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  1. I believe it would be very easy to do this on your own. The tour offers is a ride with a escorted guide. We got on a bus, guide gave information about the area. We get there and were seated right away. It's a family style dinner with as much as you want. The music was for all to enjoy. It was a french bluegrass/folk type band, they were amazing. We had spare time for frozen maple pops and shopping for maple items. It was a very nice night and a lovely drive.

  2. I'm not sure of the name, sorry. I thought I had the name, but I don't.


    Lets hope they haven't changed venues, it's been 2 years, but I doubt they have. Really was a nice evening and the food was excellent. Also locals were there eating, I think that means something positive too.



  3. Hi everyone,


    Was wondering if anyone has any tour / taxi information on Skjolden Norway. I can’t seem to find anything other than what the ship offers. We are a party of 8 and I think we can do better on the price off the ship, but need transportation for 8 and this is always problematic if I don’t have anything pre-booked. We would like to see the sights of Jotunheimen National Park if this helps anyone give me some ideas of what to do.


    Any input would be greatly appreciated :)

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