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  1. You can email special events and they will set up reservations for you in the main dining room, taste, savor and specialty if needed. We leave on 12/29 and I did this at 120 days for our group of 13, super easy and low stress!
  2. There are special events that can book for a large group. I was able to make dinner reservations for our party of 13 through special events for our trip (in 21 days!). You email them specialevents (add the ship name IE Bliss, Escape, Sky, etc) at NCL.com the dates, restaurant, time requested and number in the party. Take the shows into account when making your request too. Good luck!
  3. Great review! We leave on 12/29! Your review is making me more excited! 😀
  4. JamieLogical were the games in The Local (pool and darts) included? I purchased for my girls prior to the price increase, now I feel like we got a great deal!
  5. I was able to add it for just my girls, we are all in the same cabin. I used the NCL app at 60 days out. I just checked our edocs and it shows it for them. When I clicked on the arcade package it showed all four of our names. I selected to add it to each kid and submit. My credit card was charged $52 in 2 separate transactions. It was similar to adding the soda package for my younger daughter.
  6. I just purchased the arcade package (today is our 60 days out!!!😀) for two people. It gave me the option to add and I selected the kids. Charge was $112 ($56x2).
  7. We took our girls, 12 and 14 to the early show. I think there might be for the later show.
  8. We brought our own last year and had a great time. We were not charged additional fees.
  9. If you contact special events (all on word including ship name at NCL dot com) with the date, location, preferred time and number of people special events will make the reservations on behalf of your group. It took approximately theee weeks for special events to coordinate our dinner reservations for a party of thirteen. I did specialty, MDR, Taste and Savor in my request. I did list multiple locations and two times on my email to ease the booking.
  10. You will need to buy the soda package for your daughter. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. We cruised the Escape last December and witnessed a crew member remove items. He placed a sticker on the corner of the chair and then came back about an hour, did something to the sticker. Came back in less than 30 minutes and removed the items. The people retuned about 2 hours after that and looked shocked that other people were in their chairs. They accused the folks of taking their chairs, I spoke up and told them a crew member removed the towels after 2 hours of non use nearly 3 hours ago. They huffed off, my new neighbors thanked me for the defense! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. It’s available 60 days out. I tried to book it for our Dec 29 trip and the phone agent told me no. He was new so I might call back again. He also told me everyone in the room has to book it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Yes, NCL is very serious about allergies. My teenage DD is allergic to eggs and dairy. She can consume small quantities when it is baked at a high temperature (friend chicken finger, pancakes, cake, etc) but not cheese or cream based. We told the dining staff in savor of her allergy and it took them an extra 30 minutes to find something for her lunch. She was furious (Hangry teen is terrifying!🤬) she ended up with a piece of meat on a plate- nothing else. I was touched, her sister, MIL and DH totally entertained. She went and ate a burger at the buffet. Yes, they take food allergies very serious and have sorbet. However, be very cautious at the bar with the cross contamination, the blenders and shakers are rinsed but not washed. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. I was told yesterday by a reservation clerk via phone that you can purchase a weekly unlimited pass for $99.95 and a daily unlimited pass for $29.95 per person. However, if you can’t reservations is it worth it? The unlimited arcade pass isn’t available to purchase over the phone until 60 days out. I had read some people being able to purchase before the cruise for $8 and only the kids. The guy I spoke with said it must be purchased for all members of the cabin. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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