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  1. John Ekin one of the best people ever... nevermind CD title.♥️
  2. see, this is what happens when I type comments using the cellphone rather than the laptop! There is no CD "Bob" that I've ever had, and yes, I typed that Andy Heath is now on O ships...but somehow, the phone decided otherwise! Sorry, all y'all. (and Julie James is still with O--just checked that out yesterday) had a CD tell me that he caught a guy on a trivia team using his phone to find answers and banned not only the guy but the group from participating for the duration of their cruise.....and subsequently told that story to everyone the first time trivia met for a cruise.
  3. To date my faves are Ray Carr, Julie James,and new to me this summer, Shawn Carter. John Ekin is great and was promoted to CD last year. Andy Heath is excellent and Bob is now on O class ships. Ray Carr particularly good as CD on ATW.
  4. Have you asked your Terrace waiter to send someone over for your drink order? Works every time for me. Please stop telling everyone how great Terrace is; we have all our meals there with a few exceptions. That just encourages the rude ones to come. I actually got shoved twice by the same woman so using the voice that nailed a generation of high schoolers said "stop. it . now." Anyone who knows me knows that is extremely unusual. She did it to others-cultural I suppose.
  5. Think of your TA as your consumer rep. Sometimes it is helpful to have a concierge class TA in discussions with O ( or any other company). He/ she is there for you. We've needed ours for those situations.
  6. cbb

    Some new things

    Yesterday's was pineapple, tofu chunks which I pushed aside, small raw broccoli florets, marinated cabbage, red peppers ,green peppers, shredded carrots, rice, in a mango- orange dressing. The flavors all compliment the others. Each is presented in stand alone rather than mixed so the bowl is visually beautiful with the greens next to red,next to yellow, etc If you opt for the sauce on the side you can control how much you put on each bite and the orange colored sauce added that much more color. No raw fish yesterday or today.
  7. cbb

    Some new things

    yes, thank you Paul. I was adding additional info re: the online survey. Firefox, Safari, etc refers to the browser needed. iPad 1 & 2 refers to the age of the device that cannot be used. neither my husband or i used the internet to complete the survey; it is not necessary. I'm enjoying the poke bowls and find the fresh ingredients and the various combinations of the veggies and fruits and dressings quite good. (one of the Terrace crew told me she and her friends put the dressings on the side and she was right!) I asked about today's dressings and was told "Madam, it is quite spicy" so I declined and ate it without dressing and it was wonderful.
  8. cbb

    Some new things

    Poke ( po Kay) originally from Hawaii. Base of rice then fresh raw fish with other things. Mainland chefs then began to experiment with it and added salmon, other grains, noodles, vegetables, seasonings. Loaded with good fats and healthy and served in bowls. At port side salad bar today.
  9. cbb

    Some new things

    Poke bowls are coming as well
  10. Currently on Nautica and new things are coming. Rollout of plant based food offerings suitably labeled. Some corporate chefs on board as they incorporate the items into daily offerings. Don't know if they are in MDR menu but some are in Terrace. Also for first time the end of cruise survey will be on line. All sorts of instructions in Currents on how to do it and hands on tutorials are to be offered. Firefox,Chrome, Safari required-not compatible with Internet explorer or on generation 1or2 iPads. Been on since June and it is wonderful being on board. Shawn Carter is CD. Crew and officers are amazing.
  11. Hey Betsy and Bob ....all the way from Belfast UK, we send you both our congratulations and wishes for an excellent end of cruise. Thrilled and relieved. Big hugs for the doggies.
  12. Jay23- fortunately we had already been there and I have Waterford so I wasn't devastated
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