to see it and it was fantastic. Would get again, New Bread basket - I could of had dinner just with that. A garlic cheese stuffed bread and a loaf bread Crab cakes were now lump but tasted the same to us Beets were a great addition. First time my mom has ever been a member of the clean plate club with the shortribs and mashed potatoes The cheesecake lollipops for dessert were wonderful and just the right size. We asked for the ribeyes burnt on the outside and med rare inside and it was just that. One of the best steaks we have gotten there with a nice crust on the outside. We all loved the new menu.
  10. I emailed ours for our Sunday March 24 cruise. I have always done it this year. They sent me back a nice email that they no longer accept it via email but would make a one time exception and they did apply. They said either mail or fax.
  11. We have aft balcony. First offer $1,999 per person and last one $899 per person. It dropped a bit each time.
  12. We are getting on Rotterdam March 24 and got upsells to Pinnacle suite 5 out of the last 7 days. Nothing today so guess someone took it. They should come through closer to sail date,
  13. Got our first upsell offer for a 7 day cruise on the Rotterdam. We have an aft balcony and for $1999 per person we can upgrade to Pinnacle Suite. We are 3 in a cabin so we never get upgrades. We passed. It was fun to get!
  14. We hop on the rotterdam in a couple weeks. You are making the food look amazing. We are in aft cabin for the first time and can hardly wait! Thanks for taking us along.
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