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  1. Be careful to not land in a VH Spa Cabin with those miniatures balcony. Hardly one sitting ! Those are the worst ! Holacanada
  2. Leaving… Venice (!) on July the 9th ..! Thinks I'am doin' it ? Holacanada from Quebec City also leaving in May for the GPF1 in Monaco..!!!
  3. You can take a cab and visit Puerto Plata ? About 45.00$ USD if I remember well… Holacanada
  4. Via Navigator app you're OK to send/communicate. Text only. Have fun ! Holacanada de la belle ville de Québec
  5. Hi fellow cruisers Did someone have a picture of the Christmas evening for giving an exemple of what kind of MDR or Pinnacle menus HA have to offer on this special evening ? Holacanada
  6. Hi everybody ! As a new 5* Mariner I want to know how they can apply one of the perk like 30,00$ off a Plan by a minutes amount. Because actually I take the "entire cruise package" and it's not mentioned in the Star Mariner Perks a Plan by a minutes amount I think... Thanks in Advance and have a very good Christmas shopping week ! On Eurodam in 4 days for a Western Caribbean Cruise
  7. Hello fellow cruisers ! Just to inform you that Quebec City will host 5 cruise ships today ! Just about 5 thousands crew members and around 15 thousands happy cruisers just like us ! Welcome in our beautiful city to all of you and have fun while admiring the fall foliage at his best ! Holacanada
  8. For me If I can add some info, I received a kind of Upsell like booking an SC cabin on Noordam and finally obtained an SA one. Easier for Club Lounge visits on a 26 days cruise…!
  9. Read, Relax/Meditate, Fill with Wonders of the Sea, Make contact with the Others, Lectures, Kitchen classes … Enjoy ! Holacanada
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