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  1. Was this from the ship or on an excursion? We are schedule for an excursion in ISP, but where thinking about doing one in Juneau also, to make sure we see whales...but both are expensive. Dee Dee
  2. I have to see whales...but I just saw a picture of the Mendenhall Glacier Waterfall and I want to see that too. Currently I have a helicopter tour scheduled from 9-11am and a whale tour from 5-9pm. My questions are...do I have enough time to keep both tours AND go to Mendenhall glacier and walk to the waterfall, OR should I cancel the whales in the afternoon and schedule a whale tour in Icy Stait Point? I heard Icy Stait Point is a better place to see whales, but I didn't want to take a chance, since Juneau comes first, I was planning on doing the whale tour there and if I didn't see any, then scheduling on in ISP. We leave next week. Thanks in advance...I have scheduled and rescheduled so many things. I know my husband would kill me if I asked him his opinion :) Dee Dee
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to post those pictures...is the picture of the waterfall at Mendenhall glacier the waterfall that everyone talks about walking to? That is amazing...the people look so small!!! Dee Dee
  4. Any good recommendations on a place for dinner? I did a search but only found information from 2008. We would prefer seafood, but not at a really nice place (we are only packing jeans). We are staying at Sheraton Wall Center, but are willing to take a taxi. Dee Dee
  5. Thanks!!! I know it is going away...so I will do my best to make use of it!! Dee
  6. I am sailing in two weeks on Radiance and this will be my first diamond cruise. Could someone tell me how the lounge works...will we have a key in our stateroom? Or do we just show our card to get in. I also understand that there is a possibility of an overflow lounge...is that posted somewhere? Thanks in advance... Dee
  7. If you book an excusion online, what is the latest you can cancel it? Can you cancel it once you are one the ship, but before the excursion date? I thought this is what I remembered, but it has been a couple of years since we have sailed. Dee Dee
  8. No, this is the one through Royal Carribean where you fly both ways, landing once at Brooks Range wilderness community. Flight time is two hours and the excursion is six hours.
  9. Can someone tell me if they have been on this tour and if it is worth the $778.00 for two people?
  10. Is there a liquor shop inside the terminal? On our last cruise out of San Juan there was a liquor shop inside the terminal and they let you take your purchases on the ship with you...I know that RCCL normally does not allow this (maybe it is only Puerto Rico?). Also, is there any type of store for water/cokes inside the terminal or would it be better to stop before we got there? Thanks in advance for your help... Dedle
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